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Art of Living under Investigation – Alleged Tax Evasion in Argentina

September 12, 2012

Submitted on 2012/09/12 at 12:36 am by Anonymous

This below article is majorly featured in the Argentinian Press. Things are now really starting to stink.

AOL may have serious media clout in India, but abroad its another matter altogether. Trust Ravi’s greed now has far outreached any goodness that ever was in AOL. How many more stories will he have to spin to explain this ???

I can see Interpol and an inter-country investigation spawning from this. This is going to cause a lot of embarrassment to the Indian government and Ravi’s other political affiliates. I will not be surprised if these folks start distancing themselves from him now. Hmmmm…What happens to all the Mayors who declared SriSri Ravishankar days in their cities ? He can definitely say goodbye to any hopes of getting the NPP now. Also, if he can be investigated for tax evasion in Argentina…will India follow suit ?. We recently posted a Kannada TV9 clip where just this was being discussed was being discussed in 2011.

For a supposed service oriented NGO, it is sheer arrogance and fool hardiness not to have your financial act clean and that too in foreign countries where you operate. The foreign media will not be bothered to hush things and will definitely not keep quiet in their own home countries. Under the current highly stressful economic conditions why would they tolerate wholesale deception from an alleged NGO from India ?.

At least Argentina is a democracy. There is some publicly known process where open debate is possible and justifications can be made. What about other states. For instance, what happens to volunteer devotees in the Middle Eastern countries under governed by stringent religious laws ? It is the volunteer devotee resident there that will be exposed when the SHTF, not Ravi. This is serious STUFF. The ultimate loser is the devotee. AOL will hide behind all the lawyers their money can buy. But where does the devotee go ?

As a devotee / volunteer do you think you can get into trouble with the law in your country for representing his ORGANISATION ?

Have you volunteered to manage his money / collections or administer his organisation ?. Then soon you will likely be under investigation. Be aware of this.

Do you think Ravi will come to your country to bail you out or pay your lawyer’s fees. Think again !!!

Is this going to be His Grace ? or Your Karma ?…… Only you can decide.


Translated from Spanish (Its an web auto translation and with some errors…but the meaning and intent come through)

The City refused to pay Ravi Shankar, who is under investigation by the AFIP.

Mauricio Macri rejected an alleged cache of 2 million pesos to Indian guru, but stressed that it did help to spread the spiritual encounter in Palermo. Meanwhile, from the state agency to investigate the foundation “Art of Living” for alleged tax evasion and money laundering.

The visit of the Indian guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar causing a stir in the political arena. In fact, just generated another strong-and in this case unthought-crossing between Kirchner and PRO.

Deputy Delia Bisutti-ally to the Casa Rosada, accused the prime minister Mauricio Macri not to disclose the amount of money it costs the city of Buenos Aires its relationship with the foundation “Art of Living” and public presentation there in the forests of Palermo.

However, the PRO leader denied that the Buenos Aires government to pay a cache Ravi Shankar and remarked that if only collaborated with the dissemination of that encounter. “What we do, as we do with congress, motorsports, Casa FOA is to support, disseminate, because this type of event generates a lot of things for the City. Nobody can escape that people come from throughout the region inside the country to participate. This encourages tourism development, “he said.

Ten radio consulted on whether the public presentation of Ravi Shankar “cost money” to the City, Macri said “no”, and when asked if he will be paid “two million dollars,” he said: “Those are things do not know who has thrown the air. ”

“What we put is the ability to spread, the communication structure we have is at the service of promoting, as the Congress whatever. Everything is encouraged to have such meetings as the venue to Buenos Aires,” he said.

On the other hand, said that “beyond that (the presence of Ravi Shankar) generated some controversy, you have to respect that each has its place of spirituality in the way you feel, if that does not mean an attack on another.”

“I feel good that we promote spirituality in a city that many hours a day seems the city of fury,” he added.

While the City is prepared to carry out several days of meditation and lectures from the Federal Revenue Administration (AFIP) Ravi Shankar decided to investigate for alleged tax evasion.

The state agency focused on the 20 million dollars in the last year were the foundation for “The Living Art” as donations, for which no tax is paid.

The agency directed by Ricardo Echegaray sent a “suspicious transaction report” (ROS) to Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), which investigates money laundering cases. The FIU shall determine, in its discretion, an offense is being committed.

  1. Anonymous permalink
    September 12, 2012 6:03 am

    Translation of the comments in the news article
    18:22 I practice meditation, but I will not attend the circus business.
    I think this man is a good trader …
    2:36 rather than the truth that politics becomes complicity with coçque this is nothing but falsehood! to be put to work for urgent causes, so many people lying in the street, children working on the semaphore, gather politicians to get right to the paths of the cap that is a disaster! cualkiera end comes outside with a costume and make him as a God! please if you want to find inner peace go in search of his creator, and his Son Jesus Christ. AND NOT LOOKING FOR A PERSON WHO KNOW THE EVEN AFTER ALL THIS FUND, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing …. BLIND PEOPLE THAT THIS …. Lord forgive them, DO NOT KNOW WHAT ….
    8:27 I by eight hundred pesos want to teach me to smoke underwater LADRI THAT FACE!!!
    7:02 THE ART OF Curran
    4:59 As the cartoon, I do not think evil, one so spiritualist, can have no problem, something as banal as pay, which corresponds to a country that treats him like a son. Lo and behold.

  2. Guru-ouch permalink
    September 12, 2012 6:13 am

    There is an additional report that came out in English –
    I guess another can of worms just got open with AOL

  3. bloggisatwa permalink
    September 12, 2012 6:59 am

    @ Anonymous who posted this article

    Thank you. I also have your Paul Duggan comment. I intend to post that also separately as a testimonial of an ex-volunteer.

    Meanwhile, the comments and the cartoons….

    Please send the URL for the same. Let’s see if we can pick up the graphics and images as well.

  4. Anonymous permalink
    September 12, 2012 9:37 pm

    September 12, between 3-4pm, Ravi Shankar was DETAINED in the frontier of Argentina and Paraguay, by the government because of the IRS. How interesting is that?!!!

    • Nithin permalink
      September 13, 2012 8:09 am

      This fellow and his cult organization should be banned from EUROPE region. Ravi’s can bribe Yeddapa, not with Argentina IRS!. Politicians attract politicians, corrupted one attracts corruption, this fellow is the one who is telling people that he and his organization is fighting against corruption(IAC) in India what a big liar :)))))

    • FACTS permalink
      September 13, 2012 1:37 pm

      This refers to the earlier comment

      September 12, between 3-4pm, Ravi Shankar was DETAINED in the frontier of Argentina and Paraguay, by the government because of the IRS. How interesting is that?!!!

      • bloggisatwa permalink
        September 13, 2012 4:16 pm

        Translation of the above link

        Ravi Shankar was delayed by AFIP airport in Misiones
        Before leaving for Paraguay after his visit to the Iguazu Falls, the founder of Art of Living was delayed for three hours by airport authorities and should have declared for alleged tax evasion and money laundering.
        With his entourage, guru and founder of Art of Living, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, was delayed for three hours at the airport AFIP Carlos Eduardo Krause city of Puerto Iguazú missionary when he was leaving for Paraguay.

        As reported by the CVI Site News Puerto Iguazu Airport authorities explained that this was “a routine procedure, giving evidence for the outflow of currency before boarding your flight along with his delegation” and that the operation did not last long , “thanks to the collaboration of agents of the same airport and Ravi Shankar.”

        The decision to delay the guru is the research carried out on your tax situation, since apparently their income (which in 2011 was 20 million pesos) would have been billed in grants, so there would paid taxes.

        The AFIP ordered a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR), which is not in itself a criminal complaint, but it is suspected of tax evasion and alleged money laundering.

  5. Anonymous permalink
    September 17, 2012 5:09 am

    This weekend, I was at a supermarket inside a mall in Bangalore suburbs. As my wife and I were shopping, we could see a small crowd gathered around in the furniture section and making some noise. After a while, we heard some rock music being played and the crowd went flailing their legs and arms akimbo. My wife was curious and asked me, what was that crowd about? I was not so interested, but, commented, hope its not an AOL flash mob or something and went about with our shopping into the aisles of the supermarket. Later, as we got closer to the aisle near the area where the crowd had gathered, my wife pointed out to a small stage that had been set up in front of the crowd and said to me: Yes, you are right, its Art of Living only, how did you guess? And I chose to stand by and watch the circus unfold. The stage had Art of Living logo on one side and the supermarket’s logo on the other and you guessed it right, our dear SSRS with his “million dollar” smile in the middle. A couple of dudes on the stage were showing some neat “dance moves” to the curious crowd, followed by thumping music and the crowd followed. And yeah, once few other on-lookers gathered out of curiousity, the dude spoke about how our everyday lives are so stressed and how to beat stress with SK, Yoga, yadi yada yada yada… you know what! And he showed a few “introductory” yoga techniques. one of them being, pulling your ears’ pinna and finally the crowd sat down right in the middle of the supermarket to “meditate” LOL… I could not watch the crap any much longer and went to check out the stuff that I bought at the register. I said to my wife, hey, lets get out of here, we may never know, this crowd may be pulled to the road for a “flash-mob”.

    All I could decipher from what I witnessed was that AOL is getting desparate, way too desparate, running out of ideas to market itself. The only thing missing in the whole circus was may be adding an item-number from bollywood to draw the crowds and arranging a mini-bar at the backside of the stage for pulling the crowds. Right across from the mall lies a couple of temples, which, in my opinion, is far more pristine to sit down by yourselves, close your eyes and let your thoughts wander for 10-15 minutes. Dear AOL, you are getting increasingly and significantly noticed for the “business-model” and a “fake spiritual organization”. You are getting busted everywhere – in Argentina, in Europe, in your own Ashram’s shop, in your real-estate and travels businesses, in your pseudo-pharma industry, in the grandiose of Sri Sri’s First Class travel trips, in the grandeur of jewelry and silk sarees that Bhanu adorns herself … everywhere… Dear AOL, When do you get off from this addiction and GET TO THE SOURCE like real NGOs do?


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