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Ravi is considered a Major Fraud by the Argentinian Public. His character is being used to promote condoms.

September 23, 2012

by Rita Lopez

Was his trip really that successful in South America? Let’s THINK.

First, he was made fun of and fish activities and billionaire business exposed on a daily basis in every single media source while in Argentina. Then, the government sent the IRS to investigate him. Then, he was actually detained when trying to leave the country. Then, as a result of the domino effect started in Argentina, the next countries he visited, also questioned his character and business and thirst for awards.

In Argentina, interviews about fraudulent characters end up redirected, inevitably, to discussing Ravishankar, even though he was not the original intended subject. And so, former participants keep popping out of the closet with their stories, whether in public TV or radio. It’s obvious people need to share, vent and warn.

Someone argued very intelligently (and correctly) in TV that not that many people went to the meditation. First, they claimed way before the event, 100,000 people would attend. And then, if you look at a soccer stadium, that seats between 50.000 and 80.000 people if full, and compare, you realize, there were not even 100.000 people present at the park. There was a soccer game that day, and the screening made this comment obvious and correct. Plus, all the people who were there for other events, or who sat down to take a break from a jog, or who were picnicking because it was the first sunny days after a week of rain and cold temperatures. When journalists walked around to interview the people on the grass, they all laughed about the event. Noone, except AoL people, took it seriously. In other words, only the first 4 rows of people.

Pathetic. Ravi and friends are pathetic. And it’s even more pathetic that when it comes to his manipulations, we all seem to fall for them and lose logic and common sense.

Sri Sri: Modelling for Condoms
However, the cherry on the top that summarizes the overall opinion of the Argentine public about him came with a new commercial campaign that was put up everywhere in town just these days: “El Arte de Curtir”. Actually, with a lot more posters in a lot more locations than him!

“Curtir” means,
1. to treat leather
2. to treat salt or minerals
3. to punish by means of whipping
4. to harden in life, as in getting used to a difficult life
5. to get dirty
6. to take advantage
7. to have sex (colloquial meaning), aka “to screw”… In other words, “the Art of ….. ”

The last point (#7), it is play of words that allows the public to interpret it in any way.

It consists of a mockery of Ravi. Models dressed up like him, in a white robe with a ridiculous black beard, heading a CONDOM CAMPAIGN, with phrases such as,

1. Look for your mantra and frolic on the grass
2. Walk towards the light and switch it off
3. Greatness is within yourself. Do you feel it?
4. Wrap yourself in a bed sheet and surrender yourself to the other
5. Get rid of everything, but keep your socks
6. Close your eyes and feel how I open up

Is it me or it is obvious noone takes him seriously and sees through his fraud? Everyone I have met say, “he looks crooked. He has a nasty look in his eyes”.

He even tried to fool journalists when they asked him if he dyes his hair and beard!
“No! No!”
And they flipped out a picture of him with more grey hair all over, to which he said, “well, sometimes I color one or two hairs of the beard, but not more than that. No, no, I don’t need to dye my hair. It is all natural”
Caught in the lie and he keeps lying! … with no shame! and thinks people are stupid!

They may claim 1million people did the courses after he left. You know they will. Whatever they claim. Use logic and grab to facts. Because most likely it will be far from the truth. As most everything about the AoL.

If Ravi did not graduate from school, maybe it was maths he failed: “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 20, 30, 100, 200, 1000, 1200, 3000, 5000, 10000, 50000”.

When the Dalai Lama comes, noone makes fun of him or accuses him of anything. People respect him as a good man.

I wish this condom company the best success and kudos to their brilliant creativity! But, just in case, I will certainly avoid using this brand! You just never know. They may be ripped or kill the libido! The last person I want screwing my intimacy is Ravi! He already “f …ed” too many lives! The real “art of f….ing”, or the real “art of taking advantage of others”, or “the art of hardening others in life”, or “the art of getting dirty” …… all but the art of living …..

Enjoy what the AoL zombies will distort as, “oh! see how cute! gurushiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”. I would so much like to send him a basket full of these condoms!

  1. Anonymous permalink
    September 23, 2012 11:39 am

    Ha! Brilliant idea 🙂

  2. September 23, 2012 6:01 pm

    This is priceless entertainment, and also the last post! I can´t stop laughing!
    Thank you for your updates on the Argentina tour, Rita!

    Ha ha haaaa poor Ravi!

  3. rajee permalink
    September 23, 2012 6:15 pm

    It is so obvious that he is fraud. But when will our people open their eyes and start believing in themselves? When will the dependency stop? When will the middle class common man stop pumping out his hard earned money to fill $$Ravi’s coffers. It is only in India, such fraudsters are patronized. Thanks to our politicians!

  4. Rita Lopez permalink
    September 23, 2012 10:22 pm

    The campaign slogan is even better translated as, “The Art of Screwing”, since in English, “screwing” also has more than one meaning. I just hope this doesn’t give “Ravi Chantar” a new idea for business! And even call it his own original!!!! And that he cares about world overpopulation and safe sex! He is probably under a lot of stress now. What to do with this, since he also doesn’t want his followers “screwing” around 😉

  5. someone permalink
    September 24, 2012 11:29 am

    Can someone do something on his latest visit in germany? on september 22? I have a bunch of people i care about that are deeply in it. I sort of worry for them. They are displaying early signs of being in a cult. We used to chat often before( after I moved to another city), now its once a blue moon. I was the unsocial type, my friends used to ping me, but now they seem only to have time for satsangs. And the fever of september visit has been on from June. I got call from the teacher( i did the basic course 1) if I would like to visit when he was coming, I refused politely. No calls and fb messages or greetings thereafter. I am relieved ,
    Btw, I am into Ramakrishna Mission and when they tried to recruit me, they invited me a couple of times over and hinted he is dead and gone and reincarnated as RS and I should worship RS now. Another person i know, fellow RKM follower ,is a polite guy, they told him that ouright. I am a bit of outspoken person and specially do not like to discuss my spiritual decisions. hence the polite hint in my case.

    Also the basic course is full of stolen material. They actually copied teaching of RK and Swami Vivekananda and said RS said this . I have no idea how many other saints and their teachings they stole.

    BTW in the post ,Stand up for yourself or end up failing” someone commented, the symbol of AOL is stolen from RKM. JUst wanted to say although its RKM logo, designed by Swami Vivekananda in 1900, the idea of the image is from upanishad( sorry don’t know the name, not that knowledgable). tanno hanso proschodayat, and the idea of depicting a swan as Brahman is quite old too, . So it is not direct plagiarism. I would say its heavily inspired. But the logo probably is not copyrighted by RKM as it depicts a much more universal thought.

  6. Anonymous permalink
    September 26, 2012 4:19 pm

    this was not up to your standards.. i must honestly say it was pathetic…. guys get a break…..:(

  7. Pathetic? Who? permalink
    September 28, 2012 5:41 pm

    Yes, they are getting pathetic. They should give the world a break and come out of the closet! They are now stealing right in your face. “No direct deposits in the bank account” please. This is not up to the standards of any spiritual leader and organization, not even a real company does this. This and everything else he does. That is pathetic! He is pathetic. Brainless followers are pathetic.

    (for Navratri “celebrations”)

    1. Contributions from within India

    Contributions from within India will have to be made in favour of “Vaidic Dharma Sansthan” only, in cash or demand draft payable at Bangalore only (no direct deposits in to bank account).

    “Puja donations/contributions are not eligible for 80G tax exemption. Only general receipts will be issued”.

    Jai Gurudev,
    For more information contact: xxx
    Email: xxx

  8. annonymous permalink
    October 2, 2012 3:11 pm

    The person above that considers this subject not to be up to the blog standards and rather “pathetic”, well, I would think that such person fears the subject being vented and spread, so, rather than pathetic, maybe that person wanted to say “inconvenient”, heheh… By the way, I was yesterday remembering the condom´s hilarious publicity campaign and realized that it also has a meaning, in English language: After all… Aren´t AOL-RS bunch of lies and deceits a “scam bag”, and isn´t that what condoms are for??? LOL!

  9. Prabhakar Gundlapalli permalink
    January 22, 2013 10:29 am

    I happened to visit AOL-Bookstores, and found volumes of literature. In one person’s life, this much writing is simply impossible. A simple mathematics / number crunch, will tell, how much time is need to write this many books. Even, every thing is dictated continuously, this exceeds the life of a person. These texts are made using cut / copy / paste technology and reprinted on AOL-RS’s banner. And poor followers (actually they are very rich) queue up to buy this junk. Same thing with CDs / DVDs. Each of RS’s talking is documented. In addition, all the tails (followers) are ghost writers for him, to publish hundreds of books and discourses. Same songs (so called ‘satsangs’) are sung by hundreds of singers and marketed on AOL banner. One has to count how many organizations are under AOL, mushrooming, many everyday, on one pretext or other. Only one word from me, ‘Be Careful’, do not get in to the ‘TRAP’

  10. happysoul permalink
    January 29, 2013 9:37 am

    Well I found an interesting thing about these AOL books – REPETITIONS. Take a couple of books randomly and flip through the pages for a while – you will invariably find a lot of common material amongst these books.Some of them are merely compilations of the quotes of SSRS (supposedly) made at various programmes and hardly make an impressive /in depth reading. Also these quotes dont seeem to be in sync with the main title of the book. The cover page promptly features a smiling picture of his Holines SSRS. A superficially impressive package with no great substance within – Numerous books have been generated this way ! Merely showing a impressive number of books published is not good enough. QUALITY MATTERS MORE THAN QUANTITY. Its just another example of AOL’s business tactic.

  11. HappySoul permalink
    February 6, 2013 11:17 am

    Dear All,
    The following is a collection of fantastic stories narrated by Ravi when he was in Germany on 28th December 2012. His Holiness put the likes of Cinderella, Snow White, Aladdin (and so many more) to shame. In fact he can come up with a series of storybooks titled Ravi’s Fairy tales (like Grimm’s fairy tales) and get an additional source of generating revenue.
    At the end of each story I have put down my personal comments

    SSRS: You have heard of many Guru Stories, isn’t it? So now I am going to tell you a Devotee story.

    STORY NO 1
    In the last week of November, I was touring in some of the remote places in the state of Maharashtra. Some villages and districts that I have never been to. There were a lot of people who came to meet me. In one village, I told my secretary, ‘Three people have lost their mobiles and they are very poor people. So put three new cell phones in my bag.’ When I went there, there were 2,000 to 2,500 volunteers and a crowd of around 200,000 people.
    In the volunteers meet after the program, I said, ‘Three of you lost your mobile phones. I know about it. Those of you who have lost your mobile phones, please stand up’, and only three people stood up.
    There was a lady who had stood up, and I told her, ‘Look, you were crying in front of my picture last Thursday. You did not know what to do, how to face your family because an expensive mobile phone was lost, which must have been worth two to three months of earnings. Here, take a new one.’

    MY PERSONAL COMMENTS : Going by this, I feel Sri Sri can be a great asset to all the` lost and found’ departments functioning in India and abroad. Lost mobiles, lost money, stolen jewellery, (perhaps even missing persons) will be miraculously sensed and tracked down by Sri Sri (before even registering the complaints)

    (STORY NO 2)
    One boy from the group came up to me and he shared his story. He was in an advanced course and his wife was at home, and he had to talk to her. There was no battery on his phone and he had forgotten the charger at home. So he put the phone in front of my picture and asked, ‘Gurudev, let the phone be charged’ The next morning, when he woke up, the phone was fully charged. This boy showed me his phone and said, ‘Look, for one and a half years I have thrown away my charger, and now I only keep my phone in front of your picture and it gets charged.’ He threw his charger away. I said, ‘This is really something. Even I need a charger for my phone, and my devotee charges his phone by keeping it in front of my picture.’ See how powerful devotees can be.
    I thought this is a very exciting story. So I came back to Bangalore and there were about 150 people from Russia, Poland and all over Europe, and I shared this story with them, ‘Look I can’t charge my phone without a charger and see this devotee threw away his charger and he is charging his phone every day keeping it in front of my picture.’ So the 150 people there said, ‘Yes, it happens for us also.’ My saying this did not surprise them at all.
    One Russian said, ‘It happened to me also. One day, I too put my phone and prayed that it should get charged, and it indeed did get charged!’ Devotees from Poland and Scandinavia also shared the same experiences.
    Another person shared their experience and said, ‘My car ran out of petrol and the fuel marker had come to zero showing me that the tank was empty. But I kept driving, and drove117 kilometres on an empty tank.’ How is it possible? This seems to break all apparent laws of nature. I tell you, we should give miracles a chance to happen in life. Nobody’s life is devoid of miracles. Only we don’t believe in them.
    MY PERSONAL COMMENTS : Here SSRS seems to have given the ultimate solution to all the problems caused by the depleting energy resources. In view of such “miracles” AOL can take up a mass project of bringing electricity to all the backward rural villages by simply placing his photographs everywhere. Let’s keep Ravi’s photo next to every electrical appliance starting from a simple bulb to a streetlight and watch the entire village light up. Going by this I assume that all the 40,212 villages covered by AOL have 24hr continuous power supply and absolutely no breakdowns. In fact why stop with villages – now the entire country and the entire world can have unlimited supply of electrical energy.
    Moving ahead – Are the sky-rocketing prices of petrol, diesel and cooking gas bothering you – U can now say goodbye to these worries. All forms of transportation can be easily run on empty tank by sincerely praying to SSRS and keeping his photo in the vehicle.
    STORY NO 3 –
    Once, I was at Boston airport and a devotee bought food for me, and for the four others who were travelling with me. Do you know how many people were with me? A large number of around 60 to 70 people, and the food which was meant for four people was shared between 60 people. Everybody ate food. It makes you wonder – how this is possible? ? There is a scientific explanation for this also also. The whole world is nothing but vibrations; everything is vibrations. Matter is nothing but vibrations. Matter and energy are the same, they are just vibrations. When you are in a state of love and devotion, your energy is so strong, so big, that when you want a cell phone to get charged, it simply gets charged. Similarly, the entire universe is just made up of energy. It is all energy. So give a chance for miracles to happen. When energy is high, what you think is impossible starts happening.

    MY PERSONAL COMMENTS : As per this narration from now on no child in India or any part of the world should suffer or die of starvation, malnutrition because having immense devotion towards Sri Sri should ensure that there is food for everybody on this planet

    STORY NO 4 -Told by Ravi as he continued the discussion
    There is a story in the Ramayana. The monkeys in Lord Rama’s army wanted to make a bridge between India and Sri Lanka and all the troops were preparing for it. So what they did is, they would write ‘Sri Ram’ on every stone and then put the stone in the water, and the stone would float.
    Now, when Lord Rama himself arrived, he was surprised to see that all these people were writing his name on these stones and putting them into the water, and they were floating. So he wanted to try whether he can do it. So, he took a stone and wrote ‘Sri Ram’ on it, and put it in the water, but that stone sank, it did not float. So the devotees told him, ‘You do not know what devotion is. You cannot do what we can do.’
    So it is said that devotees are one step higher, and they have huge power
    MY PERSONAL COMMENTS : Dear Mr.Ravi, kindly do not try to draw a parallel between Lord Sri Rama and a crook like yourself. And please do not insult the intellect, spirituality and devotion of the Vanara Sena by comparing them with your arrogant, ego-centric devotees.
    All-in-all I would like to say that Sri Sri is certainly the PINNOCHIO of INDIA ,but unfortunately it’s not his nose but his long line of followers which continues to grow longer and longer with every lie he utters

    • Guru-ouch permalink
      February 7, 2013 6:25 am

      Seriously? The cell-phone batteries getting charged and driving 117 km on an empty tank blew me away! What imagination!!! Guess Ramar Pillai of the herbal-petrol atleast tried to prove and was nabbed as a crook. Now, I would like to request IITians, IIMians, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Business-magnets, Celebrities in AOL – please choose just one person and prove that Ravi’s photo could give a run for Droid DNA, Lumina 920s or the nexus 4!!!
      Looks like the 3 people who stood up in the 1st story were planted in the 2,00,000 crowd, but still wondering, how three standing people were identified in a 2 lakh people strong crowd. Perhaps, the mobile phones were stolen during the gathering and given back 😉 … but wait, even the biggest of the stadias could hold 70 k to 80 k people… where on earth in Maharashtra’s remote village did Ravi find a spot for assembling 2 lakh people? If this was true, Quoting George Costanza – “There is not enough voltage in this universe to electroshock me into coherence”

      • John Galt permalink
        February 16, 2013 4:12 pm

        AOL claims that donations made for residential courses in Bangalore Ashram are tax exempt under section 80G. But no certificate for claiming tax exemption is issued. Moreover in one of the instances cash receipt for Rs 20000 was not provided. Facilities in guest rooms at ashram are apalling.

    • Mangal permalink
      February 12, 2013 3:04 pm

      Please do not be so derisive. I find from experience that it is not only Mobiles but any objects placed near Sri Sri photo can get charged. Recently I had been to a friends house where by mistake I left my wallet near the photo. And watta surpise.. my credit card got automatically charged for a amount for the Advanced course !!!

      Be careful guys. do not leave your credit card near his photo.

      I am still checking to see if some recurring charge has been setup on my card.

      • John Galt permalink
        February 16, 2013 3:59 pm

        In India a baba called Nirmal Baba was prosecuted for claiming carrying out miracles like getting jobs, promotions, health recovery etc. I never imagined a day will come when RS has to claim false miracles to keep his flock together.

      • Fred the Wonder Dog permalink
        February 19, 2013 10:08 pm

        Mangal your post is pretty funny! Perhaps you will get credit chargebacks if you are really sattvic!

  12. HappySoul permalink
    February 7, 2013 10:59 am

    Dear All,

    Unlike my previous post I shall refrain from putting any personal comments in this one. I just wish to present some thought provoking reading in two parts.

    PART ONE consists of some paragraphs from the official website of Art of Living describing the measures taken towards stopping farmer suicides in the Vidarbha, an agricultural belt in Maharashtra.

    PART TWO shows the latest factual updates on the same issue

    “Alarmed by the spate of suicides in Vidarbha, the government of Maharashtra invited a few NGOs to initiate motivational programs to stem the suicide rate. After the first meeting with the Chief Secretary in June 2006 Vyakti Vikas Kendra India(The Art of Living), constituted a task force with a mandate to start on war footing not only the motivational programs but also other practical time tested rural initiatives like organic farming methods, water conversation techniques, health and hygiene.

    The Art of Living’s Project – Vidarbha-Swavalamban Program started in August 2006. The Project is active in the Amravati region of Vidarbha, in all the six affected districts: Amravati, Wardha, Yeotmal, Washim, Akola and Buldhana.

    The initial response was very encouraging, to say the least. In a span of 15 days over 16,000 people were covered in seven villages, with tailor-made programs on organic farming, Hygiene awareness, Ayurveda etc.

    The program assists them in conserving rain water through soak pits. It preaches the revival of the age-old farming technique of using compost for crops instead of the more expensive pesticides and fertilizers. The reason: reducing the input cost for the crop to increase a farmer’s livelihood.

    Besides helping out farmers, the program also seeks to create better living conditions for villagers and empower women through vocational courses. In a nutshell, it seeks to address the psychological breakdown of farmers and their financially-unviable farming techniques.

    In these villages, the mornings begin with the village folk gathering for breathing exercises and meditation under the supervision of the Yuvacharyas. By teaching stress-relieving breath techniques to help boost farmers’ morale, along with alternative farming practices to give them better yield in the long run, efforts were made to end vicious cycle that farmers were trapped in. Through these programs, more than 613,133 lives were touched. The Youth Leadership Training Programme (YLTP) was carried out on a large scale. Around 3,725 youth were trained to act as Yuvacharyas.

    At the end of the initial implementation, the project coordinator said, “There has not been a single instance of suicide in the 151 villages we have worked so far. There are about 1,000 villages in the Amravati region of Vidarbha. The current suicides are happening in the other villages we have yet to reach. We are training more youth leaders to reach out to all the villages.” At the end of two years (2006 to 2008), 507 villages had been reached and not a single suicide has been recorded in the villages that were reached by The Art of Living.

    PART TWO – The news updates


  13. February 14, 2013 3:51 pm

    check your facts, He was given awards 🙂
    And as I can read some comments, ppl are saying many of there friends are into AOL, this proves all you wrote is factless, ridiculous and your personal attack on srisri.

    Read awards he got for this visit by argentina govt,

  14. Prabhakar Gundlapalli permalink
    February 27, 2013 8:25 am

    I liked the story of Empty Petrol Tank. It reminds me of a song of our college days, about an Indian ‘Baba’ or ‘Swami’. The summary, is, this person (‘Baba’ or ‘Swami’) was travelling by car and the tank got empty. He called for a bucket of water and put his little finger in that water and turned three time. LOL, the water became petrol, and used to fill the fuel tank of the car. At the end of the song, it says, India has little resources of Petroleum, hence, we should take this person to Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal, and Arabian Sea, put him some time in the sea, and the sea / ocean will become full of petrol, and no need of buying oil from gulf countries. What a great idea !!! Let us implement immediately, with all such persons. Other countries of the world can invite such great personalities at a later date, once we complete our job with India. We are happy to export these persons, for the benefit of world population. Thanks for reading.

  15. Veda permalink
    March 21, 2013 4:48 am

    People please do not make personal attacks on such a great being. It is impossible for anyone to achieve what he has for anyone to be what he is in ones entire lifetime. His greatness can only be experienced. In this day and age no one can follow someone unless totally convinced. No one can donate a cent for a cause they dont believe. If you can see Sri Sri’s followership grow by the day- you have most logical people following him mind you, that should be good enough for all to understand what Sri Sri is all about. Give yourself an opportuinity to experience his divinity.

  16. Bullsht permalink
    May 26, 2013 5:50 am

    No one can accomplish what ravi have a million dollor business ,iitian following him is conceivable as our edu system and iits are notorious for producing follower not leader ,i mean what on earth any science graduate believe in cell phone charging thing.and that matter and vibration stuff is utter bullshit i mean common he stating law of physics that everything is matter and vibration but idiots even if your par excellence technology have found a way of converting it to food/energy you will av to loose some matter its like eating yourself up lol wat a b.s..i advice people watching oh my god! Bolly movie ravi played by mithun in that movie was damn funny.

  17. Bullsht permalink
    May 26, 2013 5:58 am

    Also to the guy above true no body donates without believing but that how it is people always need something to beiliev on just put a stone on road and put on mala and a agrabatti in front and tika on it and check the next day you ll find money thrown all over it that is what belief is the problem is exploitating people in name of belief and dharma thats what ravi and many other are good at.

  18. Thullu Popo permalink
    November 12, 2013 2:18 pm

    You all are big fools. Don’t know anything, these kind of talks confirms your illiteracy.
    Apart from A,B,C,D and 1,2,3,4 …there are many more subjects of life which educate a human, and you all will never understand a single word of those subjects.. Loosers!
    You all are grown up in the environment where you use to take your parents name, like..Hey sam, hey Alice ,mary,…etc therefore calling Sri Sri Ravishankar as “Ravi”….
    illiterate bastards ,have some respect …..
    For all of you, I have a gift” Babaji Ka Thullu” , Lelo aur ghar jakar pelo…..


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