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To AOL, looks like sandlewood is more important than a poor village youth

September 10, 2012

Does anybody understand the Kannada language used on this local Indian TV channel ? Please would you scribe against some key segments giving the time of video play against each scribe ?.

Thank you

  1. bloggisatwa permalink
    September 11, 2012 5:17 am

    Questions that pop up in my mind when I read/see that AOL security beat up the villagers as they attempted to steal AOL’s sandlewood.

    1. Isn’t his supposed to be the abode of Jesus / Krishna incarnate ? Is this how a needy stranger / kid would be treated there….even if they were at fault ?

    2. Behind every terrorist is a victim crying out for help !!!. How many times have I heard this from him. What ever happened to the compassion that such a stand is supposed to generate ?

    3. You can claim that it was the security agency. They are not really the AOL ashramites. They have not done the AOL course. That is why they behaved the way they did. So, as the all powerful lord of the universe is this all the control and power you can exercise over your own Ashram. Is this is all that you have as you personal power, on what grounds are you going to create world peace. How on earth are you going to make decision makers and policy makers all over the world see it your way ?

    4. What about all the teachers and devotees that frequent the ashram. What do you do when you hear of such incidents. What action do you take ? It is the ashram’s problem !!! Is that what it is ?

    5. All these tall claims of converting hard core terrorists into the AOL peaceful way. All these courses in the jails. The work in Kashmir, North East, LTTE driven Sri Lanka. Isn’t that all supposed to indicate that there was a way to convert some of these negative energies into positive expressions. What happened to applying it in your own ashram.

    6. We care. We share. All are welcome. aren’t these your favourite slogans ? You claim that the villages you work with have stopped functioning in fear. You claim, that they actually leave their doors open and are not afraid of thieves. Yet in your own ashram you have a hired security force that brutally beats up an alleged trespasser. How come you are afraid of intruders and thieves yourself. How does that work ?

    In anycase, how can you have trespassers when you claim all are welcome. Why do you not just put up a notice “You are welcome” …As long as you are a high networth individual ?

    7. Violence happens around you only if your inner space is violent. That is why Gandhi died a violent death. This is what I have heard him say. Apply the same knowledge to the happenings in your own home/ashram. Do you now want to blame this on some impure ashramites or visitors and their inability to be peaceful in their insides ? So, are you saying that your peaceful energy and efforts are easily derailed by some a small no of UN-EVOLVED small people.

    This is not just about what you see on the outside…..this is about what is behind the scene.

    • Anonymous permalink
      September 13, 2012 3:20 pm

      They advertise a lot about the village that has a shop unmanned by a shopkeeper, wonder they would ever apply the same to the “Divine Shop” in the ashram.

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