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The beginnings of the many fabrications

July 22, 2012

This started off as a comment in response to Anonymous post and link….and then when I realised how long it was…I decided to make this a separate post. Also, I felt that keeping this as a comment under the previous post would dilute the effort of the previous post (
which is very specific in driving the readers attention to Money Manipulation at AOL.

Below is the video that being discussed in this post.

I watched it…….Very fascinating. Thanks Anonymous for posting. More folks please record it before they take it down.

Did Banu go to School at the age of 2 ?

Minute : 05:10 onwards…..Watch with attention

Ravi : 3 years
Banu : 2 years

Storyline :

Mum made tasty Jelaibi. Banu wanting Jelaibi, Ravi wanting to offer it to the divine first. Pithaji and mum witnessing all this. Ravi takes an inordinate amount of time to do his divine offerings. Banu was impatient. After a few minutes she interrupted Ravi and said that God will not come today. Why? asked Ravi. Banu says that Sunday is a holiday for all. How do you know ? My teacher told me. And Ravi knows, the teacher cannot be questioned. Banu has the authority as she is one that listened to the teacher who BTW has ultimate authority. (Minute 6:06 to 06:12). All these are subtle plants…”Inceptions”

Some interesting questions emerge.

Banu had a teacher when she was just 2 years old. So, was she in school ? Nope, too young. Must have been a private tutor. But they were a poor family no ?…and private tutor at 2 years ? What was the rush to put her in school so early ? And Ravi had no teachers / private tutors and he was 3 ? If Ravi had teachers, they never told him Sunday is a Holiday.

And this subtle…slip it in remark and mind bending plant…..“The teacher has ultimate authority”…..And the fact that Banu has had power over the proceedings since she was 2 !!!!!

Many times implying that you are not supposed to ever  question your teacher. Teacher = Authority

Watch the Fibbometer needle go round and round

Lets go to minute 11:56 :

Story line :

1) We sent him to a traditional school
(No names, no addresses….Traditional school….totally subject to the interpretation of the reader)
2) He was around 4 when that happened. So Ravi had his 1st teacher 2 years AFTER Banu ?. Why ? She was a Lady, a retired headmaster. Retired headmaster is not the term you use for a Gurukul head.  But, she is supposed to have done a traditional Hindu pooja. So, what are we getting at ? It is not a regular school. Its not a Gurukul. Its traditional. Here I sense it was actually supposed to mean ORDINARY school. But traditional sounds better. How can we admit that Ravi was a 3rd class student in regular schools. Anything can be interpreted anyway. But remember, we do not believe in presenting FACTS. We might even give you fabricated  specifics. Such as the lady’s name, or the schools name, after all it was his first teacher / head mistress  she would be proud no …to be associated with NOW the great SSRS.? Especially, since she was the 1st live person to hear him recite the Bhagavad Gita and OFFICIALLY recognized his divinity . It would have been nice to know her name. As soon as she heard Ravi recite the next few sentences of the BG, she left everything and came running to Ravi’s house (She knew where the house was,and she also knew that both parents would be at home…was it a Sunday ?). Afterall in 1960 there probably were not too many cars/scooters and that too for retired school teachers and no cell phones either. Yes, she had to come running….I understand…no problem there. And, in her excitement, she left all the other kids behind in the “traditional school” and ran  to pay immediate homage to Ravi’s parents. Yup, a very responsible teacher. I get it. Then, pitaji, told the teacher, do not be surprised and just carry on with your work. We don’t know what she did after she had that INSTRUCTION from pitaji …did she go back to school ? And pray, why did she not bring Ravi with her. If I were her and I suddenly had this divine child with me reciting the Gita, I would take the child with me. Oh…maybe the teacher realising that divinity incarnate was already in the room, ..asked Ravi to take over the class on her behalf while she ran to his house to report divine intervention….yeah…that is probably it.

If I (or most people) were her, we would have also done another thing….check if the child could recite the WHOLE Gita. That might have taken quite some time though. That may have stopped me from running to the house early.

Min 12:50 : At the age of 14 he became a Phd in Science and veda !!!!

At the age of 9 he “read” Rig Veda.

So, was it the same school where he joined…a Traditional School…which issued PhDs at 14 ?.

Min 13:36 : Misery is camouflaged happiness. Really ? My dear children, please listen to me, as your BIG DADDY…I declare ….that if you are miserable don’t worry, you are actually happy.

Outrageous Claims – Mixing Falsity with Fantasy

Min: 13:48 onwards for the next 10-15 seconds
As a young boy he was admitted to the 1st standard (above he says 4 years is when he went to a traditional school). So now at age 4 ? (is it ?) that Ravi is admitted to the 1st standard. Within the 1st hour the class teacher (again leaving behind all the other children)…comes running to BIG DADDY and says …”You son is too intelligent to be in my class”…I would like to promote him to the 2nd standard. After all the house was close by and this class teacher also knows where the house was. very nice.

And irrespective of all the other issues of the 1st day in the class, all the other students and so on,
The understanding here is that the teacher actually had the time, inclination, awareness, knowledge, insight, greatness, and a sense of great urgency and the AUTHORITY to INSTANTLY promote young Ravi to the next class. Oh my God !, it would be a great injustice to this world to keep this divine child in school 1 minute more then necessary. After all there are many people all over the world waiting for him. If we keep him in school, how can he reach out to all of them. ?  

Otherwise, why else would anyone come running…..and look at Pitaji’s body language (he shows folded hands) when he says the teacher came to me (why do I sense its a male teacher this time, though its not explicitly stated so…also the teacher addresses pitaji as “Saar” a definite sign of subservience…tells you what he has been fantasizing on….).

Within the next hour the 2nd standard teacher came running and the same thing happened. Now 4 year old young Ravi is in the 3rd standard.

Within the next 1 hour the similar thing happens and young 4 year old Ravi is now in the 4th standard. Listen carefully to min : 14:20…..

Within a course of 3 hours he was promoted 3 times.

Maybe IO was wrong, this does explain how he graduated at 17. He must have got his PhD before he graduated that is all. This is the best possible explanation I can think off. According to this video Since he already had a PhD in Vedas and science when he was 14, whats the big deal if you claim that as a part of your graduation at 17 (or 19.5 years as per the cert)….

Arrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………What is which ? And which is what ????????

“All these teachers/people/public coming running to me and reporting to me about my son”

are factions of a strong imagination where you are living vicariously the life of a stately Indian Monarch of the bygone historical times. The tutors of your son the only prince behave with you the way the teachers of the then traditional Schools may have behaved. Like Vashishta / Vishwamitra and others. There are many many Indian fables and Chandamaama tales that talk about stories like this. Yeah, that is what this is comical.

Look at the entire positioning :- Ravi and Banu were wise right from their childhood. so, we should listen to them.

Min 11:05 His full name was Ravishankar Narayanan but it got shortened because of passport regulations. Really ? How come this did not apply when he applied the extra Sri ?

Min 11:50 “And also, One more thing was….look at the body language, the swallowing, the pause….

What can I say people…what can I say…..

Positioning himself at the centre of the Universe

This is a smart Snake oil salesman. I was feeling this right from the beginning…..a talented story teller for a blind unthinking audience. looks like it never started with SriSri….it actually all started with the BIG DADDY…..

If you look some subtle messaging again

Can I meditate too dad ? asks young Ravi

Look at what is behind it…..

1. Dad was already  a meditator (and we are talking about the 1950s here). I initiated Ravi to his greatness.

2. Clearly the big name in the late 50s and 60s was Mahesh.

3. So did dad influence Ravi’s career and ask him to TRAVEL with Mahesh

4. Chances are that many of these double/triple promotion stories loosely thrown out prior to this video. Since it was already freely floating around on his educational CV….is that why with some hesitation, he continued the same projection on BBC TV ?

5. Did young Ravi even have a chance.? Or before he could realise the REAL importance of integrity he was already caught in the web of deceit ?…And  the inertia just continued. Still, when you know that so many people blindly love you and unconditionally so…..One still had the option to come clean and stop all this fabrication at one point…..No matter what the consequences were. Or did he just copy dad…..knowingly or unknowingly.

No basis at all

These stories being spun on the childhood days…give you an indication of the very shaky grounds on which all these myths are being built and fabricated.  They absolutely do not hold any water. Look very carefully at the grooming and culture cultivated over the years, the looks, the garb, the tilak……the Jai Guru Dev’s.

First Impressions may mislead

In certain situations the first impressions matter and play a great role….you would look at them and feel like they are nothing but a pious south Indian family. Shows us how we all fall prey to our own stereo types.  We all judge…and we all fall for the looks. Even more funny  is the fact that I used to sit and eagerly listen to all these guru stories and lap them up with my mouth open and feeling  quite thrilled about the whole thing…and not only that, at that time I used to feel a sense of great belonging to a family that was

Divine, charity conscious, truth seeking / teaching, pretty trendy……and so famous !!!…even being considered for the NPP. I had personal access to all of them. WOW factor in my life. Was that my way of telling the world that I too had arrived ??? Our egos and fantasies also drive us to these situations.

Today, I think of them….and I feel sad….so much lies, so much manipulation…..was it ever necessary. Why ? What did it get you ? Was there ever any greatness in this at all…at anytime ?…Or was it just stories I built for myself ?

Scammed ?

Listening to Pitaji exalt and fabricate stuff in this video…..I realise  I was scammed….totally and completely….hook line and sinker. And these days whenever I hear anything from/by this 1st family…by in a cultivated habit I also immediately contemplate the possibility of the exact opposite of what they are describing/claiming. Helps keep my sanity at check. And mostly it adds up. Not much has changed since the early days in terms of modus operandi.

This is seriously comical in other ways. I am thinking to myself, at least I figured it out. Though I was caught up in their game for over 10 years.  What is even more comical …is that there are millions of others who are in AOL, who have this blog  to perhaps effect a reality check on their own doubts…..but they cannot visit this blog…

“Their Saadhana might get compromised” !!!!!!

Its quite sad that much of the Indian youth have lost their critical awareness and thinking. Critical thinking is vital IF you want to base your journey on some  values that work well. (for eg, truth over money or power or even friendship, non-exploitation, informed choice, integrity at work and play, caring for the weak…..the list goes on). To hold such values intact and  to make the right choices for yourself critical thinking is vital. So, without these values in your system you do not find the need for critical thinking. Thus to me this very aspect alone  demonstrates the declining …even non-existent leadership we are facing  (social, economic, Industrial, sports, scientific and political….in fact mostly all fields…).

A renaissance like period is needed. Young Indians need to adapt and change culturally. For that to happen, a great need has to be created. In the current framework, I do not see it happening normally through the prevailing social /  education system…ie things done deliberately out of clear choice and free will. If it has to happen, existence will have to manufacture such events for us where its like a wake up call. Hmmm….maybe she is indeed brewing up some stuff for us…..”Releasing soon to your own personal theatre”…. for your enjoyment she says.

  1. VSS permalink
    July 23, 2012 7:09 am

    @ bloggisatwa,

    In the event that you’d like to know what I have to say about this post, please visit the following link:

  2. Prakash permalink
    July 23, 2012 9:12 am

    I remember at the time of NPP madness, AoL spin masters used to promote name of one Mr. Chaturvedi as SSRS’ primary teacher because Mr. Chaturvedi was somehow connected with Gandhian movement. Since it suited NPP lobbying, Mr. Chaturvedi was promptly elevated from a Gandhian activist to an important collaborator of Gandhiji.

  3. stupidseeker permalink
    July 23, 2012 3:03 pm

    The scientific community was excited over the experiments that have said to have revealed the existence of an elementary particle called the Higgs Boson particle or the “God particle”.

    Seems it turned out that those well versed in vedanta or deep meditation are already familiar with the same. Here HHSSRS points out to the scientific community that instead of spending millions of dollars in investigating into the phenomena all they should have done was study the vedanta and do some “deep meditation” and nature would reveal all her secrets to them. No wonder HHSSRS got his PhD. in science as well as vedic science.

    So now Sri Sri please go into your deep meditation and find a cure for Tuberculosis and cancer. Shouldn’t be difficult given that you were so familiar with the Higgs Boson thanks to the vedanta and your deep meditation, before the scientists revealed its existence.

  4. stupidseeker permalink
    July 24, 2012 5:57 am


    And that was not the only occasion that you erred. You also err on taking the discussion forward on the basis of your personal values on what Hinduism should be or not.Here’s what some Hindus have been trying to do to show that the ancient Hindu texts were actually books of science. Now go figure whether they make “true” or “false” Hindus.

    • stupidseeker permalink
      July 24, 2012 9:41 am


      Do you mean all bilateral dialogue or just between VSS and me ??

    • Guest permalink
      July 27, 2012 9:57 pm

      A very detailed article. But what exactly is objective reality according to Meera Nanda? Is industrialisation a confirmation of accepting objective reality? Is everything ever invented or discovered in India merely humbug? Her viewpoint seems like a communist viewpoint — these rational arguments are as tempting as the spiritual arguments — except at the end of the argument, you find they have really said nothing, nor have they added any value to help you identify what it is you need to do to live a better and more fulfilled life.

  5. stupidseeker permalink
    July 24, 2012 3:18 pm


    You never complained to the moderator even when Harshal was at his abusive best. In fact you claimed you would pray to God to grant Harshal peace of mind.

    Now when someone complained about the length of your your posts or if someone disagrees with you on whether or not RS is a Hindu or not, you shoot off a missive to the blog moderator to the effect:

    “””Could you please clarify if this is an atheists only blog where Hindus who believe in humane values (and not in dogma) will be abused and labeled “sugar-coated bigots”?

    I thought this blog was about critical perspectives on AoL and Mr. Ravi Shankar and for critiquing Hinduism logically with regard to Mr. Ravi Shankar as clarified in a recent comment.””

    Never did you use this kind of language when Harshal went to the extent of calling you someone suffering from BBS.

    And here when someone referred to you as a bigot, you question the very integrity of the moderators thus :

    “”However, it’s becoming a place where abuse takes place — on various grounds. Soon there will be no difference between AoL and this blog.”””

    So it emerges that you being called BBS does not count as abuse, but someone commenting on the length of you post or calling you a bigot does :

    “””In AoL, abuse takes place in the name of religion, in the name of “leela”, in the name of “testing devotees”. Here, it’s taking place in the name of “length of comments” and “atheism”.

    Is this blog meant as a space for healing only for those who have turned into atheists after being in AoL ?””

    First you posted a comment on your blog on why you thought RS is not a Hindu. When I posted my objections, you deleted them all, and then declared them to be anti humanity and anti peace and of inappropriate tone even though my posts were devoid of words such as “idiot”, “idiocy” and “super schmucks”, all of which you took the liberty of using when at your oratorical best.

    Then you commented on a video that I posted above and followed that up by telling me that I should post nothing in refutation. So, yes, that would make you a bigot.

    And now your diatribe against the moderators, who let you post freely without, hindrance for so much time.

    Just one doubt VSS. Are we the “abusers”, better or worse than Harshal, when it comes to “abusing”, as you put it ??

    • VSS permalink
      July 24, 2012 5:07 pm

      Wrong about Harshal. Wrong about Mr. Ravi Shankar. Wrong about abuse.

      Ask The Doctor about Harshal. Ask him why he stopped allowing Harsha’s abusive posts.

      As for Mr. Ravi Shankar, based on all available evidence, he is nothing but a con.

      A con believes in no religion except conning. Nothing you say can change that.

      And, abuse is abuse. It’s unacceptable and it ought to be unacceptable to any human.

      So, please stop being abusive. Enough is enough.

      • bloggisatwa permalink
        July 25, 2012 3:13 am

        Dear All,

        Kindly consider the following observations/requests and see if it works for you….

        1. We should all feel free to dissect the message. However, please remember, no matter how well you know the person, pointing a finger at the messenger will always be an incomplete thingie. Is it really required ? And out here, on this blog, we hardly know each other and the prior experience / feelings / emotions each of us brings to the party. So, how much ever we may feel we are right, we would still be incomplete in our analysis.

        2. Our message should please be relevant and interesting to a majority of the visitors to this blog and not to a few named people only.

        3. We can agree to disagree on the content. And we can do it nicely. We do not have to accuse another unless its really really necessary. And this is when the moderators would need to be involved..if at all.

        4. Finally, abuses / insults / victimization can happen only if we allow it. If for any reason a comment hurts…for most parts there may some element of truth to it. Lets take only that small element as relevant feedback to ourselves and forget the rest.

        As an example, if you are a normal, physically well endowed human and someone called you “lame”. That comment would hardly hurt us…let alone bother us. We would simply ignore that accusation/comment (Within ourselves, we would smile and say..”my God, the guy is totally blind or has lost it altogether and get on with our lives). Unless, when you were in your 1st standard ….in a traditional school….your classmates ragged you and had called you a lame kid. If that early doubt was in our minds that would surface again and we will take objection at this time…and may potentially retaliate or retreat into our caves.

        Hence if we are feeling victimised, angry or hurt…..whether the other person is partially right, right or fully wrong…..the best place would be to look inwards. There are so many clues that we would get that will empower us. if you are not hurt or victimised, there is no issue anyways.

        5. Our posts and comments here seem to have a very macho element to them. None of us is really writing about how we feel about things. We camouflage our feelings of rejection, insecurity, being insulted, being hurt and so on with LOGIC and WORDS and some attempted communication that is all from our heads. This is all well. However, in the process of dissecting the writer’s words, we are sometimes dissecting the person. That would hurt.

        6. Since I said the above……..I want to start off by sharing what I sometimes feel….

        When I read these 1 on 1 person to person comments hitting on each other….it pains and hurts me. It makes me question what I/we have become. As a team, as a blog, we wish to offer healing and solace to many questioning/confused visitors that come here so seek help. In our current state we are not offering solace or strength. Just debate, that too not very relevant to the majority.

        The reason I feel the pain is because it reminds me of some of my own behavior in the past when I have been an ass. Not my proudest moments. I am able to relate it from all the sides. I remember at times being the recipient of abuse (just a label) and I also remember having been the abuser at certain other times. Both memories bring shudders in my body when I think of them now. However, it was all a passing phase in my journey. With much introspection, I have learnt to accept fully and forgive all the players including myself at these specific times and events when they happened. These memories help me redefine myself at this present time. And, since you know how it can feel, that can build our sensitivity and insight as to how these situations develop. You can help others navigate through this when it happens to them.

        And now, back to the blog. I feel we are drifting away from the Blog’s primary the of providing a place to heal. Now some of more recent comments feel vitriolic, have limited no very objective or even content orientated. IF WE CAN ALL LEARN FROM WHAT WE ARE BECOMING AND ALIGN OURSELVES MORE TO BE A PLACE AND SOURCE FOR STRENGTH HEALING….that would be so awesome.

        What do you all feel about this ?

        This is our virtual home, where many visitors come to meet us and talk to us….even if virtually. They come because they are disturbed and they need help. They need to connect. So be it.

        From My Heart to Yours

    • Dayalu permalink
      July 24, 2012 6:06 pm

      SS, what is the need for you to respond here, to what VSS wrote in some other blog? The best response to such kind of emotional tirades is to IGNORE… , but that is your choice, however why do you want to use this forum to continue these meaningless arguments?

    • Mangal permalink
      July 24, 2012 10:57 pm


      Leave poor VSS alone. After working 12 hours a day, seven days a week she needs this blog to vent her frustration at SSRS. She can’t be expected to reply to your acute logical contradictions.

  6. July 25, 2012 5:02 pm

    Dear All,

    I want to let you all know that after careful deliberation, I have decided to ban VSS from this blog. I have also deleted several of her recent posts as they really don’t add anything to the blog whatsoever and in fact detract from several of the discussions being had. For anyone who wishes to engage in a dialogue with her, she has opened her own blog and posted the following three articles:

    Why have I done this? Frankly, I’m just fed up of many of the things she’s recently been producing and I really have neither the time nor the inclination to digest it all never mind respond to any of it. Bloggisatwa and I run this blog between us and we do this on a voluntary basis. We both have lives outside of the blog, and so our time is limited. Having to moderate the blog is very time-consuming for both of us – this is in fact why I asked Bloggisatwa to help me in the first place, because the burden for just one person is too great.

    We have many discussions on these blogs, and generally they are exactly that: discussions. People comment based on their own beliefs and experiences where relevant, and help to forward any given discussion.

    However at times these discussions can get out of control for one reason or another, and as such we have to step in and actually _moderate_ comments. This isn’t something we really like to do, but it does have to be done out of necessity.

    With regards to VSS, barring some of her earlier contributions, most of which were on Skywalker’s blog, many of her latest comments just don’t really have any relevance whatsoever to the discussions we are having on this blog. She seems to be obsessed with showing people that she is a victim, whether it is of Art of Living or more recently, bizarrely enough, this blog. I really don’t understand this at all, and don’t really care for it either.

    Further, I don’t really believe she is contributing anything which is of benefit to anyone, least of all to herself. Whatever problems she had with Art of Living, all I see is someone hellbent on trying to show that it is an evil, destructive cult, that RS is somehow the devil himself, and that everything and everyone associated with Art of Living is bad and should be avoided at all costs. All I see is bitterness and anger towards Art of Living and towards anyone who supports Art of Living, which I personally don’t agree with.

    In fact, as far as I’m concerned this constitutes abuse, but worse still she has been abusive not only to those who support Art of Living but to many who are critical of Art of Living on this blog, myself included, and I really don’t see any reason for this behavior, nor do I accept it.

    These are the reasons why I have taken the decision to ban her. In the short time this blog has been live, I haven’t had to this yet, however I feel under the circumstances it is necessary and in fact I see no alternative.

    My decision on this matter is final, and is not open for discussion.

    • Dayalu permalink
      July 25, 2012 7:11 pm

      It is unfortunate that this had to end this way. While I have been repeatedly annoyed by many of VSS’ comments and have been a big critique, I have also felt that she really needs help. Many of her comments/responses show her as a deeply disturbed individual and it is evident that she needs help from people around her to get out of whatever situation she is in. But if she is behaving in her life the same way she behaved in the blog, that is going to be tough. Hope she understand this fact and seeks help from a professional counsellor. I wish her the very best.

    • Guru-Ouch permalink
      July 26, 2012 7:03 am

      Dear Obi,
      In the same vein, it is imperative that some of SS’ comments are also deleted and a stern warning issued to SS. The comments made by SS is digressional in many sense, in that, the objective of SS’ posts seems to be, correlating and extrapolating his’ observations on AOL with Hinduism and Yoga in general. And the correlations that he makes is many times non-sensical and do not fall in line with the general objective of this blog. It appears to me that the objective of some of the recent SS’ postings is to insult Hinduism and is very objectionable. I wish that one on one discussions like the ones that SS and VSS had do not dilute the purpose of this blog.

      • Anonymous permalink
        July 26, 2012 12:30 pm

        Agree with Guru-Ouch. SS appears to be anti-Hindu many times and off on some religious/atheist tangent that has nothing to do with Art of Living or Ravi Shankar. Still, sorry to see VSS go, even though the ‘page down’ button was used more than I read most of what was written by her/him. Still, some important things were pointed out by VSS. Personally? I’d rather Harshal was banned. He/she was truly obnoxious.

      • stupidseeker permalink
        July 26, 2012 7:31 pm

        You are perfectly entitled to dismiss my posts as complete drivel as also being entitled to appeal to the moderators to put some kind of gag on my posting. No questions there. But I cannot, forgive me, give up considering the possibility that it was Hinduism in the first place which created the possibilities for “self-realised” individuals to arise and then to become spiritual aristocrats, questioning whom is tantamount to abuse of divinity. No other religion has so many “self-realised” beings within their fold, with their “self-realisation” beyond the pale of falsification just like the heavens and hells of other theologies, simply because equality or oneness with the divine, which is a permissible religious experience in Hinduism, is expressly forbidden in others. And they have wielded the sceptre of personal experience as religious authority equally well as those who were adept in the scriptures.

        The strength and validity of HHSSR’s enlightenment can be gauged from the fact that the highest pontiffs of the various mutts that continue the tradition of Adi Shankaracharya, have yet to challenge HHSSR’s claim to be extant successor of the Shankara lineage, as can be evidenced from the guru puja photograph in which he posits himself to be the successor to Brahmanand Saraswati.

        I have enjoyed every minute I spent on this blog. I consider it as nothing less than a privilege to have been allowed to express myself without any prejudice from the side of the moderators. Even If due to contingencies I am unable to post here, I shall have nothing but the most beautiful memories of my time spent here.

      • Mangal permalink
        July 27, 2012 12:57 am


        do you really think all self-realised individuals in the past were faking it ? just cuz u cant find any self-realised person who can transmit an experience doesn’t mean its all hogwash. there were skeptics before u who capitulated when their destined time came.

        keep an open mind even while u admonish the fake gurus and rampant commercialisation. it will take just one subjective experience to flip u to the other side.

      • Guru-Ouch permalink
        July 27, 2012 3:01 am

        Dear SS,
        You write well. It takes more than a read to understand what you have written as its deeply articulative. However, the essence of your opinions are trying to share your impressions on Hinduism. In my opinion, AOL and Hinduism are two different entities. If AOL wants to call it as Hindu organization, no Hindu will object to it. In fact, in many states of South India, Christians marry following the Indu tradition, in that, the ladies’ decorate their hair with fragrant flowers on the day of their weddings. They wear a tilak and even tie a mangalyam. Do you think Hindus should object to it? No Hindu ever had any problem with it, not even have the slightest thought to call it an “issue”. Why would Hindus have problem with a NGO business aligning itself with Hinduism?
        If I want to call myself as “self-realized” and start a spiritual business, Hinduism will not have problems with it. If you want to do it, go make it happen. But, one thing is for sure, it would be “spiritually-deficient” people (Hindus, non-Hindus included) who would start following you. And AOL as such is considered in the place where I live now (Bangalore) as a life-style motif, rather than a “spirituality-motif”. AOL’s success is partly due to creating an illusion that our lives are stressed, dwelling upon it and milking the money out of the gullible. The time spent in SK or Sadhana everyday could very well be spent on working out and playing outdoor games. Do you think SK or Sadhana alone will be better than working out or playing the game you like in beating the everyday stress?

  7. Anonymous permalink
    July 25, 2012 5:05 pm

    Um, off the subject of “he said, she said” between vss and SS, this comment is about the post itself — I think it would help people reading here who might be unfamiliar, as to why everything being said about how miraculous and divine all the happenings of Ravi Shankar at this or that young age, is just a kid being a bit precocious in the culture. That’s about all. First of all, reciting the Bhagavad Gita at 4 or 5 is like any child singing nicely or saying little poems at any age. It so happens that the Gita is what his mother or father encouraged him to mimic. Nothing very miraculous in any of that is there? Then about the ‘reading Rig Veda’ at age 9 — between the ages of 7 or 8 and 12 or 13 or so, Hindus of his caste would get initiated with ‘sacred thread’, and be given Gayatri Mantra, and would be taught a certain puja called Sandhya Vandana which they should do morning and evening whenever possible. That puja is part of Veda. It’s nothing miraculous, and is, in fact, the most common fact of boys growing up Brahmin in India. So lots of what is being peddled as miracles and unusual is just normal life in India for many many people. For those who are Indian and aware of these details, please forgive the obvious. This is posted because it appears that Ravi Shankar and family have tried to appeal to westerners who don’t know about these things, and impress them with seemingly impossible and difficult ‘feats’ which are just part of growing up in his type of family. To someone for whom sanskrit is this huge mystery, and Veda is a foreign something, all of it sounds miraculous. But really, it’s just normal, average.

  8. Anonymous permalink
    July 26, 2012 9:21 am

    I think this blog is worth a read to get a broader perspective of what AOL is about –

    • Guest permalink
      July 27, 2012 10:19 pm

      I have read it. I think it is a sad statement on somebody post success. Would this chap have even bothered to comment on Sri Sri had he not been famous? Does it not speak of the writer’s hypocrisy in trying to gain his attention from a man who has made it, and then accusing the man who made it?

      Blind belief is not what I am encouraging. But this man travels like crazy all over the world, meeting people etc. And what made so many over here come back to AOL before they finally left it? Surely you had some good experiences. Leave, by all means, but don’t badmouth stuff. Whether someone sells buttons or t-shirts is really irrelevant. When you did the Kriya and the meditation, did it help you at any stage? Did you have some unexpected experiences? What was that all about? Introspect, then write.

      • Anonymous permalink
        July 31, 2012 4:07 pm

        @ Guest — people posting their truly awful experiences in the Art of Living and with Ravi Shankar, here and on “Klim’s” and “Skywalker’s” blogs, are not ‘badmouthing’ as you put it. I am simply telling what happened to me. If you deem it ‘bad’, then you are correct. But why say that my coming out (finally, after a long time) and telling the truth, however anonymously, for real fear of reprisals from the organization and it’s leader, is just badmouthing? In fact, I, for one, have not told nearly all the awful things I saw and experienced while living the Art of Living fantasy. Yes, the experiences I had certainly were unexpected. Why did I stay after the first bad experience? Because Ravi Shankar made very convincing excuses to me, and I wanted to believe in him. I really did. But in the end, he turned out to be lying about many, many things. And when I left, he said dreadful, untrue, defaming things about me, had me threatened on several ocassions by his followers, visited at my home by them, etc. These are just facts. Pursue the Art of Living and Ravi Shankar at your own risk.

  9. Anonymous permalink
    July 26, 2012 2:45 pm

    I agree with Guru-ouch. SS has been indulging in discussions diverting from the purpose of this blog. Though SS has come up with some AOL videos which are worth taking note of, he/she has been flaring up religious sentiments on this blog. To make his religious comments thrive, he/she links inappropriately with AOL issues.

    SS’ comments should undergo moderation.

    • AnonYmous permalink
      July 27, 2012 10:14 am

      @ Guru-ouch and @ Anonymous – July 26, 2012 12:30 pm

      I agree with you.

      @ Anonymous – July 26, 2012 2:45

      “To make his religious comments thrive, he/she links inappropriately with AOL issues.”

      Very well said. This is a forum for people to discuss AOL related issues and experiences.. good or unpleasant. This is not a place for people to vent out their frustration about the other problems and some how tag it to AOL to make their comments valid.

      This Blog is not for bashing religion – Hinduism or anyother and cause communal riots on the blog. And deviate the blog from its actual purpose.

      S.S has been advised several times in the past and Her comments have also been spammed earlier on Skywalkers Blog. If people are not willing to incorporate feedback and are adamant to go their own way, then they should start their own blog and write their opinions about whatever they want.. to their hearts content.

      We do not want these blogs to be dismissed by some new visitors as a religion bashing blog.

      I have learnt a lot from these blogs by reading the posts of the Blog owners and the early bloggers like Klim, skywalker, Whistle blower, peaceful warrior etc to name a few. These people had given a good number of their precious years to seva in AOL. Their talents were used and they got nothing much in return, atleast not directly from AOL. However, these people were so Centered and true in sharing their experiences that readers were, of course, convinced with what they said.

      There was no mud slinging, no unkind words used or Bullying done.
      It is this Centeredness and also the content of their posts that made me feel that they were better than most Sr. teachers that I have met in AOL.

      I think It’s appropriate that VSS is Banned from this blog.

      I felt that VSS was bullying the other contributers on skywalkers Blog. She sometimes acted like Harshal, except that she dint use profanity. She was lashing out at Anyone who even remotely disagreed with her. Some of my not so active AOL friends stopped reading the blog because of this. Even I stopped posting after a while.
      I hope she recovers from all the animosity, bitterness and frustration she is a victim of.

      • Anonymous permalink
        July 27, 2012 3:07 pm

        I agree with Guru-ouch and Anonymous – July 26, 2012 12:30 pm and AnonYmous
        SS said “But I cannot, forgive me, give up considering the possibility that it was Hinduism in the first place which created the possibilities for “self-realised” individuals to arise and then to become spiritual aristocrats, questioning whom is tantamount to abuse of divinity. No other religion has so many “self-realised” beings within their fold, with their “self-realisation” beyond the pale of falsification just like the heavens and hells of other theologies, simply because equality or oneness with the divine, which is a permissible religious experience in Hinduism, is expressly forbidden in others”
        SS – FYI – here are some dangerous cults (top 10)
        Just reading this – there is absolutely no reason to be bashful about only Hinduism here in this blog. If you want it the atheist way – at the root of EVERY religion there is brainwash and physiological manipulation (maybe good or bad) – why target ONLY Hinduism (just because RS is a Hindu?). First of he is human and every human, no matter what religion he/she belongs to is capable of physiological manipulation, brainwashing and opportunism. Targeting one particular religion does not make sense AT ALL and defeats the purpose of the blog which is to dwell on the human weakness and human power trip and human ego.

  10. July 28, 2012 3:05 pm


    Regarding your response to my criticism about your lack of logic, you are still not making any logical sense in what you have written. We could keep going around in circles here, but it’s better that we cap that discussion here as I don’t have for ever to discuss this.

    Regarding Doctor’s post you have quoted above, I remember reading it and agreeing with a lot of what was written. But I also recall that there was some discussion in the comments to that post where a lot of people claimed that AoL was not necessarily a Hindu organization but one which uses Hinduism to meet its own needs.

    To top that, Doctor himself also wrote the following posts which should be considered in this particular instance, detailing how AoL twists basic Hindu concepts to achieve its own objectives:

    I would also like to draw your attention to a post which you yourself penned whereby you describe that AoL presents itself differently depending on you it is presenting itself to:

    Is AoL a Hindu organization or isn’t it? If it was truly a Hindu organization, wouldn’t it be overtly Hindu, rather than trying to hide its true nature or pretending to be any one of a number of things? But the truth is, I think the question is completely irrelevant here. What is relevant is the point, if any, which you are trying to make. I myself have not been able to see one, and I think many others are failing to do so here as well.

    So one last time, for the benefit of everyone here, please can you sum up the exact point it is you are trying to make vis-a-vis AoL and Hinduism? I’m going to give you one chance to nail it, and after that if you want to continue writing about the subject, please do so on another blog.

  11. Anonymous permalink
    July 30, 2012 3:29 pm

    Just how much lamer can B&D’s responses get on the certificate and Phd claim:

    Shobha Patwardhan says:
    July 13, 2012 at 8:51 pm

    Please folks. I love Sudarshan Kriya and AOL teaching but please do not post forged documents. I have lost trust in you folks. My father today showed his degree certificate signed by Dr. H.N. and it is in kannada. Please stop lying. I have lost trust in you.

    admin says:
    July 27, 2012 at 9:32 am

    Post the certificate and prove to me that YOU are not lying!

    Why says:
    July 14, 2012 at 1:48 pm

    Stop fooling people

    admin says:
    July 27, 2012 at 9:25 am

    Abc, move on to the rest of the alphabet

    Prakash says:
    July 16, 2012 at 11:06 am

    Dear Bawa, Pitaji is claiming that Guruji has got a PhD in science and Veda at the age of !4. And that he got promoted thrice in a matter of three hours. What is the truth.

    admin says:
    July 27, 2012 at 9:18 am

    I don’t think anywhere Pitaji has claimed that Guruji has a PHdd in science and Vedas at 14. At 14 Guruji was still studying (or trying to). He did get that promotion though…

    • Guru-Ouch permalink
      August 2, 2012 5:50 am

      It may not be a bad idea for Shobha Patwardhan to post a scanned copy of her dad’s certificate (with the name of her dad hidden). Also, I had earlier posted links from a blog that collects signatures of eminent people from Karnataka and the VC who supposedly signed Ravi’s B.Sc. certificate in fact signs in Kannada and not in English as shown in the certificate. For the rude reply that Shobha recd., she needs to scan and post a copy of the certificate on B&D’s blog. I am sure B&D would refuse to post the same on the blog. Unless Shobha knows that we would allow the document to be posted here to let the people know the truth, this may remain as Shobha “lied” and not B&D.
      Between, I observed that the no. of hits for this blog has grown from about 16k to 25k + within a week’s time. That is great going. I am sure, there are several pro-AOLites taking notice of this blog, as only a handful of people who question AOL post here regularly.

  12. Meditator permalink
    August 1, 2012 6:01 am

    Bawa mentions in his comment# 27 (

    ” admin says:
    July 27, 2012 at 9:18 am

    I don’t think anywhere Pitaji has claimed that Guruji has a PHdd in science and Vedas at 14. At 14 Guruji was still studying (or trying to). He did get that promotion though…”

    Bawa please watch the video in this post from 12:40 – 13:00 minutes. Please let us know who is lying – Pitaji or you?

  13. Anonymous permalink
    August 2, 2012 6:41 am

    “VC who supposedly signed Ravi’s B.Sc. certificate in fact signs in Kannada and not in English as shown in the certificate”

    Though the VC, Dr.Narasimhaiah mostly signs in Kannada, he signs in English too as in Ravi’s B.Sc Certificate.

    Since this is the English side of the Certificate he has signed in English. Other side of the certificate is in Kannada but not filled up. This certificate is printed in English on one side and in Kannada on the other. If this Certificate had been filled up in Kannada then the VC’s signature would have been in Kannada.

  14. Anonymous permalink
    August 2, 2012 8:58 am

    Enlightenment – a coarsely used word to market Sri Sri and AOL’s products. Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment after being in penance for nearly 50 days. Ramana Maharishi is supposed to have felt a self-realization, commonly accepted as enlightenment, after spending about 6 weeks in isolation. To make a long story short, Ramana Maharishi spent the rest of his life in a cave. Raghavendra Swami attained Jeeva Samadhi in search of God. Prince Vardhamana spent several years in meditation in ascetism. Swami Vivekananda spent nearly 5 years wandering in search of answers to his queries like a nomad. The Saint Poet – Kabeer embraced Hinduism and spent a simple life only to sing praises on Rama for the rest of his life. Alas, Kabeer did not think of a way to sell his poems! The great poet Tagore renounced his Nobel Literacy Prize after the 1919 Jallianwallabagh massacre. But our glorious HHSSRS attained “enlightenment” in just 10 day period of silence to emerge as an Enlightened Master – . He flies first class, builds a spiritual empire, sues anyone doubting/defaming him, conducts yearly events in Olympic Stadia and Convention Centers. Boy! What Enlightenment! The smartest way to bring an under-performing, lazy family to riches, go the Sri Sri way. Perhaps, each of us should give it a shot, after all 10 days ain’t that bad to claim “enlightenment”. Let us create Super Sudharshan Kriya!

    • someone permalink
      October 4, 2012 11:56 am

      two small corrections. Swami V roamed around 6 yrs, 23-29. and tagore was knighted. he gave up knighthood conferred by the British as a protest. Not Nobel prize. Aside from these two petty details, I agree WORD


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