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How AOL screws around with their devotee’s trust

October 20, 2012

AOL Brokers Apartments to their Devotees

The above is a previous AOL promo that comes to us from an ex-Bangalore devotee who seems to know what is happening out there intimately. Lets call him (her ?) EBD.

Points to Note and Check in the letter:

*  With the Blessings of Poojya Gurudev. He sanctioned the project.

Please not the points of coercion. (This is from Bloggi)

*  Exclusive tie up for AOL devotees

*  AOL devotees have been asking us that they want to live close to the Ashram.

*  GURUPURNIMA deadline

*  APEX Body recommendation (Ha Ha)



EBD writes

I am just so amazed.  The higher end flats are going at Rs 3100 per Sq foot after Special AOL discounts.

You should see Shri Ravindra Prasad’s Lifestyle before and after this deal. (All the old timers will know).

I know several Bangalore residents that negotiated with Mantri Builders directly and bought their apartments for just about Rs 2100-2200 per Sq foot in early 2007)

So, AOL had almost a 50% hike on this……That is very very high on an apartment that they were brokering ???.  What was their value addition to the devotee to demand such a premium. They were just selling agents to Mantri to make a quick buck from their own devotees.  The only suckers that would fall for something like this were those AOL devotees that did not live in Bangalore, especially those that were resident abroad.

EBD then writes, that SriSri personally promoted these Mantri properties. Saying “G” is for Guru. Those who live in G Block will be living with me (in me ?).

EBD further goes on to say that Mantri fraudulently built the flats on disputed land. None of the Mantri Tranquil owners have got their original papers that signify proper and legal land ownership on which their apartments are built.

Below is some data pointing to this potentiality.

Duffyhair : property is built on gomala land (meant for grazing cattle) of the nearby village. For people disputing it , ever heard a urban authority putting so many homes near to high tension wires?

Mantri Forged the papers  Newspaper Report —

What does it mean to an investor who bought the apartment ?

The risk of the above investment is pretty huge (You could lose your life savings)

Key Extracts from the above link

For example, the land sold to you in a highly speculative geography could have seen some farmer selling this land to a developer who in turn bribed the government official to denotify the land.

The price you paid for the land and the price the farmer received for the land will have a huge difference, reflecting the windfall profit of the developer, who may have been funded by a politician.

The original owner of the land could have been a farmer or could have belonged to a tribe or been with a particular community for ages. If these original owners now come up and say the sale was done under coercion and file a case in the court? Rest assured that you will never see any returns on the piece of land you own for a long time to come.

What Mantri Tranquil Owners are Saying (Including the many  AOL devotees now trapped in the TWIN  towers)

“Mantri thinks the property belongs to them even after selling 100% and that these jokers [owners] are just staying in these flats, bakras. Tweeted 6 months ago”

“Mantri Developers and Propcare Ideology: Trap the customer, suck the blood first time, keep sucking the blood every time and forever. (Sounds familiar to me). Tweeted 6 months ago”

“Famous line by Propcare:

This is not only for your site but for all the 25 sites, we are charging for water. Never mind it is already paid. Tweeted 6 months ago”

“Propcare threatens the owners to cut off water supply if they don’t pay water charges that was already paid for in the lumpsum amount.

Tweeted 6 months ago”

For more go to

The above should raise the reader’s awareness about how AOL operates.

1. Do you think AOL was being opportunistic with their devotees as regards the real estate business?  Would you do this if you are truly spiritual and that the spiritual well being of your devotees was your primary aim ? Did you really have to make money this way ???? If yes, then why do they call themselves a NGO and a Not for Profit ?

2. Did they sell this to the general market ? No, they sold it to their captive TRUSTING devotees. If the same devotee were buying it from another source they would have investigated MUCH more than they did at this instance. Hence AOL clearly abused the trust placed on them by their followers. 

This may happen often in business one may claim…but he is your Spiritual Guru (you treat him like God)… this what he is supposed to do to you.

Open question to all AOL devotees, if you were GOD, would you do this to your devotees ?

3.  They do the same thing everywhere. Its endemic. They screw up big time in Argentina and who ends up writing all the defensive emails and the justifications …some poor AOL journalist / devotee / teacher. Do you think this teacher was the one who set up their Non-existent financial systems in remote countries ? Nope, she just happened to walk into it. Her blind love of AOL and Sri Sri is getting her deeper and deeper into the pit.

To cover their gargantuan screw up they simply create a whole lot of hype and info around other trivial stuff (awards, no of people in a park and so on).

4.  Why did AOL and Sri Sri enter into a business relationship with a non-trust worthy entity like Sushil Mantri ?

5.  With ALL his foresight and wisdom, could HE not see what they were getting into ? Is it because that the only risks were on the devotees ? Or is it like minded brothers working hand in glove ?

5.  How many times have you heard that Sri Sri never paid any bribes to any government entity when the Ashram was being built ? Does that even come close to the above moral standing that you see ?

6. He talks about taking on and absolving the devotee of their Karma. Well how about the devotee’s Real Estate Karma. How is it you are helping your devotees after they got badly stuck ????

7.  How did you help your AOL teachers who got deported from Gulf countries some years ago for illegally promoting  AOL activity (satsang’s and courses) in their  very Islamic conservative countries ? Did you help them relocate ?. Did you help them find other jobs ? What did your local Apex bodies do to help those teachers ?

8.  If you had any morals or ethics, you would openly declare the commission amount that you got and at least return that to your devotees.

This is a very serious matter. You don’t have to be a genius to figure this out.  Any average Bangalorean will have figured out this price discrepancy between direct from developer and an agent’s price in just a few minutes. But not so a poor AOL devotee. Hence, a very clear case in point that the AOL system will manage to destroy any critical thinking ability you possess. You may end up taking  some decisions that you may potentially regret for the rest of your life.

Just think of what the kids in the AOL schools are being fed. Those little little subtle implants that destroy your ability to think and live for yourself. First starting with the fact that SriSri is a great Saint. Wrong – he the head of an organisation that has a lot of explaining to do on a lot of con jobs they operate. Imagine, the kids from an AOL school questioning the hugely amassed wealth that the Ashram (read 1st family) has. Will never happen.

What amazes me even more is that I am aware of many many AOL teachers and volunteers who know about this and who know about Inwinex, who know about the financial mishandling….you still CONTINUE to serve the system. (Ha Ha…you maybe even living in G Block, Mantri Tranquil and doing this)

Do you recognize what you are getting yourself into ?  Well, hopefully you are ready to pay the price. Because, HE is not. Its your bad karma see !!

  1. bloggisatwa permalink
    October 20, 2012 5:14 am

    How much did Shri Ravindraprasad know about all of this at the time (2006) he lent his name to the business ?

    How much does he know today ?

    How much about all this did SriSri know then (2006)….and how much does he know today ? He is really innocent (like a child)……the whole world gives the Avataar’s a bad time and takes advantage of them when they are alive. Really ?

    What right did SriSri have to drag his devotees into this mess ? Is that not taking complete advantage of the faith that was placed in him ? He is accountable. Otherwise, he is not walking the talk.

    As a devotee do you think they made a genuine mistake ? if so, are they willing to make amends (effect changes, return the money, make corrections, NOT just say SORRY !, its OUR bad karma, what to do ?). And if you feel that is totally not necessary, why should AOL be accountable… that is gross foolishness. You will only get what you deserve. You can start praying. But nothing will happen, unless you take action yourself.

    You may not have bought a Mantri Apartment through AOL. You are not Ravindra Prasad. Granted. However, today, as a regular devotee you are ABSOLUTELY doing this very same thing above. When you lend your face / name to an AOL activity without doing the FULL due diligence on them, you BECOME responsible for lending CREDIBILITY to an organisation that claims openness but in reality has no transperancy whatsoever. The next student you recruit for a part-1 / Yes / Yes+ / Art Excel / SSY program becomes a victim to the system for whom you are directly responsbile. You make them mindless.

    You may remember this…You are responsible for everything you do….and everything you don’t do. You are accountable for not speaking out. You are guilty for burying this under the carpet. If you think you are going to get away scott free… are sadly mistaken and mislead in your understanding of life’s laws.

    If you see this and keep quiet….then you are responsible for it, because in your silence is the tacit blessing and support such flagrant abuse. There is karmic accountability (in case you wanted to hear / see such language). This is exactly the same situation in which the mythological character Arjuna faced in the great war of Mahabharat.

    Its time to take your life back.

  2. Dayalu permalink
    October 22, 2012 1:38 pm

    I know what SSRS’ answer is gonna be. These were the words I heard from him on a similar embarrassing screw up:

    “You know, I was not involved in the project. I had entrusted everything to one of my senior devotees”

    • Mangal permalink
      October 25, 2012 2:30 pm

      Another excuse from SSRS would be `blessings are mine, choice is yours’.

      He smiles and takes credit for miracles but refuses to accept responsibility for screwups.

  3. Anonymous permalink
    October 23, 2012 2:47 pm

    Pure opportunism…truly- reading this article made me queasy….
    “SriSri personally promoted these Mantri properties. Saying “G” is for Guru.”
    such things feel so immature to me right now…!! may be few years back if I heard about it I would have not only justified his acts but also found it adorable..! I cannot believe I bought into all AOL BS !


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