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The truth cannot be hidden anymore…An Open message to all current AOL teachers

September 11, 2012

Reference :

The above is the link to the Skywalker’s laywer’s website where he is making a direct link to cases HE HAS WON in court. Anyone who follows this can make that AOL lost the case and lost it very badly.

Also, many of you will remember the twisted post Kashi made on his personal Blog that talked about how AOL actually won the case.

“Negative blogging : An extortionist’s dream come true”

What is amazing is that, Kashi’s entire blog has been taken out. In fact, his new blog has no mention on the subject of the lawsuit whatsoever.

Why did Sri Kashi do this ? There are 2 angles to this…..

Angle 1) Kashi is innocent and naive and he truly believed that AOL had won, because that is what he had been told.

Angle 2) Kashi always knew that they had lost. Was fearful of losing his own devotee base and his identity so he deliberately wanted to keep the truth suppressed.

What supports Angle 1)

a. Kashi’s post made the average visitor to his blog more curious. They started to google details of the case and many of them started to have even more questions about the case. So, Kashi in effect had offered FREE advertising and publicity to the bloggers. He did many truth seekers an unintended favour. AOL did not like that. Its bad for business.

b. Many folks started to talk and ask questions that were uncomfortable to die hard AOL supporters and the management. Kashi would have been pulled up and told to remove his blog altogether. Give them any excuse, we had technical issues, had to change domain, it got hacked…..whatever. I have to start afresh. Whatever.

c. But Kashi is not all that naive. He now realises that the case was lost…..or atleast that something is fishy with regard to the original story.

d. If I were Mr Kashi, I would have been devastated. Would not know what to do. I would freeze. My decades of faith now destroyed and taken away from me.

e) Nope…not Mr Kashi. He continues to post on another blog. He closed DOWN his previous blog. It has not been left lying around. like the way we left our old one.

Mr Kashi brought his previous BLOG down…altogether !!!

Kashi’s current BLOG is

In fact his earlier .org site was brand new, it was registered only on 12th April 2012. After starting a new site, advertising it to all his followers, he pulled out.


Created On:04-Apr-2012 13:22:56 UTC
Last Updated On:04-Jun-2012 03:50:13 UTC
Expiration Date:04-Apr-2013 13:22:56 UTC

The above details are from

You will remember – The way he used the words in his article it was as if the bloggers had to abandon and shutdown their blog by legal force.


Truth cannot stay bottled for long. It needs to come out.

This means Sri Kashi is allowing himself to be used. While he may have woken up a little, he needs to continue the status Quo to figure out what to do next. Its a very difficult situation.

Hence, BY DEFAULT, it can be construed that Sri Kashi falls in the above mentioned Angle 2) above…ie he is deliberately hiding the truth about things at AOL.

The question is is Kashi alone ? or are there other people behind him ( a gang) ?. Who are all a part of this gang ? Do the gang members even know that they are a part of the gang ?

Dear Kashi, If you are reading this… apologies to you in advance. I am using your situation as an example for all those in the AOL matrix to see and learn for themselves, especially those AOL teachers who are frozen and are not sure what to do next.

Dear AOL teacher on this blog — What applies to Kashi, ACTUALLY applies to to everyone that is aware of the AOL hanky pankiness. Whether you have a blog or not, that is irrelevant. Actually, whether you are a devotee or not hardly matters. What matters is whether is that it is in your awareness. Now that it is there… what are you going to do about it. Do you care to live your journey in truth and with integrity….or by supporting the status quo and not STOPPING the exploitation, you continue to propagate adharma. You DO have a choice. No harm will ever come to you when you stop adharma. You may have to pay the price for previous actions…but no new negative karma is accrued when you stop an old habit that did not serve you.

There are special implications on currently functioning AOL teachers. today, you are actively doing things that keep unsuspecting innocent devotees in the AOL matrix and are also actively recruiting people and money into the AOL matrix. You are also accountable for those actions which you don’t take when you encountered this adharma.

You need to immediately start changing the way AOL works (if you can !! and if AOL wants to)…or you need to disengage. To realise, accept, and stop supporting adharma is in itself a great step.

AND This is not a situation for a gradual U turn. How many times have you heard smokers say…”Oh, I will quit smoking gradually”. That rarely works.

This has to be that AHA moment, where everything becomes totally different altogether. This is the moment, when you realise that you have been wearing falsely prescribed glasses all along when you actually don’t need them. Take off your glasses and you will realise you will NEVER need to wear them again. The glasses were a trap. When you wear them, you cannot see things clearly….that is so by design and intent. You then are forced to be dependent on those who can see to guide you (supposedly).

Behold : You are your only and true Guru.

There are many many of us ex-teachers (some post here, some just visit here). In my knowledge, we are all doing great even after leaving AOL. Nothing crazy or bad has happened because we left AOL.

A Disclaimer with regard to the below :

Some of the below writings and views on the meditation fields are my view and I have arrived at them independently. I am not alone in my views. However, in my awareness I have not yet seen any one single source which has been funded by proper research grants and where strict scientific protocol was by organisations in the popular domain to arrive at these as being CONCLUSIVE.

However, if you care to research it further, you will find many many independent sources of knowledge which directly and indirectly corroborate what has been laid as an understanding of how things work. Its a view worth considering to see how you yourself resonate and feel about it this version of the world….and how / whether it matches to your own experience as a meditation practitioner / teacher.

Dear AOL Teachers and Devotees

What really drives AOL ?

Its the great hearted-ness of the teachers and volunteers that makes the AOL world go around. Yes its love moves the world. YOUR love, not his. He and his family only want your energy, your contacts and your money. Somehow, it has become this way. May not be how it all started. But there is no denying that this is how it is now.

If anything good happens to you its his grace and if anything bad happens to you its your karma.

Do you know that when you meditate, you generate a local power field in consciousness ? (ie it stays in the physical location where you meditate). That is why temples, and places such as the Vivekanda memorial Rock are so powerful. The energy stays local…..Unless…you instruct your own field (merit) to come with you…so you can use it for work or play. They never tell / teach you that do they ? They will make you spend several 100s of US$ for every Advance course you do and they tap into the very field that you are generating every time you meditate….which is actually yours to keep.

Your karma to them is finished once you pay the money. That is why you pay. Okay they put the whole group together, that is fine, it gave you a great team effect, but you are entitled to take back with you what is yours. You have already paid your dues.

Now if you leave your energy fields lying around, (these are like small power packed charges)….it can be utilized by others for their own purpose. However, they can all use it only locally…they need to be physically there to do so. You are the only one that can carry your own field with you wherever you go. If you take it with you, you have to first be deliberate about it, then you use it for what you want. Henceforth, its just a soft intent from your side, the merits of your meditation, just tell yourself you want to take it with you. If you wish to donate it, that is fine, BUT DO SO KNOWINGLY and give it to somebody you trust. However, that is also not a smart thing to do, because you will be making the other person weak. Let them get their merit through silencing their own mind. They have to make the effort.

Other Clues form the AOL Matrix that point to this fact : Part-1 course hints and guidelines,

a. Do SKY in the same place at home everyday.
b. After sometime you will see that when you go to that spot you will feel good. Take important decisions in that space.
c. Try to do SKY in your place of worship. Create a separate place for it. Its sacred.

AOL teachers —- Look again closely…it works both ways. Have you not noticed that when you teach, your own body energies tend to be much higher than usual ?. You even become more flexible during the hatha yooga times in front of the class. It is not because HE operates through you. Your course participants and YOU together are generating that energy in the class room. You are able to tap into it because you are local. Think about this. And you are in that field with all of them. All the good feelings and bliss is generated from there LOCALLY. This is also why many of us believe that we lose the good effect when we leave the ashram. Get it ?

Why do you think places of prayer (temples, meditation centres etc) feel so powerful. Because, millions of people have come there and prayed with open hearts. They have left goodness, stillness and their personal energy fields lying around. Over a period of time these accumulate and the place becomes very powerful. Now placing yourself in such a place, you make a wish / sankalp… is more powerful and manifests faster.

That is the good side. The flip side is what if all the fields you have been generating are being misused ? Who is responsible for it ? Only You are. So, its best you use them yourself. Its safe that way.

The field is pure energy….just like money. In itself, its neutral. Its what you use it for that makes the difference. Also, how you make the money is important. Did you exploit anything ?, Did you withhold the truth to do so ?….all this give the money a certain characteristic. Good money, blood money etc. I do not want to get into a protracted discussion about this, but I feel you get the point. IF you do not deliberately disengage yourself from any untruth that you see….then you are actively / knowingly accumulating karma that you will need to balance this life time. There is no escaping this.

A Kind request to all the ex-AOL teachers on this blog :-

If you have been silent this far, please now offer your words of support and encouragement to all those who come here seeking a fuller version of the truth and also freedom in its true sense.

Every word, every reach out ….matters.

  1. Nithin permalink
    September 11, 2012 9:26 am

    Dear Blogger – Please post it as new message/topic
    The new trend of AOL- Vedic Knowledge
    What really is happening, why does one has to wear the ribbon around his body to chant Vedas and Mantras, this is absolutely religious and specific to Brahmin caste. No need all those non sense band around your body, the rituals are performed by changing your fathers names to the stupid Ravi’s name- ask yourself before you do this process R U a Bas….d.
    Basically Ravi said we are non religious and Nonprofit organization, now both are defeated, he is inculcating the Brahmin caste in to the AOL.

    And he want many of the people to pay and chant for AOL benefit that is all, at the end what the participant will take away ? Learn how to chant mantra? what a foolishness, the one who do not know how to balance own mind from power and greed is teaching how to chant, it is more or like a local teacher rather than a spiritual master.

    Please let Europe does not get in this foolishness. Let me share one thing very important from history.. Lord Krishna is not from Brahmin caste who is wearing cross belt nor Hindu.
    The One who wrote Bahgavat Gita and Ramayana is not Brahmin or wearing cross belt and nor Patanjali.
    Due to the craziness of this people, these fools separated and created caste and also rejected Jesus from learning the values of ancient science for humanity, thus the Religion formed.
    Root cause of the religious fight is all about these fools call Brahmins, and now they are coming again in different ways to dominate you by changing your father’s name…what a shame…

    Rather than uniting they are separating from the root, please push this off and inform all organization to defend this move, we don’t want another Hitler II (a.k.a Ravishankar) again from Bad antogost. Germany..

    • Anonymous permalink
      September 11, 2012 10:51 am

      “all about these fools call Brahmins” … making a blanket statement of calling all brahmins as fools for what Ravi is doing is a tad bit immaturish

  2. Anoop permalink
    September 11, 2012 5:49 pm

    “beyond art of living” blog is more towards pseuodo science like art-of-living.

    Its just my opinion.


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