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Senior Art of Living Teachers React to these Blogs

July 8, 2012

It seems that certain senior Art of Living personalities have been getting seriously distressed about these blogs recently and have decided to lash out against many of us in a series of what can best be described as deranged rants.

So much material has appeared in such a short space of time, especially compared with the last 3 years prior to their losing the lawsuit whereby we we hardly heard anything from them concerning these blogs other than that nasty defamatory letter from their disgruntled Sad Swami. I’ll offer an explanation as to why this has happened below, but for now let’s take a detailed look at the material.

First up, we visit our old friends Bawa and Dinesh who recently posted the article Look what we Found! in which they are obviously responding to a number of criticims on Skywalker’s blog, for example this one, where many questions have been raised about Ravi Shankar’s various (and somewhat inconsistent) claims of his educational qualifications.

Then we have the imaginatively titled Jilted Lovers or Mercenary Creative Writers in which we and other similar bloggers are referred to as the “Jilted Lovers” in the title. This is probably the funniest to read, but quite worryingly it also concludes with the following instruction to devotees, which speaks volumes about how scared they are of people visiting this blog:

ps We have not provided links to these blogs because we don’t want you going to those sites to read the poison they have written. We don’t do Sadhana to clean our minds everyday to go and get our minds polluted by the filth on these sites. Besides, going there increases their “hits” and their “popularity”. So if you ARE a part of the Art of Living, please don’t visit these sites and inadvertently and mistakenly help them by increasing their hits. It is unfortunate that this will happen, the way Search Engine Optimization works on Google.

Funnily enough, Scientology discourages its followers from surfing the internet, mostly out of fear that they will read the many criticisms of the cult and leave. I don’t think Bawa realizes that by not providing the links to these blogs he is actually encouraging some devotees to seek out the blogs using their own wiles. And those who wish to certainly will.

Most interestingly about this post is the following comment from “Ash”:

Hi Bau JGD..: )

Just after my 1st Yes!+ course five years back, I was browsing the net to get more knowledge and information/articles of/by Guruji. I came across one such site which is not ‘devoted’ to malign Art of Living or Guruji, but was a so called economist and political activist etc. who had written a piece on to do or not to do an art of living course. Interesting thing was though he staked his claim that he is completely objective with no hidden intentions, an ‘intelligent intellectual’, the title of his stupid ass junk excuse for an article was “Is SSRS a fraud’. : )

Now since I had phenomenal experience in the course and had already started volunteering, I just could not digest it that anyone can even think of such BS. I wrote him an email stating the work Guruji is doing acrros the globe, how Art of Living is transforming lives, how much hard work volunteers/teachers put in and so so forth.

The next day he posts my mail on his blog and dissects it line by line, with absolutely no facts or experiences of his own. Moreover, his principle bone of contention was that my English was not up to the mark (hence all AOL followers are dim wits) and one doesn’t need to experience everything! I mailed him again, wished him good luck and signed off. Interestingly, his relative had asked his opinion before joining an AOL course, and this blogger hadn’t even done a single course.

The things he wrote disturbed me a lot, that time, I have read few things like that again recently, and I just chuckle to myself now, knowing that they are jilted or just plain vanilla stupid.

Having said that, we do need to look at the other end of the scale too. Although, it’s not what Guruji teaches or espouses or believes in, there are many followers/devotees/teachers/swami ji’s, who rub people the wrong way. Also, many of them border on being fanatics too.

Our organization is not perfect but we seem to not bear hearing anything contentious said against us. And this by and large is a top down value. Our teachers react this way and some non-reflective followers internalize & propogate it.

I dont think about where the money from courses goes. I KNOW it goes for a good cause, wherever it goes. We need to be have better documentation and published balance sheet on our website. When new people ask us about the same we ask us to just do it and experience it. But I have witnessed people who have come to do their 2nd advance course in ashram and when they ask this question of channeling the funds, they have been shouted down, right in the VM! That’s just not right.

Most of these ‘jilted lovers’ do not want malign Guruji because they are unhappy of him or he wronged them somehow. They do that because we have been insensitive to them sometimes, apart from their own personal reasons. Most such bloggers are just sensationalists & jilted, period.

But we do need to work on where we need to improve too. We cant say everything said against us is pure stinking crap. Most of the times we do not even have to give such bloggers a second thought, we are changing lives and there are cynics who won’t understand. Not our problem. But where we can, we need to be more open and sensitive towards genuine cases.

Love JGD.

I want to say I really have the utmost respect for Ash for writing this comment, as he is obviously someone who is both very devoted to Art of Living but who can also see a great many of the problems in the organization which have been highlighted across these blogs. This is such a breath of fresh air compared with the 99% of other people we have ever heard from who are in complete denial of all of these issues.

Ash – if you’re reading this, kudos to you for writing this comment. I sincerely hope that you are somehow able to actually do something about these concerns you have, that you make enough noise that eventually someone will listen to you and that you become a catalyst for positive change in Art of Living. Bawa, Dinesh – I know you’re reading this as it seems you can’t keep away from these blogs, please seek out Ash and listen to what he has to say. From where I’m standing, I would say he’s your only hope right now.

Then, our good old friend Dinesh Kashikar (aka Kashi) published two posts one after the other in quick succession.

First up is Negative blogging : An extortionist’s dream come true, which is so small we can reprint it here.

The Bloggers’ claims that they have “won” is as false and baseless as the filth spewed on their Blog.

The Bloggers are very well aware that in the event Sri Sri Ravi Shankar had sued them for defamation, they would have been in serious trouble. Their identities would have been revealed and they would have faced a substantial liability in terms of a decree for damages.

The Bloggers have taken advantage of Sri Sri’s goodness and compassion. They have since inception proceeded on the basis that Sri Sri will never do anything even unintentionally, which can cause them any harm, leave alone a court proceeding against his disciples.

AOLF and various other AOL organizations worldwide have received a plethora of complaints from volunteers who have been genuinely hurt by the Bloggers’ abusive, irrational and fallacious claims. In the circumstances, after exercising utmost restraint and patience, AOLF initiated the legal proceedings in the United States.

The Bloggers are nothing but extortionists. In the settlement nothing has been paid to the Bloggers. The Bloggers have in fact agreed the freeze the Blogs.

If the Bloggers are as righteous as they make themselves out to be, why did they publish intellectual property that did not belong to them??? Why did they not contest VVKI’s DMCA notices even after the infringing content was pulled down by WordPress ????

These are misguided individuals who have no integrity whatsoever. The content on their Blogs is nothing but a reflection on their character. Sri Sri is a saint. He is untouched by the filth that is spewed by these Bloggers. For the Bloggers sake we pray that better sense will prevail and that they will find a more healthy way to vent their frustrations.

I am also a lawyer and an art of living teacher.

When Kashi wrote that this came from a lawyer friend of his, Kedar, I thought that we would get something objective and perhaps with some element of truth in it. But then he concludes with “I am also a lawyer and an art of living teacher. “ Aha!! Thank you Kedar, that last part explains everything about the rest of the post.

In every possible respect, this is just complete nonsense. In the first place, the facts of the case are clear to anyone who takes the time to read them: the bloggers DID win! This is indisputable, but it is amazing that people in Art of Living are trying to spin it as Kedar is clearly doing here.

As to “The Bloggers have taken advantage of Sri Sri’s goodness and compassion.” – please can you enlighten us all as to what exactly you mean by this Kedar? As far I as and the rest of the world can see, Art of Living took the bloggers to court and lost. Not only did they lose, but they ended up having to pay the attorney’s fees for both parties. At what point did “Sri Sri’s goodness and compassion” show itself?

And actually Kedar, there WAS a defamation case, however it was very quickly dropped by Art of Living’s lawyers as it seems they didn’t have anything to go on here. I guess you didn’t hear about this?

As for the bloggers being extortionists?!!! Seriously, what planet are you living on Kedar? The facts of the case have been published on the internet, go look them up e.g. here. The reality is that AOLF were the ones trying to sue the bloggers, not the other way round! So where on earth do you get extorsion from? Please enlighten us here because it really seems you are just losing your temper here and printing utter nonsense without actually bothering to research any of the facts.

Finally, it seems that Kashi couldn’t stop thinking about these “negative blogs” that day so he had to post More on the Topic of Negative Blogging the very next morning.

Just as Kedar did in the previous post, Kashi seems to be trying to spin it to make it sound as if the bloggers were trying to get money out of the lawsuit. Again, Kashi, please read the facts of the case. I repeat: Art of Living were trying to sue the bloggers, not the other way round. Art of Living lost because they a) were unable to disclose the identities of the bloggers (which is what they originally set out to do), b) were unable to put an end to the blogs (which is also what they were trying to do), and c) had to pay both their lawyers’ and the bloggers’ lawyers’ fees. There is no way you can spin this to make it sound like Art of Living won no matter how hard you try, but please do keep trying and keep publishing your efforts, if anything they are amusing to read.

Why and Why Now?
Entertaining as all these posts are, it begs the question, why are we seeing so many of them appear all of a sudden and in such quick succession of each other? These blogs have been around for years now, but Art of Living have hardly even acknowledged their existence up until now. In truth, there is nothing surprising about this whatsoever, and in fact many of us (e.g. see this comment) thought that they might try something like this. But not long ago, I discovered something fascinating which would go a long way to explaining this phenomenon, which I wish to share with you here.

In 1956, social psychologist Leon Festinger and two of his colleagues infiltrated a UFO cult as part of study they were conducting. The central belief of this cult was that the world would suffer a major flood on a certain day and that only the members of the cult would be saved – by aliens. The day finally came, and unsurprisngly, nothing happened. What makes this study particularly interesting is the behaviour of the cult members immediately after the prophecy failed. Many of the cult members had actually given up a great many of their possessions and cut various ties with families to be part of the cult. As you can imagine they would have felt extremely confused not to mention slightly distraught by this failure. However, the leaders of the cult were very quick to react here. They tried to convince all the followers that their little group had spread so much light and love that night that in fact the world had been saved from the flood. Although a couple of members walked out, the majority fell for this explanation hook, line and sinker. Not only did they fall for it, but the cult – who had been very secretive up to that point – actually went out and started to proselytize more, now that their convinction in what they were doing was stronger than ever before.

It was as a result of this study that Leon Festinger developed the Theory of Cognitive Dissonance. Briefly, when someone is presented with facts that challenge their existing beliefs, they will immediately experience some level of discomfort from the conflict this creates in their mind. They will then act in one of a number of ways to remove this conflict and with it the discomfort they are experiencing. This is the most fascinating phenomenon in psychology I have ever come across, and it perfectly explains a great deal of the behaviour we have seen both from Art of Living devotees on these blogs and even more so the recent spate of posts that have been mentioned above.

Imagine what those who knew about the lawsuit have been thinking this entire time. Most likely something along the lines of: “We are going to win this lawsuit, those evil, negative bloggers are going to get everything they deserve, Guruji with all his many amazing powers will see to that.” So strong was their conviction in their leader that the last thing they expected was to lose the lawsuit. So can you imagine how they must have felt when they heard the news that they did in actual fact lose? Initially they must have been extremely confused, especially as they must have been certain they were going to win – after all, they had God on their side, right? But they couldn’t admit to themselves that they had lost, because then word would get out and a lot of people would start to have huge doubts about the organization and about Ravi. So really, they had no choice whatsoever other than to completely twist and outright deny the facts to make it sound as if they won and that the bloggers lost.

I am absolutely amazed that they have actually reacted in a way that was accurately predicted by a psychological theory, but the reality is that this is exactly what they have done. Yes, this is quite tragic, but really what else do they have left to do?

Unlike Bawa, I would encourage everyone to read all the above posts which I’ve provided links to, as they contain a great deal more than I have summarized here. Don’t worry, you won’t become polluted and won’t need to do sadhana afterwards. Please share your thoughts below, it should make for some very interesting discussions.

  1. Obi-Wan permalink
    July 8, 2012 9:39 am

    Originally posted by IO in response to this comment:

    Ha Ha….I pointed out way before they responded that this is how they would react….. I wish they would predict in advance how we will move as a blog.

    Our BLOG is OPEN Source. theirs is affiliated to ONE Master and ONE Organisation. Their only intention is how to keep the minds of their existing capitive base of devotees CAPITIVE. Attempt to read into their posts and you will see so much emotion. There is much fear driving this. Their very identities are threatened. Now expect violent opposition from them. What Harshal did verbally…..they will want to vent out physically. But we are a nameless blog.

    B&D, Kashi did us an amazing service.

    “DONT READ THE BLOG”….is an advertisement in itself.

    All humans are inherently curious. All the folks that visit the B&D blog are not B&D admirers. Just like they keep track of us, B&D detractors (within AOL and outside of AOL) are also constantly visiting their site. Over the last few years B&D have made many enemies…. especially inside AOL. These detractors will have found our blog.

    The simple truth

    1. This BLOG is not meant for the Junta.

    2. Its just a minority that will have the inquisitiveness, integrity and that have the heart and self esteem to follow through on what we suggest. The rest choose to believe that some Messiah (Krishna/Jesus) will come to save them. This bunch we will never be able to help. They are the majority, have been the majority and will be the majority. So we can do nothing…we just CHILL.

    3. But for the precious few that have not surrendered their ability to question and are seeking the truth ….we will be a catalyst (not source) for their once again remembered self empowerment and freedom. Our job is to be a mirror and show people back to themselves. We do not need the numbers….(no quality in that majority )…we only need to be around in here till the critical mass / volume is reached.

    You have to feel compassionate about Kashi, B&D…..where can they go if their careers in AOL goes kaput ? Who will trust them again ? Who will give them anything to do ? They too will have realised by now that the 1st family is acquiring all the wealth.

    So, what would you do in their shoes ?. In whatever little time there is left before any potential big expose (tax evasion is the most likely….next to land grabbing)…..lets us make as much money to keep ourselves secure. So they will be cheating whatever system exists within AOL at this time (honour system or otherwise).

    This is what many age-ing models have to go through who have otherwise no other qualifications or skills other than modeling. They have to sell themselves to all kinds of elements …..and in the process they lose their soul and probably all their REAL / genuine friends.

    Its sad…as I write this….I am watching myself…..I do not feel compassion for these souls…..just a clear certainty…..this is a cancer…they made their choice to stay with the non-dharmic side….they will pay for the active choice that they have made. Because, not only do they not have the personal energy / resolve / conviction to get to the truth…..they are deliberately mis-directing 1000s of others AWAY from the FULL AOL picture by continuously presenting them with half truths and blatant lies even. Hence, the same thing will happen to them many many fold.

    What goes around comes around….The B&Ds and Kashi’s will also be kept in the dark…I suspect by none other than the Master……and that will impact their own personal freedom immensely in the years to come. These senior teachers at AOL should by by now be on a path (their own) and should care for the whole truth….after all they are preaching to 1000s every year that these 1000s should be on THE PATH.

    If they do not wish to be after the truth themselves, but would prefer only to preach it as words, then all they care for is their TAG of “Sr teacher” and that too within a very small world called AOL. To me that is attachment of a significant order. That very thing is going to be the cause of their very sad downfall. The Guru is going to be too busy taking care of his own issues that he will at that time have no time for his erstwhile devotees. I can so see it clearly now, maan….what it would feel like to sell your soul to someone. WOW

    Dear B&D and Dear Kashi… have been made aware that the above is a significant possibility. Looks like your pain threshold is seriously super human. Anyways, it is your call what you do.

    I think I kind of know what you will choose to do …its going to be nothing different…just continue the status quo…as long as possible…….thats my bet.

    So, Enjoy…the rest of your AOL batting…..I don’t think there is much time left at the crease.

    • stupidseeker permalink
      July 9, 2012 3:41 am


      Great post Obi. Speaking of Bawa and his jilted lover piece, and in it his in-your-face advice to not to visit these blogs, reminded me of the “thou shalts” and “thou shalt nots” in various religious scriptures. To my ears this is nothing short of an admission of fear that the flock is in danger of being swayed from the one true path of AOL by these blogs. At the very least I thought Bawa could have been more subtle conveying the same.

      • July 10, 2012 5:59 pm

        Could Bawa be passing on his own personal experience as his take on the bloggers ? I am specifically referencing the “jilted Lovers bit”.

      • VSS permalink
        July 11, 2012 10:26 am

        @ IO [July 10, 2012 5:59 pm]

        I don’t know about “experience” but I do think it’s his perspective. It’s the extent to which his mind can go in trying to explain why bloggers are blogging. It’s a very deep rooted cynicism born in the complete mistrust of people — the inability to take anything at face value. He looked for an ulterior motive and this is the best he could come up with. He’s not an authentic person. He doesn’t do anything unless there’s an ulterior motive. So, he thought about what his ulterior motive would be if he were to blog like the bloggers and projected the same on bloggers.

  2. Aditya permalink
    July 8, 2012 1:55 pm

    The degree that Bawa has on his website has the name Sri Ravishankar.
    Was his name Sri Ravisankar in those days?
    Can someone living close to Bangalore University verify whether it’s real.

    • July 12, 2012 9:24 am


      I wondered the same thing myself, but after looking it up, it seems the title “Sri” can also be used in place of say “Mister” in India.

      Can someone in the know please enlighten us on this matter?

      • Anonymous permalink
        July 12, 2012 12:22 pm

        Hi Obi-Wan

        Sri is definitely used in lieu of Mister in India but it’s usually done when corresponding or addressing someone in local language. I’ve never seen or heard of Sri being written on a certificate. Ideally his name on the certificate should have read “Ravi Shankar Ratnam”. I do smell a rat here 🙂

        Check out the ‘Life’ section on wikipedia which states why he changed his name from Ravi Shankar to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

      • Mangal permalink
        July 12, 2012 5:01 pm

        I’ve never seen or heard of Sri being written on a certificate

        I can think of one explanation. Bhanu did not have the certificate as Bawa claims but it was issued recently by some Banglore university clerk on special request from Ravi Shankar after seeing the questions raised on aolfree blog. The obsequious clerk duly added “Sri” as a mark of respect for the now-famous Guru.

        The certificate certainly seems spanking new. It has no marks of aging or perforations on the edge which might result from long storage.

  3. VSS permalink
    July 8, 2012 2:46 pm

    @ Obi-Wan

    I had been waiting for this post — it was needed — this blog needed to respond since it is the only live blog as of now. I shall attempt to separate each issue in subsequent posts in order to discuss each issue further — as there are several issues here that are begging for attention. The first one, for me, is:


    I appreciate the fact that you’ve linked all of us to blogs by AoL teachers.

    (i) This means that there is no talking down happening here about who should or shouldn’t read what — as is happening on AoL’s blogs.

    (ii) The complete picture has been presented.

    (iii) In addition to links, text from AoL’s blogs has been quoted liberally.

    (iv) All readers have been treated with respect — we trust the innate intelligence of human beings — and are not cynical — as in — we don’t think that reading those blogs will damage us in any way — irrespective of the quality of content and the degree of truth distortion.

    What I find MOST ALARMING about this instruction from B&D to not read these blogs is the fact that B&D think — or at least are proclaiming — that:


    They are saying that doing Sadhana the AoL way is effective SUBJECT TO not reading this or that blog.

    They are saying that doing Sadhana the AoL way does not empower people to transcend any effect of anything that they read if they so wish.


    So, basically, doing Sadhana the AoL way doesn’t work, right?

    And, unlike SK, which doesn’t work for people in X or Y state, Sadhana doesn’t work for anyone who reads this or that blog, right?

    Isn’t that what they are saying?

    They are saying Sadhana can help only if devotees don’t read words that THEY ARE TOLD NOT TO READ.











    I’m extremely sorry, AoL devotees — I have the utmost regard for you — but I have to say that you are in a dangerous cult — where two of the most prominent people — namely B&D — are utter fools. They are shaming the Indian Institute of Technology badly. They need to seek psychiatric counselling at the earliest and truly MEDITATE JUST ONCE IN THEIR LIVES.








    SO SAD.


    These people know nothing about religion, nothing about spirituality, nothing about the meaning, significance and effect of Sadhana, and are ordering people about as if they are ordering about robots.

    They need to really sit and think — just once in their lives. They need to reflect and introspect just once — and they will begin to at least make some more sense. Flinging nonsense in the air ain’t gonna get them anywhere. Right now, they are only succeeding in impressing the Gods of foolishness, stupidity and idiocy. Seriously. If Mr. Ravi Shankar is impressed with their blogs, then maybe he really is that God of foolishness, stupidity and idiocy. That is why worshiping him, as claimed by B&D, leads to greater foolishness, stupidity and idiocy. It won’t even protect you from the effect of words. And, I’m not the one who is saying that. They’re saying so themselves — shouting from their rooftops on the internet. What clowns!!!

  4. VSS permalink
    July 8, 2012 4:56 pm

    @ IO

    You “wish they would predict in advance how we will move as a blog” ??? Your wit startles me sometimes!!! B&D and Kashiji are way too busy telling people what to read and what not to read to be able to THINK and possibly have the VISION to predict anything other than their own FRUSTRATION when they REALIZE that their FOOLISH STRATAGEMS are NOT WORKING!!!

    You, on the other hand, are like the detective who knows how the criminal’s mind works. (I must add that Obi-Wan is as perceptive as you and Doc.) You remind me of Sherlock Holmes. Seriously. Your prediction was so accurate that I think that maybe when they were asked to do “damage control”, they were feeling lazy, landed up on this blog, read your post and thought — Bingo!!! — our work is done!!! Kashiji decided that he would take all the text you wrote because you attributed it to B&D.

    My guess is that the following conversation might have transpired soon after you posted your satirical prediction:

    Mr. Ravi Shankar: Do something about the new blog, guys.

    Kashi: Let’s also blog.

    B&D (together): Yes!!! Excellent idea!!!

    Kashi: I’m taking the content IO posted.

    B&D (together): No!!!! That’s ours. IO said so.

    Mr. Ravi Shankar: Please!!! Can we be a little different???

    B&D (together): Okay!!!

    Kashi: Yay!!! Thank you, Gurudev!!!

    B&D (together): Not fair, Gurudev!!! He got more!!!

    Mr. Ravi Shankar: Accept people and situations as they are, guys.

    Kashi: Stop sulking, guys! Next time YOU copy, I’ll write ORIGINAL LIES.

    B&D (together): Yay!!! Thank you, Kashi!!!

    Mr. Ravi Shankar: Excellent solution!!! Is everyone happy now?

    Kashi, B&D (together): Jai Gurudev!!!

  5. Wanderer..sid permalink
    July 8, 2012 6:25 pm

    Above all, the truth is AOl has lost its way with people like Dinesh and Baba… they can’t make young people fool all the time, Yes+ is actually not a course for improvement of self, its a course, designed to brain wash youth and and use them, sending them mentally in a unknown territory and giving it some good names… hope young people will realize before its too late to come back…

  6. Anonymous permalink
    July 8, 2012 6:45 pm

    Wait a second … if we are jilted lovers, doesn’t that mean that everyone in Art of Living is a current lover who is so infatuated with His Holy Up Himself High Highness and Art of Living that they simply won’t see and are in complete denial of all the abuse and wrongs going on in the organization?

    • VSS permalink
      July 9, 2012 4:24 pm

      @ Anonymous [July 8, 2012 6:45 pm]

      Thank you for mentioning this. This, for me, is the third issue.


      As you pointed out, “doesn’t that mean that everyone in Art of Living is a current lover”?

      It indeed does.

      So, all devotees — men and women — are being referred to as lovers.

      This is morbid — as well as obnoxious and abnormal.

      Is this their perception of the guru-shishya relationship?

      If you are a devotee of Mr. Ravi Shankar, are you comfortable being referred to as a current lover? And, what are your duties as a current lover, if I may ask?

      And, doesn’t this relationship you have with him mess with the equation you have with your partner / spouse?

      Isn’t this truly disgusting?

      What is your identity? Is it really that of a lover?

      What are your feelings and emotions for Mr. Ravi Shankar like?

      Do you feel for him like you would for a lover?

      Do you have the same emotions for him as you would for a lover?

      And, how does your partner / spouse feel about that?

      If your partner / spouse is okay with that, do you think that is “normal”?

      If your partner / spouse is not okay with that and you’re continuing to have these “lover-like” feelings and emotions for Mr. Ravi Shankar, then is that okay with you?

      I’m not saying you can’t be genuinely in love with him.

      You can be — irrespective of whether you’re a man or a woman. No problemo.

      But then, are you faithful to him? Do you practice fidelity?

      Do you have no other partner / spouse in your life?

      Is it just him and only him?

      And, how do you feel about others who are in love with him?

      Is a harem-like atmosphere okay with you?

      It’s time for you to reflect.

      And, you can be certain about one thing. No one who writes on this blog was comfortable with the idea of being referred to as “a current lover” and hence they left the Art of Living or disconnected from it if they were connected in any manner. So, it really doesn’t matter if anyone is referred to as “a jilted lover”. It only makes B&D look foolish, idiotic and stupid — unless they are current lovers of Mr. Ravi Shankar — in which case — instead of speaking in riddles — they should say so clearly.

      Instead of saying bloggers are like “jilted lovers”, they should say they are the “current lovers” and are very upset with bloggers because their love lives are getting impacted by what’s written in these blogs about the man that they are in love with. What’s the harm in saying it if it’s the truth? No one has anything against homosexuality.

      Some of my favourite musicians, writers and fashion designers are gay. This is circa 2012 — no one in their right minds would judge anyone for their sexual orientation. Why imply it and why imply that every male devotee in AoL is in love with Mr. Ravi Shankar and everyone who left was in love with Mr. Ravi Shankar? Why imply the same about current and former female devotees?

      Why don’t they just say so if that’s what their hearts are aching to say?

      And, why don’t they say so at the outset — to people who are about to join AoL — that their identity would be that of “lovers”?

      At least people can decide whether they are comfortable with that identity or not.

      In Hinduism, the Guru is like a PARENT — not like a LOVER. Ask any TRUE HINDU.

      So, what these frauds are talking about is definitely not Hinduism.

      They are sick and morbid frauds — and they’re saying so themselves.

      They tried to hit below the belt and have only succeeded in pointing to their feelings and emotions.



      So, my dear AoL devotees — I have the utmost respect for you — but sorry to say — you are trapped in a dangerous cult which thinks you are lovers of the cult leader and a part of the harem-like atmosphere that he and his cult have created.

      And, please notice, that if you ever leave, you will be referred to as “a jilted lover”.



      WAKE UP!


      I don’t think so.

      But, what do you think?

      • July 9, 2012 9:45 pm

        @Anonymous & @VSS,

        Some very astute observations from both of you. Yes indeed, devotees in some respect do develop some sort of “love” relationship with the Guru. Although as Anonymous said, it seems to be way more like infatuation, hero-worship, idol-worship. This isn’t really that surprising as many devotees consider him to be God, but if you actually witness the behaviour of these people, especially around him, you might actually find it very discomfiting. I’ve heard it described by devotees as being like bees to honey, but I’m more inclined to see it as flies to … something else 😉

        One thing reading your comments reminded me of was a portion of a tape played in the Part 2 course, where RS asks the questions “Think of someone you really love”. Up until the very last time I did that course, I thought of one or two people that I really did love. But then somehow when I last sat my Part 2, the first person that came to my mind was … you’ve guessed it, RS himself! Which was really strange indeed because I had never even met him by that stage. Which really begs the question, how on earth did I love someone I had never met? Many people here already know the answer to that.

        It really does beg the question, how many people in Art of Living think of RS when they hear this question during Part 2? And what does this tell us?

      • VSS permalink
        July 10, 2012 4:04 pm

        @ Obi-Wan [July 9, 2012 9:45 pm]

        Thank you for sharing this anecdote. I don’t know if you consciously realize it or not, but this instantly reminded me of Ivan Pavlov. He did some really important work in the field of “classical conditioning”.

        Here’s a link that talks about how John Broadus Watson took his work further.

        This insight will actually demystify the process of brainwashing. By the time you “last sat your Part 2”, when you heard the words “think of someone you really love”, you’d reached a point where the first name that struck you was Mr. Ravi Shankar.

        I admire your spirit and your ability to laugh at what you were put through. It means that you have recovered completely and that really inspires me. I haven’t reached that stage yet. Sometimes, I really get distressed by the fact that the most spectacular person I’ve ever met is being brainwashed as of this moment and there’s really nothing I can do about it.

        It’s all very sad. If you visit the link, you’ll notice (among other things), the following text:

        Extract begins —

        Behaviorism as a movement in psychology appeared in 1913 when John Broadus Watson published the classic article ‘Psychology as the behaviorist views it’.

        John Watson proposed that the process of classical conditioning (based on Pavlov’s observations) was able to explain all aspects of human psychology.

        Everything from speech to emotional responses were simply patterns of stimulus and response. Watson denied completely the existence of the mind or consciousness.

        Watson believed that all individual differences in behavior were due to different experiences of learning.

        Extract ends —

        Please notice “Watson denied completely the existence of the mind or consciousness.”

        This proves, beyond all doubt, that those who are completely conditioned by the Art of Living — are living a mindless existence bereft of consciousness. Even their “reflexes” are controlled by the powerful tools of psychological conditioning employed by the Art of Living. They are as far removed from enlightenment as they can be — while being conditioned to believe that they’re getting closer to it.

        If the psychological conditional is so severe that it controls the reflexes of human beings, then the Art of Living is not just a dangerous cult but a dangerous cult that is indulging in the complete demolition of human beings beginning with their reflexes.

        Watson also said:

        “Give me a dozen healthy infants, well-formed, and my own specified world to bring them up in and I’ll guarantee to take any one at random and train him to become any type of specialist I might select – doctor, lawyer, artist, merchant-chief and, yes, even beggar-man and thief, regardless of his talents, penchants, tendencies, abilities, vocations and the race of his ancestors.”

        What does this information along with the experience you’ve shared tell us?

        The Art of Living is converting human beings into robots who do exactly what they are told by the Art of Living.

        This also tells us that if any government were to ever define a law against cults and would need to define a cult — then a cult would be that outfit that alters the reflexes of a human being to suit its ulterior motives.

        The moment anything or anyone even outside the Art of Living tries to do that, our internal alarm should go off and we should go miles away from such influences.

  7. Jr. permalink
    July 8, 2012 9:22 pm

    Here’s an interesting comment from Dr. Peter, who used multiple aliases on here in the past. This was posted on Bawa’s blog.

    “Thanks for your post about this “anti” blog. Several months ago I decided to post on this blog to see if could engage in some sort of discourse with some of the people posting there. I discovered a few things. Some people that post there are good-hearted and have doubts and conflicts that they could not resolve. These people you actually could have a fruitful conversation with. But there were others that might have started out sweet but quickly turned nasty accusing me of all sorts malicious intent which brought any conversation to a quick halt. I realize that these people are deeply attached to Guruji in a negative way. They are absolutely obsessed with him and ” proving” he is a fraud. It is actually very strange. It is not a blog of rational discourse at all. As you point out, it is not a blog for the weak of heart to visit. There is something very tamasic and disturbing about it. Everything has its place in the universe, even this tamasic anti blog. As you note, maybe this negative obsession with Guruji will help them move beyond their irrational rage. Blessings and Grace for them too because they are suffering quite a bit .”

    I tell you what I find disturbing Dr. Peter. The fact you used multiple aliases and changed the way you responded with different names. Semi-lacky for example was a nasty alias who supported Harshal’s behavior. Anyone who would support Harshal’s abusive behavior is clearly not spiritually evolved much. And it wasn’t just Harshal. There were SO MANY negative, hateful, threatening responses from Art of Living members on this blog. If anyone is writing in poison, it’s been the AOL people.

    Kashi’s comment is also interesting because it shows he is very angry. You can just see it in the words. Almost no one on this blog writes like that. He also is upset that the blogs remain on the internet. Well,, they NEED to remain, because there’s still thousands of people in this organization who need to have access to another view of the organization. You won’t find an objective view of AOL on wikipedia. Someone is watching that site like a hawk and deleting any criticism written. However, if SSRS did graduate when he was 17, then I give the organization some credit for at least be honest about that.

    How AOL has responded to this is not surprising at all. It’s a clever way of twisting facts and only the strong will be able to see through it.

    • July 9, 2012 3:20 pm

      My hat goes off to Doctor for going through Skywalker’s blog and highlighting all instances where Dr Peter had posted under different aliases. I was amazed when I read so many differing points of view all coming from the same person, but looking back and reading the things he wrote towards the end, I can’t say I’m really surprised. The amazing thing is that from what he’s written in the past, he must be in his 50s or even 60s, yet he behaves like a child who thinks not only is it ok to lie but that he can somehow get away with lying even after he’s been exposed.

      Part of me feels really sorry for him and for others like him. You can tell even from the words in his above comment that he’s having serious issues which he is unable to resolve other than by lying to himself and lying to everyone else in AoL. Which let’s face it, this is what you have to do when you’re faced with facts that you simply cannot accept: live in denial. I hate to keep coming back to it, but this is another perfect example of cognitive dissonance. The worst thing is, you can’t tell someone they’re experiencing cognitive dissonance because it won’t help them in the slightest as they won’t believe you. In fact, it’ll just make them more defensive.

      @Peter – I know that just like Bawa, Dinesh, Kashi and many, many others, you can’t keep away from this blog. What I’m about to say to you may surprise you, but this is advice for you and you alone. I would strongly recommend you not to visit this blog for the foreseeable future. If you are absolutely certain in your beliefs about Art of Living and Ravi Shankar, then there is no point in you coming here. If this blog is so tamasic to you, then stick with something more sattvic instead. No, not B&D or K’s blogs, those are definitely very rajasic! But seriously, you are just going to keep hurting yourself by visiting here, especially considering the many comments you made on Skywalker’s blog. Taken together with Harshal’s, these are very damaging to Art of Living.

      However, there is one time in your life when I would recommend you DO visit these blogs: when you start having some serious doubts about Art of Living. If that’s where you are now, then welcome. Otherwise, for the sake of your sanity, I would recommend you actually follow Bawa’s advice and not read the things written here.

      • stupidseeker permalink
        July 9, 2012 3:33 pm

        Once again great write-up Obi

      • The Revolver permalink
        July 9, 2012 7:50 pm

        very well written…Obi-Wan.

      • VSS permalink
        July 11, 2012 10:54 am

        Well said, Jr. And, well said Obi-Wan. I think Doc. did us all a huge favour by exposing the many “avatars” of Dr. Peter. Most of all, I think he did a huge favour to Dr. Peter. And, I agree — he should absolutely not read this blog — he should be able to exercise restraint. He has terrible self-control issues and his validation of Harshal’s out of control behaviour only indicates that he doesn’t think that the lack of self-control is even an issue — not yet. The day he realizes that will be the day he will open his eyes and see how AoL took him for a ride.

        So, in case you’re reading Dr. Peter, if you’re not willing to acknowledge the mistakes you made as well as acknowledge your erroneous validation of Harshal’s behaviour, please don’t even think about posting on this blog. You will only cause damage to AoL — just as Harshal and all others who were abusive did. So, please exercise restraint. If, however, there comes a time when you begin to see through the deception that AoL has subjected you to, do let us know. It would be nice to welcome the beginning of your recovery from severe psychological manipulation.

      • Anonymous permalink
        July 11, 2012 3:38 pm

        LOL @ Obi-Wan!! What a great point given to poor Dr. Peter. But I think you know that he and others like him can’t stay away from these blogs. They are deeply afraid that what has been posted here by people injured by Art of Living and Ravi Shankar is true. Dr. Peter is especially frightened about the accounts of his beloved “buddy”, as he calls RS, being cruel, ridiculous, nasty, immature, totally unspiritual (and that’s being kind to RS). He is terrified that his buddy is actually a not so nice guy, to say the least, and that he has wasted his life. I have this to say to Dr. Peter, and anyone else like him:

        Even if you are an old man, as was suggested above, it’s not too late to leave and move on to something truly sattvic. I really believe that you and others like you gave your all in good faith, and that you’ve been fooled by your emotions and Ravi Shankar’s many Siddhis. Nothing in your life is a waste. All the seva you did, even if it was for a crooked man, is a reflection of your own goodness, and God can see that you meant well. God doesn’t judge people who do seva for a wrong or false Guru. God judges the Guru and takes him/her down eventually. But the devotee who remains devoted to God and Sadguru, never goes astray. Some years may have been “wasted”, but actually you will have been growing in spite of RS and his organization, if you were truly sincere. It’s never too late to be honest with yourself, and to see through falsehoods and criminal behavior, and to stop condoning those behaviors. But even if you die in Ravi Shankar’s service, God will bless you if you were sincere, and didn’t know that all that is posted here in these blogs is true. If you had no knowledge of all these horrible things, then God will help you. But if you do know about these things, I don’t know what happens to you. If a person knows that all this abuse is ongoing and makes fun of those who tell the truth about it, trying to save innocent people, I don’t know what God thinks of them. That’s up to God.

      • The Doctor permalink
        July 14, 2012 6:34 am

        No! Not Dr Peter again?!?!

        Peter – you lied through your teeth on Skywalker’s blog – indisputable FACT. As Jr. pointed out, you posted under multiple Ids and each time you gave us different points of view. You denied all sorts of things which later it came to light you had already told us you believed in. And then you go and post a load of further BS on Bawa’s blog, once again with that air of holier-than-thou superiority we’ve all come to know and despise.

        Well Peter, you may be able to get away with BS on Bawa’s blog because as far as I can tell, they encourage it over there and in Art of Living in general. They certainly seem to teach people that it’s ok to lie from everything we’ve seen. But you certainly didn’t get away with it on Skywalker’s blog, because every single time you told a lie it was clearly highlighted for any future readers to see.

        @Peter, if you are still reading this – and I bet you are – please ask yourself this question: you can lie to other people and get away with it up to a point, but how long do you think you are going to be able to keep lying to yourself? Because this is exactly what you’re doing here, and from everything I’ve ever read about doing this, at some point something has to give and usually the consequences are disastrous.

  8. Curious George permalink
    July 9, 2012 4:13 am

    This post does shed a lot of light. The whole tone of the blog post is kept non-violent yet firm and strongly to the point, unlike Harshal who would simply rant around spitting venom at all bloggers.

    I was not initially convinced by your blogs. I did doubt the AOL sometimes, but never strong enough.But what surprisingly convinced me that there is some truth to your claims, is the reply posts of Harshal.

    Harshal, apparently being an AOL fanatic, convinced me seriously how he can’t even try to be reflective and reason a bit.For some strange reason i have a hunch that he is Bawa.

    Whatever it is , i would really like to thank Harshal more than this blog itself for making me question my situation in the AOL. His responses really motivated me and made me wonder why can’t the Art of Living respond responsibly to all those people who complained about it because they experienced some serious personal issues because of the practices.

    However, i’m curious to know what’s your take on the graduation certificate of Sri Sri as presented on B&D’s blog.

    Doesn’t the certificate effectively cancel out all allegations about Sri Sri’s Deceptive Lies as per a previous post as referred in the below link ?

    • anonymous permalink
      July 10, 2012 3:16 am

      well, he just graduated third class at the normal age , 19 not 17. he was born in 1956. hey, even i did better than that. by posting the graduation certificate, his lying is even more obvious. neither did he graduate at 17, nor was it an advanced degree of any sort 🙂 with these qualifications, in today’s india, it would be very hard to get a job.
      what’s bawa doing, exposing him like that with hard facts? he is not that stupid. looks like he actually wants to discredit Ravi shankar? it’s interesting how counterproductive his blogging is. knowing that shrewd man, it just might be intentional.

      • Bloggisatwa permalink
        July 10, 2012 4:49 pm

        anonymous permalink
        July 10, 2012 3:16 am

        Sheer Brilliance.

        Bawa is a smart bloke. He is definitely not stupid. He sees all the hanky panky way back….having been deep inside already. Knows it can go bust anytime. Does the ultimate Shaguni job.

        I have noticed how he always was able to get away with extravagant statements / demands and even expenses. Also, Bawa’s father, Yezdi is an ex TATA employee…. handles AOL’s money. Together they would know every crime that AOL has committed and would have all the documentary evidence as well. Which means that they have the 1st family by the %ALLs.

        So Bawa starts WAYE with Dinesh. That too with the blessings (reluctant) of Ravi. Ravi has no choice.

        Look at the WAYE website everyone. there is very limited reference to AOL except in the affiliates section where the AOL and IAHV logos are displayed. Legally, there will be no links, between the 2 organisations. When the AOL shit hits the ceiling WAYE can come away legally scott free.

        This explains many things

        1. Bawa would always insist that any Yes+ volunteers and teachers have nothing to do with other AOL teachers or Sewa projects. This was the case in the early days when he attempted to attract the best teachers from AOL into the Yes+/WAYE movement.

        2. Its just that WAYE is a trust managed entity. However, Trust Directors all legally allowed to receive remuneration, and benefits. Also, they do deals with preferred vendors and suppliers.

        3. WAYE stands to gain significantly if AOL is exposed.

        4. Bawa appears good by posting pro-AOL on his BLOG ….seemingly fighting a lost cause. I can almost see him rubbing his hands in glee, looking at IO’s post abut the Graduation cert, going to Banu Didi…telling her all about it, asking for Ravi’s Grad Cert, taking a scan, and telling Badu Didi that he will fix it all…..and he does a soft expose while looking loyal. Such utter cleverness.

        5. Bawa is tech savvy. He understands the power and reach of the Blogging …alteast amongst the youth. So he sets-up a Harshal to do his job. That is the only thing that can possibly explain to me why other Sr AOL members did nothing to stop a ravaging and rampant Harshal as he continued the verbal abuse. The other Sr members I used to know are not so tech savvy….in terms of BLOG etc.

        Truly Machiavellian …and very very interesting.

      • July 10, 2012 9:21 pm


        Although what you’ve said sounds really twisted, it is thus far the single best explanation as to why Bawa posted the certificate in the first place. Because, as so many people have pointed out, if the certificate is indeed genuine, it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that 100% of all the accounts of Ravishankar’s education to date have been lies. This is a hard, solid fact, and again there is no way to spin this. It just supports IO’s post and everything that RS has been accused of across the blogs with respect to his education.

        So why would Bawa do something like this? As has also been pointed, Bawa isn’t stupid by any stretch of the imagination. A little misguided, yes, but certainly not stupid. So yes, your explanation could hold the key as to what is really going on.


      • VSS permalink
        July 10, 2012 5:05 pm

        @ anonymous [July 10, 2012 3:16 am]

        My guess is that the intention behind Bawa’s post was to get some sympathy for Mr. Ravi Shankar — reminds me of how Dr. Peter would play the victim to mislead the readers of Skywalker’s blog.

        The other intention could be to take attention away from SK.

        There’s a very interesting piece in today’s Indian Express.

        Article begins —

        “India may not be a testing hub for Big Pharma. But informed consent must be non-negotiable

        Figures released by the World Health Organisation, which show that 10 Indian subjects of clinical field trials die every week, have rekindled concerns that this country has become a testing hub for Big Pharma. Ironically, the same figures deflate this persistent fear, revealing that only 1.5 per cent of global trials have been held in India. The ministry of health and family welfare has further clarified that the cause of death must be investigated to determine if pharmaceutical testing contributed to mortality. But public debate must take note of the growing evidence on a related problem. In February, the Supreme Court issued notices against the ministry and the Medical Council of India in response to a PIL alleging collusion between pharma companies and doctors in Indore. They were allegedly paid commissions to enrol patients in tests that claimed 32 lives. The Economic Offences Wing of the Madhya Pradesh government also tabled a report naming six doctors.

        Statistics are secondary here. Even a single case of unethical testing, where the rules of the doctor-patient relationship have been broken to the material benefit of practitioners or corporates, should be read as a significant finding. And such cases may occur because getting patients to consent to drug testing is relatively easy in India. Thanks to illiteracy, poverty, poor health awareness and lax oversight, it is possible to acquire test patients quite fast. Speed makes a huge financial difference to pharma companies, which can bring new drugs to market more quickly. And if problems arise, the risk of successful litigation is low.

        Regulation should be equally easy. Regulators only need to check if the consent given by patients is genuinely informed. The ministry and the MCI cannot claim that they are unable to do this. Serious punitive measures must be instituted against erring doctors and corporations, not paltry fines. This is all it will take to make the problem vanish forever.

        Article ends —

        All that this piece says about “informed consent” applies directly to devotees who are initiated into SK. Are they told the potential side effects of SK? No. Are they informed about the various conditions in which they should not attempt SK? No. Are the side effects documented, updated and studied in all earnest? No. Is there an open forum where the side effects of SK can be reported? No. Is all “knowledge” related to SK shared? No. It’s actually supposedly “copyrighted” using the pretext that it contains “trade secrets”.

        You see — Bawa can’t do anything about the pace of social evolution and/or the pace of technological evolution. It’s just a matter of time before the Government is compelled to look into these matters involving Big Pharma. And then, guess who’s next. The Art of Living — of course. It’s inches away from being exposed — society is moving towards being cult-free — and it’s not moving slowly. Technological advancements are adding to society’s momentum. I’m pretty sure that the harm that SK has caused — is what will cause the end of the Art of Living — and by end — I mean its complete end.

      • stupidseeker permalink
        July 11, 2012 6:41 am


        Your analysis is extremely interesting.WAYE is indeed comprehensively detached from AOL in its presentation as in being the secular, rational counterpart to the devotion and supernaturally infused AOLF.
        No one would put it past B&D to do to Ravi Shankar what he did to his guru after all they too have a career to build.
        But I don’t understand your contention as to why WAYE would prosper if AOL took a hit to its reputation, since B&D are seen as proteges of HHSSRS and WAYE is not yet completely detached from AOLF or the persona of HHSSRS ??

    • Anonymous permalink
      July 10, 2012 2:47 pm

      @Curious George,

      I suppose the certificate would cancel doubts for me if Ravi Shankar hadn’t told me, and others, himself, on numerous occassions about how he dropped out of school to run off with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and serve him, how it didn’t matter, and how he was a terrible student. He said many times that he held no diploma of any kind because he simply left. So the production of the certificate is at odds with SSRS’s own words. Why would he lie about that? Seems strange. Swamis are not required to have any education. Some great saints in India, like Amritananda Mayi in Kerala have less education, (I think hers is to the 3rd or 4th grade). I just don’t know why he would lie about not having a degree and then lie about having one, and a 3rd class one at that. I’m convinced that he started making up having ‘advanced degrees’ to impress his IIT guys, so they would accept him. At the time he was denying having an education, he was trying to keep some of us from returning for higher degrees, saying that all we needed to do was serve him. Who knows which is the lie? I also know people in Bangalore who were his peers in school who said he dropped out, and never came back, and that he was around 17. They said he did not graduate with them. So they must all be liars as well? Or have poor memories? They went on to engineering degrees of various types, as was I guess the fashion of the day.

      • Bloggisatwa permalink
        July 11, 2012 12:37 am

        VSS permalink
        July 10, 2012 5:05 pm

        “My guess is that the intention behind Bawa’s post was to get some sympathy for Mr. Ravi Shankar — reminds me of how Dr. Peter would play the victim to mislead the readers of Skywalker’s blog.”

        This is too huge for Bawa to post on his own, without discussion with Ravi. Also, from IO’s post went online on June 15th 2012. Bawa’s posting of the certificate happened on June 25th. 10 long days and nights to debate on how to respond or if necessary manufacture a certificate. They would have talked. Definitely….debates and discussions have happened. They must have felt that damage control was needed. And posting that sad certificate this was their BEST effort…..anything else and they themselves feel they would be exposed even more.

        “India may not be a testing hub for Big Pharma. But informed consent must be non-negotiable”

        Here is my take VSS

        While the key here “Informed Choice”… leads you to believe that all your life you have actually been making informed choices or you even had the option…..

        However, if the system is designed that you will usually never be informed PERIOD………and even if it happens, its way after you could have done anything about it. The below comes out after more than a decade of investigation. The Pharma companies pay the fine and then its business as usual.

        The following are the sub-headlines withing the article (Its all over the Net in the last week)

        1. GlaxoSmithKline pleads guilty to bribery, fraud and other crimes
        2. Merck falsified vaccine data, spiked blood samples and more, say former employees
        3. Millions of children put at risk by Merck
        4. Merck’s mumps viral strain is 45 years old!
        5. A complete medical farce
        6. Merck fraudulently misrepresented the efficacy of its vaccine and contributed to the spread of infectious disease, says lawsuit

        Compare AOL to the Pharma lobby and AOL will look extremely benevolent.

        All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for a few good men to do nothing : Edmond Burke

      • Bloggisatwa permalink
        July 11, 2012 1:42 pm

        @ stupidseeker permalink
        July 11, 2012 6:41 am

        In my experience a lot of people desperately need and feed off the AOL support system (which they imagine exists for them and them alone).

        You have a lot of seasonal migration from the Sai Group (disenchanted members) to AOL and AOL to Nityanand…..and so on.

        Its like folks that leave a job and join a competitor company. The same thing happens here as well.

        I feel, that many are so desperate in needing to be a part of a SETUP, that when 1 fails, they will migrate to another.

        The systems between WAYE and AOL are similar….(I am saying Similar) because Bawa will use his creativity to make WAYE different. The fundas will probably remain the same, SKY, Pranayama, DSN, Advance courses etc…but will be called by different names.

        They have done interesting things….while there is a picture of Visalakshi Mandap there is no reference to AOL. While AOL teacher/faculty is on their individual CVs, what is highlighted is the WAYE directorship.

        To make it look more professional the UN event speaking slots have to be highlighted. There is some level of positioning required to attract some of the existing talent from AOL to WAYE…that is why the “We are close to HHSSR” positioning is happening.

        Just my 2 bits. I could be off he mark.

      • July 12, 2012 9:26 am

        [Bumping due to being in spam folder]

  9. VSS permalink
    July 9, 2012 9:30 am

    @ anyone who is reading

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, the first issue is about “READING BLOGS”. (Please scroll up if you wish to know what I have to say on the subject.)

    The second issue, for me, is:


    Let’s take the scanned certificate posted on B&D’s blog at face value.

    What does it prove?


    BIG DEAL!!!









    Secondly, look at the date on which that scanned certificate has been posted. Look at the blog accompanying that scanned certificate — it says someone please correct this information on Wikipedia.




    That speaks very highly of their RESPONSE TIME, doesn’t it???

    And, what about Wikipedia entries?

    Do they randomly post information on Wikipedia based on guess work?

    Do B&D not know who updates it?

    Do they have no commitment to authenticity whatsoever???

    Are they dedicated only to foolishness, stupidity and idiocy???

    Again, if I was their supervisor, and I’d asked them to do “damage control”, I would give them only 1 out of 10 or 0.5 out of 10 — that too purely out of compassion.

    As for the Shankar household and their certificate locating skills, I would give them 0 out of 10. It took them more than thirty years to locate one of the most critical documents in a human being’s life??? Just goes to show how much respect they have for education, educational qualifications and educational certificates.

    So, if you’re someone who has any respect for education, educational qualifications, and educational certificates, then may I humbly ask you what it is that you’re doing in the Art of Living???

    • Bloggisatwa permalink
      July 9, 2012 12:44 pm

      And what always hurts is the TRUTH. Fictional stuff can be just laughed OFF.

      So, remember you can be hurt only if YOU find truth on this BLOG. So, if the BLOG is really so useless and all filth / humbug, everyone should come here and be entertained. No ? Like Harshal.

      Now why would B&D not want their devotees and colleagues to have some extra fun ? Which friend would not want his other friends to have some harmless fun. ? Is that person then really your friend ?

      Here is what else is behind the following words….

      “We have not provided links to these blogs because we don’t want you going to those sites to read the poison they have written”

      1. That subtle and hidden unwritten understanding / contract —–
      “We know what is good for you” better than you do yourself. Yes B&D you know what’s best for me.
      Hence, when I say don’t go, you should not go. You owe your allegiance to me.
      Why ? Because I was the guy who sat on the podium and pushed the button on the SKY tape player when you did your Kriya.

      Note : Do you think B&D would say this with the same gumption and reckless abandonment with a part-1 student of any other part-1 teacher ? No they would not. That is not their territory. That volunteer is owned by the part-1 teacher.

      Since I tell what to read / see / think….I am your SUPERIOR. You are under developed…..and are still work in progress. Until you graduate / mature….YOU need ME.

      Self importance on one side…..neediness and lack of self confidence, critical thinking and willingness to dissolve for false love and care on the other side (recognition and love starved)

      2. So, how did we get there ?. When a young baby is growing the father is the symbol of authority. The baby feels most secure in his / her dad’s arms / embrace. The father also feels this in very fabric of all of his being as he holds his child to himself….”I am here…as long as I am here…no harm cam come to you…..”.

      As the child grows…and matures and gets stronger….he / she starts to see that their dad is just another mortal (gets stress home from work, has fights with mom, sometimes lies to protect his self image…..)…..

      This creates a disconnect to the original child image that was there ….and soon there is generated this secret yearning for that missing Super-father figure that can keep you secure/comfortable and make you feel safe against a very materialistic / predatory world.

      Most of the teachers/Guru’s fill that surrogate super father role.

      Sometimes they even find your life partner, help you find a job, tell you what to do….INCLUDING … they tell you who need to marry, change your name etc. Depending on your culture….usually at least in the Indian tradition, these are roles that parent’s play.

      B&D are experts at quietly using the youth’s mild discontent (ie the emerging generation-gap ….his/her inability to see their once hero figures as mere mortals) and they do their mind manipulations to fill in the now vacant position of the parent.

      If this is done with love and responsibility there is some benefit…..however, if this is done with the intent of creating a human robot that will do as per your bidding (“I tell you….don’t go to that website”)…..there is a big price to pay. This is true for the initiator (B&D), for the seeming victim (who has deliberately suspended their own thinking in want of a temporary solace from all the growing up pressures) and the watcher (us). As a watcher…I am choosing to express what I see on this blog. It will be interesting to see what the other participants do.

      Basically what these guys are doing is adding fuel to the fire of the existing generation gap. They are breaking the family bonds even further and they claim they are going to create a better society. Something about all this is seriously mixed up.

      3. Arrogance and Big Bully attitude (I know what’s good for you). Now where does that come from ?. All bully’s have bigger bully’s bullying them. All bully’s have been victims at some time. So, who do you think is bullying B&D ? Mom and dad ? Their devoted fans ? Who could it be ? Really….who could it be ? Think that maybe ,……just maybe….its this BLOG. Ohhhhh ….. This big bully blog.

      But then the blog has been around for just the last few years. Who was bullying me before then ?…….NOW WHO COULD IT BE ?

      Behind all arrogance is unmitigated fear. What do you have to fear ? . Really ? That your devotees will leave you ?. And that they have no salvation then.

      4. We do so much saadhana to keep our mind clean and then you go read that blog and its gets unclean again.

      Hmmmmm,,,,,,You moron’s cant you see your mind is already dirty…its so full of crap… its take all of the Sudarshan Kriya to wipe our your reasoning and your memory….and you want to go to that blog that does not look at things the way we do.

      After all this effort we have spent to recruit you, take your money, brainwash you, somehow make you do seva, show you how you can generate wealth for me…..and now one click of a mouse button and I could lose all that.

      5. Insurance company’s look for this all the time when it comes to cases and behaviors. Who has the motive ?

      Analyse now…….. “DONT READ THAT BLOG !!!!!!! ”

      When a devotee reads the BLOG….who loses and who gains ? Multiple choice question

      I. Who loses a devotee

      a. B&D and AOL
      b. BLOG
      c. The parent’s

      II. Who makes more money

      a. The BLOG (More hits, hence more advertising revenue from google)
      b. B&D
      c. The devotee (They maybe are getting paid to post on this BLOG ?)

      III. Who makes less money ?

      a. The BLOG
      b. B&D and AOL
      c. The devotee

      IV. Some may lose their peace of mind

      a. The bloggers. Every time a new reader comes they panic.
      b. B&D, Kashi….they feel very happy when their devotee visits the BLOG.
      c. The devotee. Because now his/her suspicions are confirmed. They are once again able to think for themselves.

      V. The devotee’s gains confidence when

      a. They go to B&D for the answers and are satisfied with the precise, non subjective, factual data given to them by B&D.
      b. They go to HHSSRS as they know B&D cannot give them the answers.
      c. They post on the BLOG.

      When things are confusing…….look at MOTIVE / Follow the money…….Follow the power trail…..(politics)….see where it all originates or ends and you have your answers.

      Dear AOL devotee, If you got this far…..please know that you are not even a part of the equation with AOL… are just another pawn being used for ulterior gain.

      This BLOG needs nothing from you, not even that you visit us.

      Why then are some folks desperate that YOU DO NOT VISIT us ???.

      You tell me.

      • stupidseeker permalink
        July 9, 2012 3:35 pm


        Yah, in trying too hard they i.e B&D give themselves away.

  10. Prakash permalink
    July 9, 2012 9:40 am

    BTW from “Look What We Found” they have established one thing: the so called “advanced degree in modern physics and vedic sciences” turned out to be an undergrad degree in Science with third division pass. You only have to make a google search to see how many AOL sites are still carrying “advanced degree in modern physics and vedic sciences” BS.

    However as usual AOL high priests are least perturbed by this clear cut proof of their lie. Rather they have a novel explanation. Scroll down the comments section on Bawa’s blog to one Richa Sharma’s comment to learn why an undergrad degree and an advanced degree in modern physics and vedic sciences means one and the same thing!

  11. Priti permalink
    July 9, 2012 4:14 pm

    Obi-Wan, what a brilliant article! “Critical thinking” at its best, a quality AoLers lose with time. Following your analysis, their cognitive dissonance is displayed also every year when Ravi does not win the Nobel Peace Prize. And here are some of their justifications: “The world is not ready”, “The organization is not big enough to take on such a big responsibility”, “Gandhi also did not win the NPP”, etc. Interesting. The more they insist people not to read the blog, the more they will! Can they seriously be that dumb? It’s the ABC of human nature! And anyway, how much longer can they “rule” by fear? “If you read it, it will give you bad karma”, etc. Now, what part of “dismissed with prejudice” did they not understand? Actually, I understand the AoL did not DROP the case against defamation, they actually LOST, as in ruled by a judge. They LOST every single case. How can Bawa still insist they could have sued anyone for defamation? Now, if Bawa is indeed Harshal, then, poor all the people who are being brain-washed and taught by that guy. Seriously off. Are those the senior teachers of the AoL? Is that what many years of Ravishankar teachings and Ravishankar sadhana does to people in the head? Even the way they are reacting to the blogs is so childish and nut. Bawa is a waste. IIT degree down the drain, and yet he thinks he is important. Kashi claiming Ravi is a “Saint”! That in itself is proof these people have gone nuts. Such absolute thinking, “black and white”, is one of the many characteristics of a cult. Thank you Bawa for further showing us what AoL is!

    • July 9, 2012 9:35 pm

      @Priti – you are 100% spot on about the Nobel Peace Prize, this is again another great example of cognitive dissonance. I even recall this was actually the first thing that came to my mind when I learned about cognitive dissonance, as someone on Klim’s blog had written an article describing exactly this.

      I would have to say that out of everything AoL has in its arsenal, this is probably the single most powerful force working for AoL and against all its devotees. Although since the devotees are blissfully unaware of it, and are almost certainly completely unaware they are even being manipulated, they can’t do anything about it. This is why AoL are acting in the way they right now, because they have been lying to themselves so much over the years that they have come to believe their own lies, and reject anything which opposes these – like most of what has been written in criticism of AoL and RS. It is at once both fascinating to actually observe this phenomenon in Art of Living and at the same time horrifying to think of all those thousands of people who are falling victim to this. Victims essentially of their own minds, of the false beliefs that Art of Living has instilled in them. It’s really quite sickening just thinking about it, especially as I know so many people who have given up so much to be in the organization.

      And your are also correct, the defamation case was indeed LOST, together with all the other cases prior to the settlement. But again even if you tell that to them, they won’t accept it.

  12. stupidseeker permalink
    July 9, 2012 7:32 pm

    In this video, Rishi Nityapragya stresses that future AOL teachers should assiduously cultivate three precepts,central to their effectiveness as teachers at AOL. They are :

    1) Unfailingly train/commit the mind to be happy at all costs and under any situation. i.e always present a smiling countenance to the non AOL world, no matter what.

    2) Acceptance of everything and anything about the situations in the environment around them.

    3) Total responsibility for the situations around them.

    Perhaps in the context of the rage in B&D’s and Kashi’s blog, these stalwarts of AOL will do well to reappraise themselves of the core values that all AOL teachers are supposed to have. How happy do they sound after having been defeated in a court of law? How accepting are they of contrary opinions ? How much responsibility have they taken to address concerns that people may have about HHSSRS, AOL and its activities.?

    Seems the core values are only for the faceless, nameless AOL teachers, the aam junta and not for the hoi polloi such as B&D, Kashi and the Sad Swami.

  13. stupidseeker permalink
    July 9, 2012 9:15 pm


    Even though this video may not be directly relevent, request that it be allowed to stay, since it may provide food for thought for those who may feel that maliciousness is the chief driver of this blog:

    • July 9, 2012 9:51 pm


      ANYTHING which promotes critical thinking, skepticism (the real skeptcism, not the warped Art of Living version), and open-mindedness is 100% relevant here.

  14. Anonymous permalink
    July 10, 2012 3:10 am

    @ Bloggisatwa
    July 9, 2012 12:44 pm

    “Note : Do you think B&D would say this with the same gumption and reckless abandonment with a part-1 student of any other part-1 teacher ? No they would not. That is not their territory. That volunteer is owned by the part-1 teacher.”

    A very interesting comment is made here about ownership of volunteers.

    To expand this concept, I can add that the areas are also owned by teachers. Even though there is no Emperor/King to allocate land/area to their trusted lieutenant; the similar thing happens in an informal way. No teacher likes that their area is visited by other teachers unless they are advanced teachers, Swamis or Rishies sent by Ashram. As per my observation even in a small city, different localities are segregated amongst teachers and everyone has their own group of blind volunteers. Whosoever has more volunteers becomes more powerful in the group.

    There is an interesting name for such blind volunteers (they are called ‘jai gurudev’). So once you reach ‘jai gurudev’ stage then you are confirmed as bonded labour/slave.

    P.S. The countries and big Indian states are definitely allocated by Ashram e.g.

    USA : Michael and Rajshree
    Gujarat: Nitin

    It would be interesting to compile a list.

  15. Hari permalink
    July 10, 2012 8:26 am – the website states that HHSSRS had an advanced degree in modren physics… so a 3rd class Physics degree has become an advanced degree in modern physics and I am curious to know where he obtained advanced degree in vedic literature from

  16. Barneyed permalink
    July 10, 2012 8:56 am

    Nice Reply VSS regarding B&D.
    Now Bawa and Dinesh,this is for you guys if u are reading this one.
    As pointed out by VSS you wasted govt money coming out from IIT and becoming frauds,you did put a black mark on the coveted label.In fact if you guys would had started a company and provided people with employement and brought some business to this country and had done some social service as a part of corporate social responsibilty you would had seriously made your IIT tag worthwhile.I do not say that IITians should not follow the path of yoga or viragya and they should only be business and money minded hounds, No ! but they shouldnt be definitely like you who fool people to earn money,you make people diseased both mentally and physically and then give them a verbal tonic that they would had suffered more if not for AOL and Sri Sri His Hipocrite 420 Shankar.

    B$D i know if at all you feel that you have done wrong in supporting 420 shankar you wont admit it because if u go out in the real world today you are not going to get even a cent for your IIT degrees if u search a job ofcourse without your aol references or contacts.
    Pathetic losers,Bawa & Dinesh, IITians like Satyendra Dubey laid down there lives for fighting the right cause and look what you two fools with crazy hair style are doing,Cheating people,making them weak by misleading them.
    Make arrangements for your hideout B&D becuase when the bubble of your 420 Shankar and AOL bursts atleast you will have a hiding place and yes do get rid of any mirrors in your house, I bet at that time you wont like to look at yourself in it.
    Bawa no wonder you failed so many times before you got that gold medal in Maths,who knows this story might also be cooked up.
    Legen…wait for it …dary…Legendary!!! Legendary Loooooooooooooosssseeeerrrrrrsssss.

    • VSS permalink
      July 10, 2012 5:44 pm

      @ Barneyed [July 10, 2012 8:56 am]

      Thank you for reading my reply.

      I read your heartfelt reply too and I agree with all the points you made.

      I just have a minor disagreement. I’m okay with the “crazy hairstyle”. I think that’s a personal matter. However, if the only purpose of the “crazy hairstyle” is to give people “the impression” that they are supposedly “spiritual”, then they definitely have one more thing that they need to change about themselves.

      But I don’t think that they are into changing for the better — they’re into programming human beings, controlling them, and bullying them into worshiping them and Mr. Ravi Shankar. I wonder what they’ll do once the Art of Living ceases to exist — and I know that I won’t have to wait too long to find out. It’s just a matter of some more time — possibly a year — possibly a little over a year.

      • Bloggisatwa permalink
        July 11, 2012 1:30 am

        The inner workings of a gullible devotee’s mind…which AOL exploits like crazy.

        They (I was told that it was Bawa’s brainchild) came up with this scheme many moons back….

        Dutch government’s recognition for Ravi’s work….so called international endorsement…..

        They know that none of their sheeple will every look for anything like the below

        At the end of the day anybody who did not know THAT YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN STAMPS…would automatically assume that

        1. AOL and Ravi are getting continuous international recognition.
        2. Since stamps and the postal system have traditionally been Govt owned…this award must be coming after proper due diligence.
        3. Since its the government, that means that the entire country is in agreement with this idea / message. All of Netherlands knows about Ravi now.
        4. Wow, I am a part of this awesome organisation.
        5. At the back of my head…..I am thinking….(This is Jesus / Krishna….quietly making himself known and available to the world). And I recognized him (in fact he recognized me and gave me a hug the last time I went to do an Advanced course at the Ashram)…WOW….I am a chosen one. Greater self esteem and a huge identity.
        6. I start tom-tomming THIS and my following in the family and friends circle. By association, I am now a big guy. Because the Master is a BIG guy….

        In actuality – Somebody figured out a 1 to 1 Marketing mechanism. TNT adopted a unique branding system based on this wherein an average customer can make their own stamp online for a fee. And, look… now I have become a divine representative, saving the world and bringing in world peace (working directly for Krishna…who has come back as the Kaliyug Avatar).

        Imagine waking up one day after many many years and actually realising that you have been scammed. That’s a tough one to take. At this time, if you are senior enough and can cause damage….a deal is usually offered. Join the scam and benefit yourself . Because, even if you are not a part of it, you will be labelled anyways….as this has been going on for long time. Who is going to believe that you were not a part of it ?

        Amazing business model…..Any PR = Free marketing $

        a. So many volunteers who work for free…even teachers.
        b. You build a program on already existing free knowledge around the Hindu system and offer it for a fee.
        c. You introduce a class with a high fees around something available FREE ie..Air
        d. Volunteers pay for Sewa projects and you claim the credit.
        e. One time visitors present their ideas and you make it your Sewa project
        f. If volunteers do deliver what you want, you make them feel guilty. Its because they did not work hard enough, world peace has been delayed.
        g. Not enough free marketing exposure ?…look how you can latch on to a natural disaster, an Anna Hazare or a neighboring dog shooter.

        Just a finely honed and well developed business model.

      • Mangal permalink
        July 11, 2012 1:43 pm

        “At the end of the day anybody who did not know THAT YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN STAMPS…would automatically assume that ”

        Bloggisatwa’s TNT post hoax story deserves a new blog post!

        A stamp collector in India had caught this hoax in 2009

      • July 12, 2012 9:27 am

        [Bumping due to being in spam folder].

  17. Anonymous permalink
    July 10, 2012 10:42 pm


    “I also know people in Bangalore who were his peers in school who said he dropped out, and never came back, and that he was around 17. They said he did not graduate with them. So they must all be liars as well?”

    They were not liars. It is true that he did not graduate with them.

    Around 95% of the students in St.Joseph’s College complete their degrees in their very first attempt during the regular final year exams held every April. Of these atleast 50% complete in FIRST class, 30% complete in SECOND class, 15% complete in THIRD class and the remaining 5% FAIL in one or more subjects. For these failed and dull students, like Ravi Shankar, Bangalore University has supplementary exams in October, giving them a chance to complete their degrees instead of waiting for one full year till next April’s regular exams. Students completing degree in supplemantary exams and that too with a THIRD class were rarely able to get jobs. A student FAILS in any subject if he scores below 35%. For grading, aggregate marks scored in all the three years is taken into account. This shows that Ravi Shankar was a consistent THIRD classer and a dull student.

    Following were the grading system by the Bangalore University.

    FIRST CLASS — 60% and above
    SECOND CLASS — 50% to 59%
    THIRD CLASS — 35% to 49%

    Following were the five subjects which Ravi Shankar has studied.

    First Language — Kannada
    Second Language — English

    There is no specialization in the core subjects of Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics. All these subjects carried equal weightage. One can’t claim that he/she has completed his degree in Physics. If someone says that they have completed their degree in Physics, it means that they have completed either Master of Science (MSc) or Phd in Physics, which is not the case with Ravi Shankar. He has been fooling the public about it for decades making them to assume that he has an MSc or Phd from Bangalore University whereas in reality he is just a BSC that too with a disgraceful THIRD Class. Even this THIRD class was not obtained in the first attempt during the regular exams but in the supplementary exam. He has taken 3 1/2 years to complete this degree instead of 3 years which 95% of student’s do.

    I have seen several videos and websites which mentions that Ravi Shankar has advanced degree in Physics.

    AOL’s San Franscisco bay area’s website currently continues to mentions it as ” By the age of seventeen, he had obtained an Advanced Degree in Modern Physics.”

    It is a matter of shame for Ravi Shankar to be shown with this THIRD class B.Sc certificate, which clearly exposes the lie that RS/AOL has been propogating for decades.

    As pointed out by Bloggisatwa, BAWA may be exposing Ravi Shankar and slowly destroying him.

    • Doubt permalink
      July 11, 2012 1:53 pm

      Now I am convinced that SK kills analytical thinking ability. B&D have committed harakiri and have exposed HHSSRS as a dull student completing B.Sc in third class that too in suplemetary exams.

    • Anonymous permalink
      July 11, 2012 3:21 pm

      All the above being the case, I really wonder why he told me, and others, some years ago, that he never finished his schooling at all, but merely ‘dropped out’ to go join Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and that he never sat for his exams at all? He really did say this many times. The whole thing is very strange. Perhaps he was ashamed to admit he was third class, but not finishing is even worse.

    • Anoop permalink
      July 11, 2012 5:01 pm

      stamps marketing is funny !!

    • Hari permalink
      July 12, 2012 4:06 am

      let us see how quickly they fix these gloated claim of SSRS’ “advanced physics” degree on this website… that would tell us that the AOL is following this blog feverishly… LOL

  18. July 11, 2012 1:14 am

    Can someone be specific and tell us how much was the attorney fee that AOL ended up paying?

    • Mangal permalink
      July 14, 2012 5:26 pm

      ATTN obi-kwan !
      Can Skywalker answer this outstanding question with an estimate ?

      • VSS permalink
        July 15, 2012 4:59 am

        @ Obi-Wan,

        I don’t need to know how much Skywalker’s attorney’s fees was / is. It’s not about the amount. For those who wish to know, they can write to the attorney, and ask him what his fee usually is and calculate — based on the duration of litigation. I personally feel that Skywalker need not divulge more than he already has.

      • Original Observer permalink
        July 16, 2012 9:20 pm

        US$ 250,000, to be precise, to be paid to the defendants’ attorney. See In addition to this, they will have to take care of their own attorney fees.

      • Anonymous permalink
        July 17, 2012 6:35 am

        I have reproduced Original Observers comment on Kashi’s blog. Lets see if he approves it 🙂 …

        ” US$ 250,000, to be paid to the defendants’ attorney.

        And you are telling us that they did not win? You’ve got to be kidding me (and yourself).”

      • Anonymous permalink
        July 18, 2012 3:45 pm

        Obi-Wan, Suggest that you post the court docs requiring Art of Living to pay the Doe 10s attorney $250,000 IN BOLD PRINT. And keep it up at the top of posts so any Art of Living person visiting this blog will be sure to see it and be assured that they’ve been (again) lied to when told that it was a fallacy that the blogmasters won the case. $250,000 US is a lot of money. Too bad it certainly came from money thought to be going to charitable causes. Instead, it went to pay legal fees for Ravi Shankar and his cronies to try to shut down the truth about him and his. Please consider posting these docs front and center. Thanks.

  19. VSS permalink
    July 11, 2012 3:36 pm

    @ Bloggisatwa [July 11, 2012 12:37 am]

    I hear you. And, thank you for so many insights.

    Indeed, this is the BEST that they could do.

    Whatever their strategy is, it is to discredit bloggers — and they resort to all kinds of disgraceful tactics to achieve that.

    This approach is based on the belief that the truth does not prevail — and propaganda can effectively dilute the truth. I have been saying since the beginning that the Art of Living is about being cynical. They’re extremely cynical — they’re so sure that they can distort and mutilate the truth and get away with it, that they lie arrogantly.

    Further, we need to tune in to the pace of social evolution to be able to have the vision to know that the days of the Art of Living are numbered.

    Some of us find out the truth before society as a whole does — as is the case with all those who post on this blog finding out the truth about the Art of Living before the rest of the world. The same is the case with Indian journalists and others who are waking up to the unethical practices of Big Pharma.

    Society is progressing.

    Technological advancements are adding to the momentum of social evolution.

    So, the question is not about if the Art of Living will go down, the question is about when.

    No matter what B&D do, no matter what Mr. Kashi does, no matter what Mr. Ravi Shankar does, society will not stop evolving. Technological advancements will not stop adding to the momentum of social evolution.

    Today, there’s an article in the Indian Express — which is written by an advocate — who has written about blogging — but is clueless about Judge Koh’s radical order about why the anonymity of bloggers should be protected. The article is almost incoherent. It talks about defamation and how Google should reveal the name of bloggers whenever asked. But it also talks about the freedom of expression. The author sounds completely confused.

    These days, my ISP is blocking all blogspot sites. But, I’m able to use a software that enables me to read Klim’s blog through a proxy server. So, the Indian government thinks I can’t read Klim’s blog. An advocate who has written a really long article about bloggers, blogging and the law has no idea about the most radical order on blogging — made specifically to protect Skywalker’s identity — but one that now applies to everyone who blogs. Judge Koh said that revealing the identity of Skywalker would have “a chilling effect on the critics of Art of Living”.

    So, the question really is — how long will it take for at least advocates to find out what’s happening in the world? The day one advocate (who specializes in IT-related laws) finds out would be the day that all advocates find out — which basically means more people knowing the truth about the Art of Living — because they can’t know about the radical order without knowing precisely what the context was.

    What I’m trying to say is that society is on the brink of finding out. The moment one more section of the population finds out — whether its lawyers or journalists or some other section — the truth about AoL will be public knowledge. Even if nothing happens between now and the next general elections in 2014 — in 2014, Dig Vijay Singh will get after Mr. Ravi Shankar — because there’ll be a super war between the Congress and the BJP.

    As for Big Pharma, it’s already something that journalists have noticed — so — it won’t be too long before the issue becomes an issue.

    The way it works is — something affects the common man — some activists take it up — the media finds out — then the powers that be have to do something about it. When they don’t, they pay by being voted out of power — as is likely to happen in the case of the Congress. The truth always prevails.

    Now, imagine if you were B&D or Mr. Ravi Shankar or Mr. Kashi — and you saw that Skywalker won — Judge Koh actually protected his identity through a radical order — and before he froze his blog, another blog was in place — meaning this one — you would feel like the whole world had crashed.

    I think I was the 17th person to read this blog and at that time the “About” section was still under construction.

    So, suddenly, they had to brainstorm and come up with some kind of a response — especially because abuse is banned on this blog — and they can’t post here any more unless they refrain from being abusive and disrespectful.

    They were forced to change. They were forced to come up with answers. They were forced to lie. This change will trigger other changes. It’ll resound in the corridors of the Art of Living. It already is — I can tell from the number of hits on this blog.

  20. Anonymous permalink
    July 11, 2012 3:44 pm

    FYI — the link for B&D’s site posted above prompts our security software to not allow access as it is an infected/dangerous site. Blocks it outright (somewhat rare) Be aware if your security is not so good.

  21. Anonymous by choice permalink
    July 11, 2012 9:12 pm

    This Bawa & his YES!+ team are going to be the biggest Achilles’ heel for the AoL and SSRS. They are scheming, cunning, and control freak loudmouths who cannot help making a fool of themselves.

    In my limited interaction with the AoL organization and SSRS himself, I have found SSRS to be more reasonable than these dimwits who even resort to twisting their own master’s words for their own selfish gains.

    They seem to have some vice like grip on their master SSRS that he does not or cannot let them go or chide them in public for their rude and arrogant behaviour.

    Overall AoL meditations etc. are useful but minus the propaganda about Seva, Guru’s Grace and SSRS as the only Divinity etc.

    • VSS permalink
      July 12, 2012 9:22 am

      @ Anonymous by choice [July 11, 2012 9:12 pm]

      I don’t know if you’re consciously doing so, but you’re trying to project Mr. Ravi Shankar as a victim — which he is not.

      And, what exactly do you mean by AoL meditation ?

      What is the difference between AoL meditation and other meditation ?

      What, according to you, is meditation ?

      Did you not meditate before you joined AoL ?

      Do all human beings not meditate about various things irrespective of whether they are in AoL or not ?

      And, what do you mean when you say that Mr. Ravi Shankar is not “the only Divinity”?

      What proof do you have of his “Divinity” ?

      As far as I know, he has a third class in Science at the bachelor’s level which he falsely projects as an “advanced degree”, so he doesn’t know anything at all about the ethics of not lying about one’s educational qualifications — and he has no respect for Goddess Saraswati — so he can’t even be called a true Hindu.

      He is a mere mortal who has expertise in manipulating people psychologically for ulterior motives — and has an outfit called the Art of Living that has institutionalized psychological manipulation for ulterior motives — in the name of God — which is a shame.

      If you have evidence of the fact that he has stopped engaging in psychological manipulation for ulterior motives — and so has his organization — please share that at the earliest.

      Some of us have loved ones stranded in the Art of Living and are eagerly waiting for real reforms.

      • July 12, 2012 9:39 am


        “I don’t know if you’re consciously doing so, but you’re trying to project Mr. Ravi Shankar as a victim — which he is not.”

        Whether you like it or not, Anoymous by choice is providing his perspective on AoL – based on his experience. If he believes that Ravishankar is a victim here, then let him believe that. You don’t believe that is the case, then wouldn’t you hope that people would respect your beliefs here? But trying to force people to accept your point of view based on your experience isn’t going to help them. This is the key here. If you are trying to help people in any way, the best you can do here is to share your experience with others and let them decide what to make of it. This is the best any of us can do here. Telling them they are wrong in their beliefs is only going to make them not want to listen to what you have to say.

        And also whether you like it or not, many people – irrespective of what they believe about RS and about AoL – find benefit in some of the techniques and even in some of the knowledge propagated by RS and AoL. To coin an oft-used phrase which is very apt here, let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

      • VSS permalink
        July 12, 2012 12:23 pm

        @ Obi-Wan [July 12, 2012 9:39 am]

        I hear you. And, I hear you loud and clear. I stand by the content of my earlier comment. I shall attempt to paraphrase the same in order to explain what I meant.

        1. Definition of the term “victim”.

        — A person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action.

        — A person who is tricked or duped: “the victim of a hoax”.

        Based on these definitions, Mr. Ravi Shankar is not a victim. This is a fact. If it is not a fact, I would genuinely want to understand why this is not a fact as well as understand the evidence that supports the claim that this is not a fact.

        I’ll tell you my reason for thinking this is a fact. It was Mrs. Bhanumati who provided the certificate. She knew the purpose of the certificate. She could not have given the certificate to B&D without Mr. Ravi Shankar’s knowledge. Mr. Ravi Shankar had enough opportunity as well as time — to evaluate the potential impact of posting the scanned copy of the certificate.

        Therefore, the question that arises is — did they wrongly assess the damage that posting that certificate would cause?

        Yes. They have a history of wrongly assessing the impact of several things. Hence, circumstantial evidence points to the fact that because of misplaced confidence — yet again — they made a mistake. They have made many such mistakes while responding to these blogs.

        Secondly, it is obvious that a lot of damage was caused by IO’s post. So, they had to respond. Their post starts with saying something about how many people are asking questions about Mr. Ravi Shankar’s education.

        They came up with the wrong response. Like I said, as has been the case historically, they made a mistake. It looks like a collective mistake which involves not just B&D and Mr. Ravi Shankar but Mrs. Bhanumati as well.

        We can speculate about a rift between B&D and Mr. Ravi Shankar but right now the evidence clearly points to a collective mistake.

        I would like to see clear evidence to the contrary if it is available. I am interested in facts.

        2. Mediation

        It is a fact — that — in and of itself — meditation may have certain benefits — independent of Mr. Ravi Shankar and AoL. So, to suggest that AoL meditation has benefits that meditation does not, we need evidence. I’d like to see the evidence if it is available as I am interested in the truth.

        3. Knowledge

        The “knowledge” that is available in AoL and has value is derived from other sources. (Ref: Evidence presented by Skywalker’s lawyer)

        If there is any “original knowledge” that Mr. Ravi Shankar has presented to the world, I would like to see evidence. Yet again, I am interested in the truth.

        4. Helping others

        Only the truth can empower. I am a mere mortal who can simply state the truth as I know it. If my choice of words was inappropriate, I apologize profusely and empower you to edit / delete my posts at will. This is your blog and I’d like to be the last person to post anything that you consider inappropriate for any reason. I offer my sincerest apologies to “Anonymous by choice” as well. If there’s a problem with the choice of words, I’m truly sorry. From my perspective, my response was completely issue-based. That’s the reason why I said at the outset that it wasn’t clear to me if the assertions in the comment were made “consciously” or not. If it’s about the content of what I said, then I stand by everything that I’ve said.

      • July 12, 2012 2:28 pm

        @VSS much better that you’ve explained your point of view fully here. I was just more concerned about the way you expressed it on the original comment.

        With respect to your explanation, I’ll answer that in my response to Blogisattwa’s post.

      • Anonymous permalink
        July 12, 2012 2:01 pm

        I really feel that RS is indeed a victim – a victim of his own mind, a victim of his own sense of grandeur, a victim of the status that he has created for himself.
        I read the article – Eaten up by your own mind

        RS might have thought that the author would be eaten up by his own mind but I think it is RS who is being eaten up by his own mind and hence all his followers.

        I myself have experienced this. When I was doing the practice and in touch with AOL I was stuck in the sense of grandeur (i think I was a victim then) for the longest and it took someone outside AOL to get me out of that state. I was not acting myself. I was never like that before I joined AOL and I am not like that now and I never want to be.

      • VSS permalink
        July 12, 2012 4:22 pm

        @ Anonymous [July 12, 2012 2:01 pm]

        I completely agree with your deployment of the word “victim” because you’re saying that Mr. Ravi Shankar is “a victim of his own mind”.

        What I was referring to was the use of the word “victim” in the context of Mr. Ravi Shankar being a victim of B&D’s recent actions — such as the posting of a scanned copy of his graduation certificate / degree.

  22. Hari permalink
    July 12, 2012 4:02 am

    @ Bloggisatwa
    Your analysis of AOL is the most incisive that I have come across on this blog… plz keep up the good work… by the way, you sound like a lawyer!

  23. Hari permalink
    July 12, 2012 4:16 am it looks like there is a twist in the tale… it says that SSRS could not take the exams in April as his mom was sick at that time and therefore took it in October 1974… well, well, well, looks like there is lot of thought put into fabricating whatever that might make sense… even if that is true, i am curious to know about the vedic literature degree that he got… being a dull student at college, I wonder if he managed to do two gegrees at the same time

  24. VSS permalink
    July 12, 2012 5:58 am

    @ anyone who is reading

    As I’ve mentioned earlier — for me — the main post on this page raises several issues.




    This post is about the fourth issue.


    The problem with B&D is that they don’t know anything about anything but they have so much arrogance that they make all sorts of horrendous claims.

    There is a difference between a blog where people share their torturous experiences with the Art of Living and a space for creative writing.

    Foolish people who have wasted every capacity to think (read: B&D), here are some links for you where you can find samples of creative writing:

    If you can’t tell the difference between the aforementioned sites and these blogs that critique the Art of Living, then please stop practicing SK asap. It’s destroying you. And, for God’s sake, please stop getting confused and confusing other people. Try to do some justice to your IIT education and at least make some sense. It’s a request.

    Foolish, stupid and idiotic ideas won’t take you anywhere. People are very smart. You assume that they have no innate intelligence but they do. And, you do too — except that you haven’t learnt to use it for any constructive purpose yet.

    Kindly reflect. Kindly introspect. Kindly read. Kindly learn.

    And, kindly stop acting like bullies because it’s very obvious that you’re acting like bullies with hurt egos.

    The least you can do is try and be a little subtle by being slightly less foolish, slightly less stupid and slightly less idiotic.

    Don’t you think it’s time you tried to show some class?

    Do you have to be pathetic till the end of time?

    The Vedas don’t say you have to be — so why don’t you follow the Vedas — for a change? Do something positive just once in your life — seriously.

    Learn to take criticism in your stride and learn to use it to initiate and facilitate reforms within AoL — instead of throwing tantrums like brats — you only end up looking dumb.

    Grow up.

    You’ve already proved to all of us that you’re super schmucks.

    Why don’t you try something else — such as not being — super schmucks?

  25. Anonymous permalink
    July 12, 2012 10:05 am

    Latest money making scheme(scam) 9 by Bawa and Dinesh to learn cookery for two days at the ashram for Rs 5250.
    Fleecing is the right word….

    • Anonymous permalink
      July 12, 2012 5:10 pm

      Ya saw that, but if there are people who are willing to pay for such a course – why not? After all B&D also have a family to take care of 🙂 They too have desires and needs. It all needs money. So this is pure business. They are offering a course and there are people willing to pay for it.

      • VSS permalink
        July 12, 2012 6:13 pm

        @ Anonymous [July 12, 2012 5:10 pm]

        Indeed. People are willing to pay for this course as well as for other courses. That’s really at the core of it all — the willingness of people to pay. The question really is — how long will this phase of “willingness” last? When will people deploy google before enrolling for anything to do with AoL (including to do with B&D) — reach these blogs — and decide not to — because they will see that AoL is nothing but “pure business”? When will your comment reach people before AoL or B&D reach them? Next year? The year after that? Who knows. What we do know is that we’ll be one of the first to find out because we’re already one of the first to find out it’s “pure business”.

      • Anonymous permalink
        July 13, 2012 4:11 am

        the new Toyota car and the stay at resorts in Goa during TEDx talks all require money no?

      • Anonymous permalink
        July 13, 2012 7:16 am

        hey, they bought a fancy Toyota recently didn’t they? and the stays in beach resorts in Goa and the lunch at Sanjeevanam in Chennai and other similar places ought to have put a hole in anyone who is extravagant… someone gotta cough up money to pay these lavish duo

  26. VSS permalink
    July 13, 2012 6:54 am

    Adding to the what I’ve said in the following comment:

    5. HITS

    While the number of hits do have a role to play in making these blogs pop up when someone Googles “Art of Living”, what also has a role to play is the content and its currency.

    For instance, the Art of Living posts content on its web site quite frequently. However, in these blogs, comments are posted all day.

    Google’s software picks this up.

    What I’m saying is that the currency of content has a pretty significant role to play. So, if B&D tell people not to read these blogs (though obviously people will not be ordered about in this manner), and people listen, even then, because of the pace at which comments are posted on this blog, this blog will have more currency than the Art of Living web site. Hence, it’ll pop up in a Google search (especially if the content in this blog is tagged correctly / accurately).

    The following are some of the key factors that play a role:

    A. currency of content

    B. hits

    C. tags

    D. the number of times the art of living is mentioned in a post and in comments

    E. the number of times mr. ravi shankar is mentioned in a post and in comments

    If B&D were attempting to launch some sort of a campaign against these blogs, then — yet again — they did a very poor job of explaining / listing the factors involved.

    I’m astounded by how little they know about everything — from Hinduism to Google to human psychology — and — of course — human rights — for the most important part in all of this is — that everyone has the right to read what they wish and determine for themselves if they wish to continue reading these blogs or not. It’s something that each individual who is reading has the right to decide — B&D do not have the right to decide what devotees can or cannot read. They can try preventing devotees from reading these blogs as frequently as they wish — their fascist efforts will only have the opposite effect.

  27. Hari permalink
    July 13, 2012 7:22 am

    off topic there, yet found it interesting to post – is a wallpaper of the world cultural festival in Berlin last year… and it shows the crowd in the gallery in the backdrop… clearly showing that the gallery was not even half-full… which AOLites drummed up to be a packed/sold-out event… EPIC FAIL

  28. VSS permalink
    July 14, 2012 8:06 am

    @ The Doctor [July 14, 2012 6:34 am]

    Brilliantly said. The repeated assertion of the truth in these blogs is having its effect on everyone connected with AoL — including Dr. Peter.

    And, it’s great to hear from you again — thank you especially for making the colossal effort of tagging all of Dr. Peter’s comments for the benefit of current and future readers of Skywalker’s blog. It is shocking to see the sheer number of IDs he used and how he lied throughout — and — how he attempted to play the victim towards the end.

    He cannot delay learning from his mistakes interminably — no one can.

    • Fred the Wonder Dog permalink
      February 19, 2013 10:05 pm

      Yes, I’m glad that scoundrel Dr. Peter was found out! He lied so much he came full back around and was telling the truth again! He recently told me that he has renounced all his previous statements and is now working full-time as a plumber in Mumbai. He is presently starting his own spiritual movement and will gladly accept new disciples from this blog. Cost of deeksha is a mere $108 for a limited time only!

  29. Dnyandeep permalink
    February 10, 2013 3:29 am

    Dear All Readers,
    I feel Sorry for all those who refrained themselves from Greatest benefits of Sudarshan Kriya because of reading self experience of some morons…Here i give you the evidence that how Sudarshan kriya works wonders in various health ailments…all researches are carried out by Doctors n scientists not some morons…
    Plz follow this link for details..;year=2013;volume=6;issue=1;spage=4;epage=10;aulast=Zope

    • abc permalink
      February 11, 2013 10:38 pm

      Hi Dyandeep ,

      I do not say sudarshan kriya is bad.
      It may relax your mind,calm you down and so on …No doubt!

      All I want to know is since you are an ambassador for this kriya,and do it regularly you should be calm, quite if not enligntened !
      Tell me did’t you find a better word to use than the word “Morons”.
      If i understand correctly ‘Moron’ is a offensive term ,correct me if I am wrong.
      since you do the kriya regularly ,why have you not got rid of your impatience and
      anger against those who question you method?

    • Guru-ouch permalink
      February 12, 2013 9:21 am

      Dear Dnyadeep,
      Are you aware of who publishes and what get published in journals? Are you aware of journal impact factor? Even “cooked up” data gets published in reputed journals and there have been several instances when such data gets reported. I guess you think that anything on print to be true, especially if its in a journal article. Even papers that gets published in Nature or Science is many a time hypothetically there and does not come across as “THE FACT”. What to do with your ignorance and calling everyone else here in this forum as morons? Not to demean anybody, but, “Department of Periodontology, Maharashtra Institute of Dental Science and Research, Vishvnathpuram, Latur, India” is not Harvard Medical School, that, everyone should just fall in line assuming that its the Ultimatum 😉

  30. Dayalu permalink
    February 11, 2013 2:46 pm


    This study has been discussed many times in the past in Skywalker’s blog. Dr Janakiramaiah from NIMHANS who is one of the primary researches who published this paper has himself said that the results are preliminary and more research needs to be done before these benefits can be established. Dr Vinoda Kochupillai the other main reseacher from AIIMS has admitted that many subjects develop
    hypertension after the commencement of Sudarshan Kriya practice. So all in all, it has been established that this study doesn’t prove anything. A decade ago, AOL used to use this as promotional material, but soon they realized that it cannot stand ground in front of independent researchers or experts in the field and they were shooting themselves in the foot. So they stopped using this publicly, but continue to use it for brainwashing among devotees.

  31. Anonymous permalink
    February 11, 2013 9:33 pm

    the hype aol creates about itself and its so called god guru is obnoxious and misleading.making a fool out of thousands of people especially innocent young children is inexcusable.sudarshan kriya is some technique compiled from various other yoga techniques and wonderfully compiled into one.i am really sorry for being part of aol and claiming to people even my parents that sri sri is god.this brainwashing and completely magical stories make children loose their way of reality and into a quagmire even i thought of leaving my life and becoming an aol is psychologically disruptive for people who belive sri sri is god.this is the biggest fraud and sin i can think of other things like money orientedness can be overlooked.some teachers in dsn course exhibit bad behavior i would like to point that out to aol guys the only thing i enjoyed on bawas couse was the way he was scolded by a random person and threatening to call the police if the noise did not stop it was amusing to watch bawas face no offense bawa but its hard to like you. i pray that aol mends its ways things go against them.though i congratulate them to bring ancient wisdom which is not their copyright to the masses and even out of india

    • John Galt permalink
      February 20, 2013 3:24 pm

      Rudeness and uncouth behaviour seems to be the norm for DSN teachers. While going through these blogs, I am surprised that no one has commented upon Mr Anand Rajendran. who was my DSN teacher. During the course he never smiled, turned one old man out of the course for asking an innocous question, threatened to leave the course 3-4 imes etc..He was “I, Me and I”. Telling us stories of 5-7 star hotels and helicopters sent by RS. He showed on video extolling his own super human qualities. One particular comments needs mention “RS has given two things to the world; one is SK and other is Anand Rajendran”. The worst was asking for donations in a very unethical way.

  32. Govind Late permalink
    February 15, 2013 3:26 am

    This is great thoughts about lives

  33. Govind Late permalink
    February 20, 2013 1:01 pm

    its so good

  34. Can't believe I hated myself and my life so much permalink
    March 2, 2013 10:29 am

    fuck! I thought was I was taking better drugs doing kriya…now I feel like sucha loser…
    I really hope my body and brain can recover from the damage if possible..
    this is a serious menace
    and the governments are taking part in it…honouring it and all
    all humanity is doomed, more than ever before

  35. MoreIntelligentThanYou permalink
    March 6, 2013 3:42 pm

    I do not know much about Art of Living, but your blog had very much opened my eyes that you’re a lifeless person with no life, just sucking a group of people who ain’t harming you or whatev … Just get out and get some life dude!! Huh, there are other topics too to discuss… If you care much about soceity, go ahead and do something constructive for the soceity ‘Sir’/’Ma’am’

    • Dayalu permalink
      March 6, 2013 7:24 pm

      MoreIntelligentThanYou, you have admitted that you don’t know anything about Art of Living. If that is true your comment here is worthless. When you don’t know what you’re talking about don’t you think it is better to shut up.

    • freeOne permalink
      March 7, 2013 6:53 pm

      Right, it makes perfect sense you are more intelligent, still you just get so upset even though you don’t know much about Art of living or just another “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

  36. MoreIntelligentThanYou permalink
    March 8, 2013 5:28 pm

    Haha, dude m a psychologist and I know AoL much better than you because I’ve their satsangs which are open to all
    Naah, more interesting is that your ego got sky rocketed after reading it 😛 😛 That’s what I wanted!

  37. MoreIntelligentThanYou permalink
    March 8, 2013 5:30 pm

    Dayalu, your name doesn’t match your characteristics.. Dare to reveal yourself on YouTube or your real name dude, if you have that much courage.. Let it be open naah,. For now, it seems you folks are wolves hidden somewhere, I guess (Yes, I twisted your buddy’s phrase!)

    • Dayalu permalink
      March 11, 2013 4:56 pm

      “Dayalu, your name doesn’t match your characteristics”
      Oh yeah! You’re making that judgement based on my opinion of AOL. That doesn’t seem very intelligent. Obviously YOUR name doesn’t match YOUR charecteristics.

      “Dare to reveal yourself…..”
      Really!! Hasn’t this been discussed a zillion times already in these blogs? Oh I forgot AOL folks lose their reading and listening comprehensions pretty quick. After all, they are used to nodding their heads to “knowledge tapes” like RS’ Ashtavakra Geeta and after snoozing throughout they wake up and exclaim “So Amazing!!”.

      You brag about being a psychiatrist. Haven’t you heard RS making fun of psychology and psychiatry yet? Assuming you’re telling the truth, you just proved that psychiatrist are as vulnerable to brainwashing as every one else.

  38. MoreIntelligentThanYou permalink
    March 8, 2013 5:40 pm

    Lesson of the day: Never dare to take “panga” with psychiatrists 🙂 They can reveal your true “self” 😛

  39. MoreIntelligentThanYou permalink
    March 9, 2013 8:44 pm

    So you didn’t moderate mine, huh! I just crashed your Ego dude

    • anon permalink
      March 12, 2013 11:05 am

      `MoreIntelligentThanYou’ – that is what you call your self. Must say how humble you are – being a psychiatrist!

    • Anon permalink
      March 12, 2013 3:07 pm

      1) ” I do not know much about Art of Living, but your blog had very much opened my eyes that you’re a lifeless person with no life, just sucking a group of people who ain’t harming you or whatev … ”

      2) “Haha, dude m a psychologist and I know AoL much better than you because I’ve their satsangs which are open to all”

      3) “Lesson of the day: Never dare to take “panga” with psychiatrists 🙂 They can reveal your true “self”

      Dear Mr.MoreIntelligent,

      Kindly explain the amusing inconsistencies of your statements :

      As per statement no 1, you deny having much knowledge about AOL. However you differ in statement no 2 saying that you know a lot about AOL ( by just attending some satsangs) as compared to those who have actually dedicated much of their time, energy, faith and devotion to SSRS/AOL

      Please be clear about who you are professionally – PSYCHOLOGIST/PSYCHIATRIST.
      I hope you are aware of the difference. If not, it is high time you wake up and smell the morning coffee ( or some DIVINE BED-TEA)

      Overall your choice of words, language and views dont convey the attitude of a grounded, insightful PSYCHOLOGIST/PSYCHIATRIST(if at all you are one of the two)

      You come across as yet another striking example of a typical AOLite- prejudiced, high-handed, arrogant and above all INCONSISTENT IN MAKING FACTUAL STATEMENTS.

      You are more than welcome to take shots at us. In fact your posts effectively reveal how AOL brainwashing eventually distorts an individual’s rational thought process
      So please do keep writing in this blog. Its a pleasure to have you onboard 🙂

      • abc permalink
        March 12, 2013 3:47 pm

        awsome answer anon
        are u a PSYCHOLOGIST/PSYCHIATRIST plus somethin called a lawyer?

    • Anonymous permalink
      March 16, 2013 12:40 pm

      Newly married into the AOL fold, are you, Ms. More Intelligent? LOL Sooo Intelligent. Psychologist/Psychiatrist LOL ROF!! Maybe your new husband can teach you something with discipline? Ask him. 😉 I know who you are.

  40. Anon permalink
    March 13, 2013 2:30 pm

    Dear abc,

    I sincerely thank you for appreciating my thoughts.
    I am not a psychologist/psychiatrist/lawyer.

    I am an ordinary individual whose personal life has been affected by this brain messing, dollar sucking business of AOL.

    I am glad to be on this platform with all you fellow bloggers and take a firm stand against this shallow, deceptive organisation.

    • abc permalink
      March 15, 2013 2:55 pm

      Thanks for your reply Anon

      whosoever you are , you surely are very down to earth .
      Losing someone like you is a loss to AOL.



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