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The REEL truth behind the Argentina Visit – A Shameless AOL version

October 1, 2012

The speaker is Mr Pankaj Gupta, a designated Advance Course teacher. I sometimes get the feeling that he is a serious competitor to Pitaji in respect to the supreme exaggeration and BS-ing that one can drum up.

Pankaj once used to run the AOL travel desk. Now he has started modeling himself on the looks of the master. If you see the choice of words and mannerisms there is also some borrowings from Bawa.

Its pretty ridiculous that he even has an audience that laps up all the BS.

Note : Through out the talk, look at how he swallows, look at the body language….., look at where his eyes go in between sentences. Make up your own minds.

The following are noteworthy comments in his talk.

00:15 – There is the preliminary acknowledgement to his superior (Dr M), who is 1 level below leading the satsang. A kind of  hierarchy ?

00:19 – I WAS LUCKY to be there. AMONGST THE CHOSEN few.

00:40 – “Reely” “Reely” So amazing…the emphasis is on the REALLY

00:48  – I already knew something big was about to happen.

01:05  –  Art of living has created history in the world with 150,000 people meditating all at once.

01:20 –  When Maradona won the world cup for Argentina only 100,000 people came. But when SriSri went to Argentina 150,000 people came. WHAT THE HELL IS HE TALKING ABOUT ?  ALL THIS FOR positioning  how his Gurudev is more popular than Maradona in Argentina.

01:50 – “The Brazil Mayor did not want Guruji to leave“. The poor guys equates a country to a city.

01:59 – You now hold the key to the city of Brazil. Reely ????

Look at the movement of the hands after minute 2. Watch the swallowing before he starts joining the “And then”…..classic

03:00 – When you can feel the smoke coming out of your mouth. Yup, I bet people have been smoking stuff.

03:11 to 03:34 – It was raining very heavily in Cordoba. Even if 1000 people came it would have been a big deal. But 20,000 had preregistered to come. We stayed there for 2 hours. After that 10,000 people were crying in the crowds. The 10,000 people in the severe cold and rainy conditions demanded that they should meditate.

04:03 – 04:20  – Seamlessly he now starts talking about the Buenos Aires event. After the folks in the audience will not even know the difference between a city ans a country. He goes on to say, Do you know how people came for this event ? Its a secret. You know the big event. The 150000 people event. None of them actually knew SriSri or had seen him.  Sri Sri came in all their dreams and made them to come.

Contrast this to Rita’s version of what really happened in that ground

“They also forgot to mention other activities were organized in the same area, same day, and that it was organized by the city government as part of a bigger feast, that included many other activities.”

04:28  – We all want to come as see who is this guy we dreamed off !!!. He actually was in the dreams of these  people. In their dreams, he told them the place the venue and the time where these poor Argentinians could now see him in REEL life.

04:33 – And then…Classic  “Swallow Saliva”…..Syndrome….

For those unfamiliar with observing these traits, have fun look at the below link and see ow much of these symptoms Mr Gupta displays in his talk.

04:40 – Every Argentinian Child knows Gurudev by name. The whole of the country.

04:50  – The Argentinian school kids are clamoring to have their photos taken with Sri Sri Ravishnakar.

05:20 –  Before the event. You know. We were traveling. BY TAXI !!!! They actually traveled by taxi. He said WE. Maybe it was just Pankaj and the support gang. The taxi driver had stopped eating meat and consuming alcohol ever since he had come to know SriSri was coming. He wanted to purify his body so that he can meditate when Sri Sri came.

05:25 – Pitaji his mentor/competitor enters at the back of the stage.  See Mr Gupta bow really low to his mentor at 05:35.

PRETTY SICK if you think about it. Brothers in thievery.

05:55 to 06:11 – There were no Indians in the 150,000 people. All locals. They had so much DEVOTION in their hearts and minds for SriSri. Just like in India. Double edged statement this. SO TWISTED and SHAMEFUL When foreigners can have it, why are you all lagging behind ??? It was just like the love of the devotees of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Kerala all assembled in one place.

06:20 – People were crying (A lot of people)

06:34 – People were throwing their clothes at Gurudev so that he could just touch it. Even if I can’t touch him, I will feel blessed if he touches my clothes. This is even sicker.  Maybe 1 person in the crowd did this and that might have been an existing devotee.And Mr Gupta is generalizing here to make it look like all Argentinians are this way.

06:47 – : “And then” in Paraguay…SWALLOW, only 3 people in the  200 year history of the country got this award. JUST The HIGHEST AWARD of PARAGUAY. No mention of category (Civil, military, business, science, service)

07:19 – Everybody wanted to give him their best award. But we had no time.

07:42 – Al the ministers and administrators just wanted Gurudev’s feet to touch their soil (land) and they KNEW that this will solve all their problems.

07:48 – It was like riots. I am not sure what will happen when Gurudev gives dates to these countries again.  We will not be able to control.

08:07 – Actual display and proof. See his body language before that, the way he opens his palms. He does a nice copying act I must say. Has had good training.

08:50 – REPEAT –  Sri Sri’s award from Paraguay, he is the only 3rd person to have received this in the last 200 years.

09:39 – Honorary doctorate being flouted !!!

10:42 – The bag is filled with awards. His voice is gleeful. There is such a thrill in the collection of awards and being RECOGNIZED ???? Its kinda sick.

10:55 – The showman makes a grand entrance after his shameless devotee has showcased all the FREE goodies he bought back from his conquests.

  1. Prakash permalink
    October 1, 2012 10:27 am

    The video has been made Private. Despite Bawa’s stern warnings to his disciples not to increase traffic on this site, AOLites can’t help prowling on this site!

  2. Anonymous permalink
    October 1, 2012 2:24 pm

    Looks like they’ve appointed watch dogs. Now we must always follow the practice of making copies of these kinds of videos before posting them.

    • bloggisatwa permalink
      October 2, 2012 10:02 am

      Imagine this. It is just a regular satsang talk recording, is it not ? And they pulled it down. Now, why would anyone want to do that ?

  3. Rita Lopez permalink
    October 2, 2012 12:41 am

    REELY deranged.

  4. Guru-Ouch permalink
    October 3, 2012 6:54 am

    While I am unable to find any material pertaining to this Civilian Award given to Ravi in Paraguay, in terms of what this award really means, who were the previous recepients, if it is indeed the “highest” civilian award of Paraguay. The google search results is flooded with Ravi receiving this award and does not return anything historical about this award and the search results run into pages and pages. However, I came across an interesting report on this link – … supposedly there was a “defamatory” blog earlier this year by Jitendar Bagga. Wonder if the blog indeed existed or if it was removed and what were the contents.

  5. Dayalu permalink
    October 5, 2012 6:24 pm

    The blog has reached a milestone – 50K unique hits. That happened in less than 4 months. Congratulations Obi Wan and Bloggisatwa!
    Meanwhile Skywalkers blog continues to get regular visits and has hit the 800 K mark. Till recently KLIM’s blog was appearing in the 1st page and Skywalker’s on the 2nd page for ‘art of living’ search on google. But with recent changes in how Google presents the first page results, both the blogs are appearing only on the second page. But I guess it is only a matter of time before we see them on the first page.

  6. stupidseeker permalink
    October 7, 2012 2:36 pm

    Another day in the life of an AOL internet troll. Take down videos that show the master the master for what he really is i.e a power and money hungry individual willing to propagate religion as “spirituality” to get himself pelf and fame. A pity really.. I was really looking forward to another AOL minion shoot his mouth of on video.This taking down business has happened so many times since that arm bending video (shakti drops) that one wonders why AOL folk even bother to put up videos up on YouTube,

    Hey you Bawa’s and Dinesh’s, why don’t you take down all AOL videos on YouTube lest someday they be seen here as the trash they really are.


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