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The Story of Satguru-hood

August 11, 2012

Catching the Seriously Twisted Knowledge and positioning

This whole Satguru positioning has no real standing whatsoever. Just another fable. This fable is propagated when you are fed this story…AOL teachers will talk to you about “how to recognize it when you have a satguru in your life”

They will tell you the following

a. There will be an abundance of everything in your life. More than enough of everything.
b. You will be happy for no reason. Wells of joy will swell in you for no reason. Smile.
c. Hidden talents that you never knew you had will surface…creative forces working silently
d. All your problems will go away. (Perhaps they meant other new ones will appear)

For most regular devotees when these above do not happen so easily, they end up doubting their faith in the satguru and not the so called satguru himself. Anyways, the key here is the subtly established “Insert” programming that the giver of all these goodies is the Satguru…a clever inception indeed.

Look at what he himself says about a Satguru

Q: Guruji, what is the difference between Guru, Dharma Guru and Satguru?
The other question is, it is believed that in this universe, in any given era, there is only one Satguru; so who is that Satguru, and if it is you, please answer?

REALLY ? Just ONE ? Now, who could that be ???? This is all likelihood is a planted / staged question.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: It is said, ‘Mere Guru hi jagat Guru hain – mere naath hi Jagat ke naath hain’ (My master is the master of this Universe) – this is what one should believe, and this is the truth.

No mincing of words here. I am the boss. You work for me.

One who speaks about the truth is Satguru.

Boy I am so relieved. Its all not really that bad. Finally we have some PROFOUND truth. One who speaks about the truth…is called the Satguru. He does not have to speak the truth, he has to speak about the truth. COOL.

Since there is only Satguru in any given era, the other 7 odd billion people are not going to be talking about the truth …is that what it means ? I wonder, what does it make of the rest of us folks ? What does it make all his teachers ?. So, is everyone one of us is not talking about the truth ?.

You could also perhaps interpret this as follows…..since WE ALL have not YET realised the FULL truth…WE cannot really talk about it can we ?. Or, maybe he meant that even though many of us may know the truth but we are not destined to talk about the truth like he is ???.

So, if we did start talking about that would that make us also a Satguru.. Would it ?. Naaah !!, that really can’t be, since there can be only one satguru at a time.

Pretty convenient.


In the same breath the very same man also has many times declared “Those who know the truth will not talk about it” AND Those who talk about it do not really know the truth”.

But sir, you just said that the SATGURU “TALKS ABOUT THE TRUTH”…and you have even left it posted on your website. So what does this all really imply ?

That the Satguru in reality does not know the truth but only talks about it ??? Would you care to be explicit about this with all your devotees please. It would be interesting to then see how many still stick around after hearing that.

Maan !, I still can’t believe that AOL and SriSri actually gets away with all of this.

Dear still-stuck AOL devotee on this blog…can’t you see how twisted this all is ?.

Can’t you see, that just because you are being nice (docile actually) and are not questioning anything of what he says, you are being totally taken for granted. In the face of such blatant and manipulative contradictions IF you do not feel even a little outraged … thinks you are in serious trouble.

Well, Bloggi I say to myself…you just pissed off the master of the universe, definitely no Satguru-hood for us this lifetime…that is for sure. Out of the window, go all my spiritual ambitions.

Once again I look at the scale of such deliberate mind games …just amazing. Such arrogance, that NO ONE will question THE ONE.

I also see other potential angles to the Satguruship statements.

A) One Master Stroke…..and we have just eliminated all possible future competition. (Wink ….Wink !!! Just making sure that just in case anyone of my existing devotees accidentally does became enlightened…even though I know I am doing my best to sabotage all that…it could happen by accident…. No Problem…with this neat idea I planted in their minds….about the one and only satguru… one would believe him/her….for I AM THE ONE).

B) It helps me in retention of my devotees. If anyone of my devotees is attracted to the teachings of any other master, they will now know that the other is just a Guru….I am a satguru. That will keep them with me. Who would leave a satguru for a plain guru. For I am the ONE and ONLY ONE. .

C) Satguru is one who makes you aware of what is truth, what is untruth, what is this world, what is the soul. The one who teaches you to understand these distinctions is called Satguru.

REALLY !!!!! Serious diplomatic immunity this in the spiritual world. As a satguru, whatever I say I can get away with it. No one dare doubt the veracity of the knowledge I dish out. I am exempt from scrutiny and questioning. After all I am the ONE.

  1. AnonYmous aka WAY permalink
    August 11, 2012 8:09 pm

    “This is all likelihood is a planted / staged question.”

    I was always told by my friends that question-answer sessions in Aol satsangs were stage-managed. I too had a hunch that some part of it was rehearsed. My doubts were confirmed today while watching the live satsang webcast.

    The person who wrote the transcript went zooming ahead of RS. And guess what ??
    Right from the beginning of the satsang all that was spoken by RS was PRE- PLANNED and Prepared and the script was, of course, shared with the person who was transcribing.

    Even The question that the teacher chose from the question basket was not drawn at random, It was Pre Decided!

    RS prepares the responses before hand!!! Even His jokes are not spontaneous, they are rehearsed.

    This Love-Struck comment and the response was transcribed even before the teacher read it out. What a hogwash.

    Q: There are 451 types of dishes. But you are the dessert who will never desert us.
    Sri Sri: I am a dessert provided you are not diabetic.

    For live telecast of satsangs & to access old satsangs please visit
    You can hear our Aol teachers read out the most astounding Love confessions made by God knows who. There is no way we can check if its RS’ devotee or employee who has made / fabricated those confessions.

    During my aol days, on hearing such things I always thought… how people go into raptures on seeing RS! they are really the chosen ones ’cause they are able to identify the divine, whereas I still have to work ….(read sadhana, seva, satsang)…to get there.

    The ENTIRE EVENT (SATSANG) was rehearsed by this lot. When RS paused, for the first time I knew that he was trying to recollect what he had learnt. But Man, HE can ACT!
    Only people dont realise he is acting.

    Someone from audience: It is for you to eat.
    Sri Sri: I am happy being Shankar, do not make me Ganesha.

    The audio was bad, I could not hear this bit. Watch his satsangs to hear his subtle suggestions of him being divine.

    This whole act reinforces my understanding that the core group aroung RS is NOT innocent. They know the truth about AOL and RS. They are too involved to be brainwashed or innocent.

    • bloggisatwa permalink
      August 12, 2012 2:01 am

      Yeah…..the inner circle definitely know. During one of the projects I was doing, we had pretty stiff milestones to reach. I was put in touch with one the Sr most coordinators in the ashram who had been with SriSri almost since inception. I was coming from a point where I had realised that I needed to work full time for the next 10 months with a 1000 volunteers to even get at 10% of the proposed target which the boss hat set. Nothing is impossible with the grace I was armed with a lot of counter proposals which meant that the Ashram folks had to work many times as hard as was originally conceived. At that time this Sr Sr devotee made a comment that I still can’t forget….

      “Who is he to go around the world jet setting making all those grand claims and promises and setting targets ?”…And we are the ones to work like dogs in the Ashram to keep upto his claims. Who is going to execute this. It will never work !!!!!

      This was said with such frustration and bitterness. All that was missing were the 4 letter expletives. Even though my heart lurched really badly hearing this. My intellect and judgement immediately overwrote that sensation. It said “where is this man’s faith ?”. Such a Sr teacher….so much VIKALP. (Deep inside me….I must have been thinking … looks like I can do very well here if I choose to become a full time teacher….I am way more positive than these guys…..we have a tough target but so what ?….we have God working with us…and these guys so easily forgot that. I should tell SriSri, he should pay more attention to the quality of his teachers).

      Maan was I naive at that time ?. I did not get it at all. My God, what a cue this man gave me.

      When I think back at this time, I am just so amazed at how my own reasoning ability was so suppressed. I was mostly heeding my fantasies and romantic notions about things in favour what is happening right under my nose. I was living totally in my head and my imaginations. Interestingly, at the same time, I also believed I was actually living with my heart.

      Those were the times. Glad I scraped through.

      • Anonymous permalink
        August 13, 2012 3:32 pm

        Yes, BloggiSat, I too heard many senior teachers, very close to SSRS, speak the same way. They would laugh at him behind his back, and they also did use the four letter expletives you say were left out in this case. When I would ask why bother, or why stay, they would say they had no where else to go, some said they liked the free travel, they had no job to return to in their country, and wouldn’t be able to work their way back up. They said these things in front of me because they knew I would be leaving, that I was fed up with the guru, his organization and the whole mess. They didn’t fear that I would peddle their dissatisfaction back to him. Fortunuately for me, I did have something to return to, and went back to my life. Several of those senior teachers are still with him today, amazingly, and I’m sure complaining the same way when they don’t think they will be reported. In some cases, the senior teachers knew so much dirt about SSRS, that no matter what they said, he would never get rid of them. In other cases, he took the risk and bad mouthed them when they did dare to leave (my case), hoping that people would listen to his defaming of that teacher, instead of the possibility of someone listening to the ex-teachers’ stories of what really happened.

    • WAY permalink
      August 22, 2012 2:57 pm

      There has been no live webcast for over a week now! The excerpts from recorded satsangs are just 21/2 mts to 9 mts long. In a 2hours satsang, is that how much (meaningful) knowledge guruji shares with his devotees? Or may be this is howmuch they can fearlessly and openly share with others on their website??
      Me is longing for your e-darshan gurudev.

  2. Toad permalink
    August 11, 2012 9:02 pm

    Ah… but you know how AOL dismisses such contradictions: “the truth is contradictory (close yr eyes, keep breathing, nothing to see here)”

    Its ambitious to seek truth. I’m not sure what that is or if I would recognize it if it was right before my eyes. I thought I found it in AOL. I went through a grieving process when I realized I didn’t. Maybe self-knowledge is a better goal.

  3. rajee permalink
    August 12, 2012 4:53 am

    What about the trance-like-state he enacts compulsorily during all the shivarathri satsangs? What a staged show! And to think the IIT brains buying all that!! No wonder in India the cunning fraudsters get away with anything because even our educated public is neither rational nor analytical in its thinking.

  4. Musashi permalink
    August 12, 2012 3:15 pm

    Nice post,

    And let us not forget how at one stage the ultimate control sutra is introduced .

    Referring to the three doudts:

    Doubt in one self – Doubt in the Techique being the first two. And then to checkmate any devotee Doubt in the Master.

    Once these three take hold you become part of the whole and getting untangled becomes a roller coaster ride.

    Brilliant strategy, if some one does break away the pack will use these same doubts to rationalize it and automatic damage control kicks in. The master said this would happen and can happen to any of us so dont pay attention to the small mind leave the Doubs at the door or place them in the botheration box. He knows what is best

    That he does indeed and while sitting in his first class seat when he travelles or cognizing a new program to help humanity as the weight of the world is placed on his shoulders

    How dare we doub HIM………………he has a very diffucly job to do.

  5. stupidseeker permalink
    August 13, 2012 7:54 am

    It is good that posts such as these question the very basis of submission and surrender to another individual who is regarded as being “spiritually” more evolved than others.

    This wikipedia link details out the importance of the guru for achieving “spiritual” growth in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

    To be fair many scriptures do warn against false gurus, but then when there is no test for something called “enlightenment”, how can there be a test for a false guru, for ackownledged scoundrels have followers who regard them as their saviours.

  6. Guru-Ouch permalink
    August 14, 2012 12:07 pm

    Excerpts from the “OFFICIAL” Sri Sri blog – “The President of the World Bank once asked me, “What is the secret of your success? How do you get so much work done with so little money?” I said it is not just money that gets work done but something more… It is the freedom in your workspace. Just in one year’s time 3,000 volunteers adopted 25,000 villages in India; they made roads and provided proper drinking water among other things. And all with less than Rs 2 crores at their disposal.”

    Just one question to you AOL – Please name the 3000 volunteers and atleast the names of 3000 out of the 25,000 villages adopted and yes, please define “adoption”.

    • Anonymous permalink
      August 14, 2012 1:06 pm

      Yes, and show photographs of the roads, give names of the people in the village, show photos of them with the new roads and the sources of the drinking water. Surely they took ‘before and after’ pictures? Amritanandamayi Math in Kerala does, and takes photos of the actual volunteers and paid workers building the houses, making the roads, shows the ‘after’ photos, with houses, people getting their keys from state officials with the Math volunteers present, names of the people receiving, names of the village being rebuilt or improved, etc. and so forth. Her organization even raised money to build a bridge for the villages after the Tsunami, and that work was done within a few years, and the bridge can be seen, walked on, etc. No smoke and mirrors. It’s a simple matter to prove these claims. It’s generally done with evidence. AOL has no evidence, so you’ll never see support for their claims. Every NGO should be required to meet these standards. Why AOL is not required to is beyond me.

  7. Anoop permalink
    August 19, 2012 6:51 am

    Some of Bawa’s posts are funny.. and the comments are more funny.. ( reading it fully whenevr getting free time ) ( old post)

    Whatever these gurus and their assistants say there are lots of disciples just to obey that..

    We forget to live this beautiful life by thinking about planetary positions and how they affect us..

    Time to go inwards and think rationally…

    • rajee s permalink
      August 28, 2012 9:50 am

      why is the site not opening??

      • bloggisatwa permalink
        September 1, 2012 7:35 am

        It works Rajee


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